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  1. rodatc

    Nike Titanium Mask Pads

    crap. I gave some away this past spring. Just been in my gear bag.
  2. rodatc

    Mizuno Power Belts

    The large sold. Only medium left.
  3. rodatc

    Mizuno Power Belts

    Hi I have 3 Mizuno Power belts for sale. Each with gold buckles. 2 Medium and 1 Large Let me know if you are interested. Great umpire belt. $45 plus shipping. I have 2 medium (28-34 waist )and 1 large 34-40 waist) Thanks
  4. rodatc

    Patches on Jackets

    agree with fabric tape. I bought it at JoAnn Fabric. I think it is to keep the chest of women's dresses in the proper place. Works great.
  5. rodatc

    Back Injury

    A lot of experience. While in professional baseball I had a disk herniation. After 3 injections we went with surgery. L5S1 micro discectomy and lamanotomy. Surgery was in March and returned for the season in June. Like a new man. Still have minor flare ups but I manage well with regular workouts.
  6. rodatc

    Honig's Frustration

    Same thing for me. I try to order early or mid December. If I wait til after the 1st of the year I'm lucky to get conference stuff in time.
  7. rodatc

    Evaluation of EBag MOther Lode 29" Duffel

    I have this bag for baseball and the size down for football. I too keep my clothes on bottom and gear on top. Love this bag
  8. rodatc

    PBUC vs. Wendelstedt

    JDavis225. If you are going and hoping to get a job... I recommend buying a pair of base pants if you only own combos asap. Honestly 2 pair. You will need them there. Buy the best you can get. Either Honigs or UmpAttire's polywools. You will not need plate pants. There are only cage sessions and simulated games at TUS (just like Evan's). In cages you will put equipment on the outside and on the field as the plate umpire in drills and camp games you will only use a mask. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas and good luck. RR
  9. rodatc

    Nike pro combat sale

    exactly. I get all my stuff from the Nike Employee store. Like Christmas!
  10. rodatc

    Health and Fitness

    here try here. I believe his site is in transition. Had a different one before and a lot of his stuff is on this site http://officiallyfit.blogspot.com/
  11. rodatc

    College Opening Day

    Again...get the call right. Exactly. Doesn't matter unless who assigns you wants it a certain way. "Just get the call right". Best thing probably ever said on this board. Myself, I wear a jacket if I'm cold and I don't tuck. Wasn't what a lot of us did when in pro ball. But really who cares. Get the call right
  12. rodatc

    Health and Fitness

    Good place to go for fitness stuff for officials is Officiallyfit.net. Great site for fitness. Ran by a MiLB umpire who is a personal trainer. Has some good videos on youtube as well. He also does a 6 week challenge for officials with daily workouts. It really is good stuff.
  13. rodatc

    Out or fair ball

    "Time. Batter is out." Strike 3 on the swing and the ball is immediately dead. All runners return to base at time of pitch. Same on all rule sets
  14. rodatc

    "I'm Warning you!"

    Misread your post. We are on the same page. My mistake
  15. rodatc

    "I'm Warning you!"

    In-between innings we are to continue to go to the outfield just as before (pro and NCAA). Not to go to outfield during a change. It has become (for no real good reason) common for umpires to go to the outfield during a pitching change. They clarified it to use that it is not necessary. I believe it is a completely unnecessary mechanic. In MiLB and most NCAA when the manager/coach calls for a change the BU goes to get him. Calling him out. When he goes into the outfield toward the bull pen to get him the umpire stays. Umpires started just going out there during a change. Really there is no reason to and at the meetings this year clarified this. Going on to something earlier discussed. Jog to the outfield between innings. If you make an inning ending call (which someone my come out on) walk (with purpose) towards your position and if someone comes out stop and let them come to you. Nobody notices you going that way between innings except on an inning ending call. Then you look like you are running away from a call. Walk and let him come to you. Hope that helps