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  1. Great example of 6.06c tonight

    The batter has the right to the batters box. He does not have to vacate that box and in my opinion, if you insist a batter vacate the box, then you cannot penalize him for interference when he does. So, he must stay in the batters box and that will allow a catcher to know where he can step to throw the ball without problems. Now, just because the batter steps out of the box, doesn't mean he automatically interferes with the catcher. You'll have to use your judgement there and that's why you get the big bucks.
  2. Actual play NF rules

    21 Smith 25 Jones 2 Dillan 32 Young 15 Driver 24 Woods 20 Murray 4 Johnson 31 Weaver 3 Clifford (eligible substitute) Clifford batted for Jones. This is batting out of order. Once Dillan took a pitch that made Clifford a legal batter and the next batter should be Woods. When Dillan got on base and Young batted, that made Dillan a legal batter and also made Young the next batter. So everything has worked itself out at this point. Now it's Clifford's time to bat but he's on third base. Rule 7.1.2 NOTE: When several players bat out of order before discovery so that a player’s time at bat occurs while he is a runner, such player remains on base, but he is NOT out as a batter. So now when Driver comes to bat, he's actually coming to bat for Woods which makes him an illegal substitute. An illegal substitute can be caught by the Offense, Defense or the Umpire. Once you are an Illegal player, you are always an illegal player. A pitch to the illegal player or any batter after that will NOT change his status as an illegal player. So with that being said, the pitch that Driver fouled off really has no bearing since he was an illegal substitute as soon as he stepped in the batters box. This is where it is noticed. The illegal substitute (Driver because he reentered for Woods and not Clifford) is called out. That out is recorded as an out for Woods and the next batter is Murry who isn't even ready to take a swing because he's at the concession stand getting a drink. The reason I feel Driver is out and the next batter is Murry, is if I had an illegal substitute as the lead off batter, and it's caught, I'd call that batter out and the next batter would be the batter following him. I don't think I could call the illegal substitute out and then allow the legal lead off batter to bat. I think a lot of officials confuse the batting out of order rule with the illegal substitute rule by thinking if a pitch is thrown, then the illegal substitute is now legal. That's only with batting out of order. Does anybody feel different about this? If so, what would you do?
  3. Actual play NF rules

    Maybe I jumped the gun. I've seen a lot of forums where people forget what it's for and like to show others up. I usually stay away from them. This one seems to have a lot of good guys that like helping each other. I guess I felt the questions are obvious.
  4. Actual play NF rules

    Thanks, that's what I felt but there were some other umpires that didn't agree. I can't really find anything in the rule book or the case book that backs this up, or their opinion up either.
  5. Actual play NF rules

    There is a note that says when batting out of order occurs several times so that the next proper batter is on base, then he remains on base and is not called out. In other words, his spot batting is skipped.
  6. Actual play NF rules

    That's what I said. The official was telling me all this while I was driving home and I didn't have anything to write on.
  7. Actual play NF rules

    Who is the next batter?
  8. Actual play NF rules

    I'm good with that. Is the out actually applied to woods and the next batter is Murry? Or is he just out and we don't know who to apply it to and the next batter is woods?
  9. Actual play NF rules

    I don't know. How about, what color are the dugouts, or maybe how tall is the pitcher for the other team. Sorry, this is a forum for situations and I just thought you might be interested in a situation. Along with the situation maybe an idea of how you would rule on that situation. There are a couple different things you could give your opinion on and you give "So what's the question". There can be more than one question but go ahead and answer all the ones you can see in that situation. Sorry to be a Smart A$$ but one deserves another.
  10. Actual play NF rules

    PLAY: The starting lineup for the home team is as follows: 21 Smith 25 Jones 2 Dillan 32 Young 15 Driver 24 Woods 20 Murray 4 Johnson 31 Weaver 3 Clifford (eligible substitute) In the bottom of the second inning as the team comes out for defense, the defensive coach notifies the umpire that #3, Clifford, is going into right field for #15 Driver. In the fourth inning, Clifford leads off and bats unnoticed for Jones and walks. Dillan then hit's a single, moving clifford to 2nd and Dillan 1st. Young grounds out and runners advance to 3rd and 2nd. Now, Driver comes to bat and fouls one pitch off and the umpire notices that Driver was substituted for by Clifford and Clifford is standing on 3rd base. Some of these things have no effect on the game but since it happend, I wanted to include them in there.
  11. Fed baserunning play

    Here's one for you. A fellow umpire called me about this one and it took a little research but I found it. I just wanted to pass it along and see if you knew the answer. Fed rules. 0 outs, R1 at first base. B1 hits a long fly ball to left field. R1 running on the pitch rounds 2nd base as the coach is telling him to go back. R1 re-touches 2nd on his way back to first and is almost at first when the left fielder drops the ball. Left fielder picks up the ball and throws to 2nd base where the 2nd baseman tags the bag before R1 returns. Is this a force out? This one isn't easy to find in the book but it's in there. Happy Hunting!
  12. Gerry Davis Leg Guards

    I decided I wanted something a little slimmer then the current Wilson shin guards that I have. I liked what I saw in the Gerry Davis guards and wanted to give them a try. I wasn't two sure about the 2 strap method they have chosen but they really felt good during my 3 games with them so far. I like the wrap around sides on them. I also really, really like the velcro attachments at the bottom. There are 3 pieces that will easily be removed if you wear plate shoes. The center one that fits over the top of your foot and one on each side that fit over the sides of your ankle. So far, these seem to be a good investment for me. I took one shot so far and they worked like a champ.
  13. Nutty Buddy

    After looking at the reviews here, I decided to give it a try. I must say, it looks different and it feels different. This is one of the best cups I've ever had and I think I'm have it for a long time. It's one of the only ones that I've had that I didn't have to continually adjust it around. A little high in the price but a worth while investment.
  14. Now we'll have none of that! Roll Tide!

  15. Warrrrrrrrrrrrr Eagleeeeeeeeeee!!!