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    Maybe some day, someone will uncover an enormous stash of Magistrates in all sizes!
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    Well, I know for sure I wan't ripped off with my Wilson titanium. No magnet sticking for me.
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    So far, it's the right call. No runner passed another, no one deserted, so no one can be "declared" out. No one was tagged and all runners reached the base they were forced to, so no one can be put out. Left a little open is whether BR *passed* second, and if he did whether he re-touched it on the way back to first. If not, he might be liable to be out on an appeal. And, runners are NOT automatically out when two occupy a base, much less when one touches a base when another is entitled to it. One will be out if he is tagged -- the lead runner if the lead runner is forced from the base; the trail runner if the lead runner is not focred.
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    Greetings all, I recently purchased the XV-HDX through Hibbets and it too was missing the triloc's on the bottom straps. I emailed both Hibbets and Schutt. Hibbets wanted me to send it back and Schutt was wonderful to work with! I explained the posts on this forum in my email and that it seemed like a lot of people were missing them. Lindsey at Schutt couldn't have been more helpful and is Fedexing some to me today. Gotta love it when a company has great customer service and stands behind their product!! Now if I could only get MadMax to post that picture of him wearing the cp.... Scott
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    FED manual has had this mechanic for many years. Why?? Who knows. Maybe they think there's too many HS umpires who can't beat a batter runner from "A" to a decent spot to call a play at 3B? Unless you're being evaluated by a "by the book" assignor/supervisor, this mechanic is often nixed in a pre-game meeting. Also many places use college mechanics in HS games, some associations even have their own mechanics manuals. Actually, the more I think about it, there's probably very few places other than NJ where the FED umpire's manual is followed like it's the law.
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    That is true. Heard him say it, too. Makes 3 people.
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    I think he is trying to blend youth baseball house rules and the NFHS FPSR all in to one big steaming pot of stupid in an attempt to try to confuse the umpires and get a gifted out call. A runner NEVER has to slide... Only if they do choose to slide, they must do so legally. If they choose not to slide they can't alter the play by a defender through another illegal act. Making a defender come to you as a runner to tag you doesn't qualify as that.
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    I think the latter would be wise...
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    I don't fly around to umpire, though that does sound pretty fun! I asked a few of my association's vets for their advice and they suggested the Ebag for travelling and the Diamond or Champro if just putting it in the car.
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    Well, last Saturday, SWMBO & I traveled to Bristol, CT for the opening ceremonies of the New England/Mid Atlantic Regional tournament. Sunday comes along, and I'm sitting in the stands, when behind me to my right, I hear this faint, yet authoritative "Strike" call. I figured it was just someone's little brother mimicking the umpire. Then, I realize that this young voice, just gave the correct count, before the umpire/scoreboard did. I turned around, and there was this young man (all of 10-11 y/o) with his mask on, indicator in his left hand, black umpire shirt (CP underneath) and gray pants (albeit baseball pants). So I asked mom if I could get a couple of pictures. As soon as I was done, he asked "Can I come down there (in the front row) with you? Without hesitation, I invited him down. Now, when I say this young man was all in........when the PU cleaned the plate, Matthew would pull his plate brush out of his ball bag and clean the imaginary plate between his feet.........put the brush away.......put his mask back on.......check his indicator.....point to the pitcher and yell "PLAY"! **note** Matthew plays in his local challenger division of little league baseball. For those not familiar with Little League, the Challenger division is for children with physical and/or mental disabilities. So as soon as I see this, I send a text to an umpire friend of mine who is manning the replay booth...."You have GOT to see this. I'm in blue seats next to umpire gate" #UmpFan Several minutes later, I get a text back saying that we are getting ALOT of air time. Come to find out, ESPN+ had put this on a split scree with the PU. You will see that Matthew waits for the PU to make a call, then makes his, and give s the count. SWMBO found it on that book face thing she has on her phone. I posted it on twitter. Fortunately, they cropped the video and only captured my elbow. However, SWMBO was sitting in the row behind me, and is the blonde on the right side of the screen in the opening shot of the video. Not all heroes wear capes https://www.littleleague.org/videos/young-umpire-calls-game-from-the-stands/
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    But a fix you shouldn't have had to make.
