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  1. Nice Pants - What are they?

    Are they an adjustable waist band? If not they are Honigs Poly-wools. If they are adjustable then they are Ump-Attire that Harwicks made for them a few years back...
  2. ISO ZigTech Plate Shoes size 10.5 or 11

    I am looking for a pair of 10.5 all black...new
  3. Riddell Power 2.0

    http://www.strapworks.com/Plastic_Swivel_Snap_Hooks_p/pshs.htm These are the actual hook clips that Riddell used. Get rid of those metal ones!! lol
  4. Riddell Power 2.0

    Blue32, please PM me the info of the guy @ Riddell. I have 2 friends that have Powers and they need some fixin'
  5. Major Dave, add this to your iron and you will NEVER burn your pants..... http://www.wawak.com/Iron-Shoe-Universal-Fit-Home
  6. Type of hem on pants

    Great question... I use to do the hidden stitch. Now I go to my tailor for the straight stitch. Now here is the key.. you need to take your pants to Jo-Ann Fabric or your local store that stocks a sh!t ton of thread and match it up. Then take the thread to the tailor. Tailors have 2-3 shades of grey and they will try to match it up but sometimes its not 100%. On the new Smitty pants due to the stretch element of the pant I would go with a straight stitch but I would match the pant to the thread.... I AM THE MARTHA STEWART OF UMPIRING!
  7. Ironing the new golf pants

    I would also recommend if you buy these new poly spandex pants is to go to Men's Wearhouse or Jos a bank and have them put in a travelers Crease on them. It's 10 bucks a pair but it's a great investment… Come right out of the dryer and you shouldn't have to iron them...
  8. Ironing the new golf pants

    I use a Rowenta steam iron and I put this universal iron shoes on .... it's a great investment because I have never ruin a pair of pants… Steam go through but doesn't burn clothes... http://www.wawak.com/Iron-Shoe-Viet-2000
  9. WTB Reebok all black zig plate shoes 10.5

    Depending on the condition maybe 50-60 bucks...
  10. WTB Reebok all black zig plate shoes 10.5

    Can I see some pics? I would be willing to trade some NB plate shoes...
  11. Davis polywool question

    Take your pants to Jos a Bank and for 9 bucks they will put the crease in....
  12. Davis polywool question

    Honig's new poly wools do not have the perm crease either..
  13. Too many masks - 2 gotta go

    Here's the funny thing, I am scrolling through the post and the first thing that pops in my head is that BT Blue is gonna ask to buy the throat guard separately!!! I never disappoint myself!!! Lol
  14. Davis polywool question