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  1. bluetick48

    ISO Black Nike Ti Pads

    Thanks guys!
  2. bluetick48

    ISO Wilson Memory Foam Pads

    Lock it up @Thunderheads
  3. bluetick48

    ISO Wilson Memory Foam Pads

    ISO Wilson Memory Foam Pads if anyone is looking to part with some. Inbox me if so. Thanks.
  4. bluetick48

    Mask Porn?

    Just got the Nike and love it! It’s unbelievable light. (Probably going to put the Wilson Ti up for sale soon.) I have neck issues (herniated discs), but I’ve been using the Force3 in college games. I use the Wilson Aluminum in most High School games.
  5. bluetick48

    Mask Porn?

    Thanks! I used a small knife to get behind the logo and get the threads, but a seam ripper or scissors will work as others have stated.
  6. bluetick48

    Mask Porn?

    Nike Ti Wilson Ti Wisom Aluminum chop-job Force3 V2
  7. bluetick48

    ISO Black Nike Ti Pads

    ISO of Black Nike Ti Pads without breaking the bank if anyone is looking to unload any? DM me if so. Thanks!
  8. bluetick48

    Interested in a bucket

    I’ve got a used All-Star System7 MVP4000UMPTI Professional Umpire's Titanium Cage Helmet (mint condition) I’ll sell for $130 shipped. Used for 1 season and yes it’s a Titanium bucket. After having neck problems I’ve went back to a traditional mask. I can send actual pictures of it when I get home. Just pm your cell #.
  9. bluetick48

    Douglas Custom Gear

    133 Posted May 16, 2017 If you have a Douglas and want to get it modified, here are the estimates for the "normal" stuff: •Gap Coverage: $30 •Side Extensions: $25 •T-Hook Slots & T-Hooks: $25 •New Cushion (Black w/Black trim): $95 •New Cushion (Custom Colors): $125 •Different Color Trim: $30 •Shipping estimate varies - allow $20 •Some states require tax to be added as well. The man to contact for modifications is Mr. Jeff Cook. He can be reached at: jeffcook@douglaspads.com
  10. bluetick48

    Dangling Throat Guard

    I’d like to see pictures of your set-up @softballump0421
  11. bluetick48

    Dangling Throat Guard

    Just curious if anyone is using a throat guard on a Force3 V2? I’d like to get some feedback. Thanks!
  12. bluetick48

    Douglas Custom Gear

    I’ve used t-hooks and clips on several different CPs and just recently purchased a Douglas. After using it in a inter-squad game yesterday, I’m a huge fan of the clips on the Douglas using Ray’s harness.
  13. bluetick48

    Douglas Custom Gear

    Got the gap protection and wing protectors added. I held off on the t-hooks. I like plastic clips. With Ray’s harness I can get it tight enough for my liking. Like I said, I hate that I waited this long to test drive one of these bad boys!
  14. bluetick48

    Douglas Custom Gear

    I received my new custom Douglas CP from Jeff today. Straight out of the box I placed my @Razzer harness on it. I have to say that I’m disappointed in myself for waiting this long to pull the trigger and purchase the Douglas CP. It’s very comfortable, LOW PROFILE, and well worth the money! Thanks again guys!!!
  15. bluetick48

    Douglas Custom Gear

    Thanks for the advice guys! Emailed Jeff on Wednesday morning and ordered the new CP through him. I told him what I wanted at 8:30 am and he had me a UPS tracking # by 2:00 pm. I should have my new CP Friday. Easy smooth dealings. Highly recommended!