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    By far the best plate shoes ever made.
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    OBR and NCAA: Legal play as long as he throws. NFHS: Balk. R1 to second.
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    I've had several Adidas and a magnet sticks to them. This is the truest test of all titanium vs. titanal. A magnet should not stick to titanium, while it will stick somewhat to titanal as it has metallic parts within.
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    It's bigger up. It's not bigger wider. Squeeze the pitcher? AKA Screw the batter. Call the zone! Why do so many people think a smaller kid with a shorter bat can hit the outside pitch?
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    "giving up"is a legal alternative for R3. He may also stop, and retreat to 3B. Ask the coach if that's INT?
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    No rule set has a must slide rule. It’s slide or attempt to avoid contact. If the runner just stood and let himself be tagged he did nothing to be called for interference.
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    Yeah, the thing is loud, isn’t it? Surely, everyone knows you got hit, as that clacking sound is inimitable by anything else. You’ll never hear, “Are you okay, Catch? Where’d that get you?” inquired from the sidelines again! Now, on this point, this is where the Force3 Ultimate has a leg up on the XV, P2xx and other carapace-based CP’s. With its neoprene outer skin, there is much less noise and deflection. Also, the XV is a tad bit broad, but it’s not bad. The Champro segmented CP’s and the Force3 can all get more conforming, especially around the torso. I just got hit with a straight fastball, center chest, a few days ago. Circa 90 mph, and the catcher and pitcher got crossed up, with the pitch coming at (or optically from behind) the batter’s hands. Batter moved his hands at the last moment, while the catcher didn’t get his mitt high enough, and it hit me dead center. Didn’t phase me at all. When one understands that the padding in this thing is used in current football helmets, where heat dissipation is a vital function, and that the holes in both the carapace plates and the padding itself promotes airflow and doesn’t retain moisture, you are left with one convicting question: Why are they (the other manufacturers) still using sofa cushion foam?!
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    After finally getting the CP to fit right, I took a shot to the collar bone today. Only about 85 but fouled straight back (accelerating the ball) and made a loud crack that made the crowd and coaches show concern. I stepped out to the side immediately and tossed another ball back to the pitcher while telling the catcher I don't pay for good equipment for nothing. I didn't even feel it. This thing was significantly cooler than my old CP and as others have stated before, every breeze was like AC. Wow, just wow. It hardly even felt like I was wearing a CP today. I am very impressed so far. I will report back after I take some 90+ shots hopefully this week (sounds so weird to say.)
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    There's a weekend clinic in March, held in Vancouver, WA. Sponsored by Western Regional. I believe Jim Joyce was there last year. I couldn't make it.
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    This Champion 6” seems to be my favorite.. seems a bit wider than most throat guards...I swapped out the laces for some heavy duty zip ties..looks nice on the v2 defender.
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    I wear the HDX as my main CP now. I was wearing a Gold L/XL and this is every bit as good. The protection is excellent as I've taken several hits and didn't feel any pain (just like the Gold). You feel the bump/pressure from the hit and then nothing. No lasting pain or anything and no bruising at all. The CP is a bit wide if you leave the wings on, so I recommend removing those for a better fit. I also removed the bicep pads and stomach extension - only to catch one in the gut where it would have been had I left it there! Twice! (Side note: I was getting lazy in my stance - since corrected.) I'm still using the stock harness and it works very well. It's no RayFlex/UL, but much better than any other CP harness in existence - with the possible exception of maybe a DeltaFlex. When you add the comfort of this CP, the harness upgrade, the breath-ability due to the holes in the plates and padding, and then finally the fair price point - I don't think you'll find a better CP out there. Two thumbs up!
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    Games this weekend were 100+... 1st game on the dish I went through 5 water bottles and 1 sports drink. Back at the car, another 2 bottles of water and a sports drink. Next game on the bags went through my ice water thermos and another 2 water bottles. Never cramped up, felt like cramping or experienced other issues... just was DAMN hot! And for those old school guys who think bringing water on to the field is 'weak' or 'not good optics'... pound sand. When umpiring games starts paying my mortgage and all the other bills, then maybe I will worry about that optic.... and at mid-40's I don't think umpiring will anytime soon be paying my way!