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  1. Fittske24

    Another step

    Congratulations Gentlemen! Keep working hard and make sure you go to a camp every fall! Good Luck this year!
  2. Fittske24

    NCAA Postseason

    Southeast Regional and D2 WS
  3. Fittske24


    Yes....i've seen both the Precision cut numbers in 3-piece numbers. They both are very nice.... a lot of guys seem to like the Precision cut numbers just like our man Scott K has suggested.
  4. Fittske24

    Poly spandex in MLB?

    I have been told they will be receiving them by mid season and they are being made by fechheimer.
  5. Fittske24

    New Powder Blue MLB Umpire Shirts

    Sooooo...... how does everyone feel about these shirts now? ☺
  6. I’m sorry @Fittske24 but I was browsing through your page and your rank is the most bada$$ and hilarious one I’ve ever seen.

    1. Fittske24


      Lol  thanks bro!

  7. Fittske24

    Samurai Gears Website/Mizuno Pro Plate Shoes

    How is the size? The the Mizuno brand his historically ran small. How is it compared to maybe say a Reebok size?
  8. Fittske24

    Looking to buy Honigs Polywools...

    They are an optional pant....I'm still a poly-wool type of guy
  9. Fittske24

    Looking to buy Honigs Polywools...

    What condition are they in? Do you have any pictures?
  10. Looking to buy Honigs polywool plate and base pants. Looking for size 36 length doesn't matter as lomg as they have some room for adjustments. I am looking for the PBS1 version. Not the current PBS4 they aren't the same quality. Thanks!
  11. Fittske24

    Replacing the foam in the Gold or Platinum

    Send it to Douglas. They will create a custom pad for you. It will be half as thin as what Wilson makes.
  12. Fittske24

    Reebok mask and Carlucci shins

    Carlucci hand made everything. So he utilized the materials of the date and time. I doubt anyone was "faking" Carlucci's work. So I'm pretty sure they are authentic. I don't know if I would call them the best shins ever but they certainly hold their place high on the list of must have "unobtainable" gear. His gear is slowly becoming a unicorn like riddell powers.
  13. Fittske24

    Riddell Power 2.0

    Looks like a power that had some custom padding made for it at some time. Maybe the guys at Douglas retrofitted it at some time.
  14. Fittske24

    Dan McDonnell Ejection

    Regardless of the Mic....a warning is proper protocol.