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If you're an umpire and you're looking to get hooked up with teams going to Cooperstown, and you post your availability within this forum, please be advised.


There are many of you who have 2,3,4 and MORE posts inquiring about the same week.  This is unproductive, and clogs the site unnecessarily.

If you've posted, and you're not getting any traction, or replies, simply respond to your own post with something like; "still looking" or anything of the like.  By responding, you will place your post up at the top.   That being said, that isn't an open invitation to reply to your post every day either    

** IMPORTANT!:  Remember, you will make it easier on yourself if you only post once also because all of your info and responses will be from one post.  And, it's easier and more simple for people to find YOU if you only have ONE post.

Multiple posts with the same inquiry will be deleted.

Again, please be courteous to everyone, post only once when you are inquiring about finding a team to go to Cooperstown.

Thanks, and good luck!
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No, it is not legal.

All codes (OBR, NCAA, and FED) agree that in any force situation the infielder cannot drop a fly ball or line drive intentionally. Here are the applicable pro rule and high school rule--

2018 OBR rule 5.09 Making an Out

(a) Retiring the Batter

A batter is out when:

(12) An infielder intentionally drops a fair fly ball or line drive, with first, first and second, first and third, or first, second and third base occupied before two are out. The ball is dead and runner or runners shall return to their original base or bases;

APPROVED RULING: In this situation, the batter is not out if the infielder permits the ball to drop untouched to the ground, except when the Infield Fly rule applies.


ART. 1 . . . The batter-runner is out when:

c. his fair fly, fair line drive or fair bunt in flight is intentionally dropped by an infielder with at least first base occupied and before there are two outs. The ball is dead and the runner or runners shall return to their respective base(s).

1. In this situation, the batter is not out if the infielder permits the fair fly, fair line drive or fair bunt in flight to drop untouched to the ground, except when the infield fly rule (2-19) applies (5-1-1j).

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I have 3 shirts that I no longer need as I have lost weight and need a smaller size.  $25 each or $65 for all 3. Thanks

1. Majestic MLB Side Panel Black / Gray XXL

2. Majestic MLB Side Panel Blue / Black XXL

3. Smitty MLB Side Panel Black / Gray Long Sleeve XXL
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The same question (in a slightly different form) was asked here a couple of weeks ago.

It's a myth that if the player remains in foul territory he is protected; and it's a myth that if the player enters fair territory he's not protected.

It's a myth that the player must turn to the right to be protected; and it's a myth that if the player turns to the left he's not protected.

All that matters is "did he make an attempt" -- and that attempt can be as small as a jab-step, depending on the level.  And, it's umpire judgment.
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I was told of the WS crew on sat..i have a friend working the series, and he let us ( a group of guys) know who the crew is.. It's a good crew. but i cant tell all just yet.
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Paying It Forward & Umpire-Empire's 10 year anniversary - Thank You!

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Effective 1/1/18 there will be some changes to the CDP forum.

To create a new post you will need to purchase an advertisement --

The post will be active for up to 45 days. After 45 days the post will be deleted. If you still wish to advertise you will need to purchase another post.

You may bump your post while it is active.

You may not hijack another's paid post.

All posts seeking a team or umpire should be in the appropriate section.

Posts advertising for a team or umpire in other sections of the site will be deleted.

The following groups are excluded form the requirement to purchase:

Premium Members

Members with over 100 posts

Umpire-Empire Staff

Do not post the price you are seeking or willing to pay. Save this for when you make contact. 

Umpire-Empire.com makes no guarantee expressed or implied that you will receive a response from your posting.

No refunds 
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I have a great new change to announce regarding Premium Memberships...

Effective immediately your premium memberships now include:

$15 Gift Card fro Ump-Attire.com

$25 Tuition Discount at Mid-American Umpire Clinic

$200 Tuition Discount on the All-Inclusive Package form The Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy

$19 Discount on NASO Memberships or Renewals

Additionally, to celebrate Umpire-Empire.com's 10th anniversary Premium Memberships will be on sale from the regular price of $30.00 to $20.00 from now until Jan 31, 2018.

Purchase your Premium Membership here: 

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I'm horrible at running the Umpire-Empire store and have decided to stop selling physical merchandise myself. 

I will be inventorying my existing stock of items then further reducing the price to get rid of it all. I will no longer sell physical items after 2/28/18. If you are interested the remaining inventory is available here:


Now I will continue to offer Umpire-Empire merchandise through a Zazzle store I have created. The primary advantage of the Zazzle store is that I have no responsibility for fulfillment. The disadvantage is I have limited control over the price. However, check back regularly. Zazzle places Items on sale periodically. I bought the hoodie shown when it was half off. I'll keep the membership in the loop as items go on sale.



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