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    To all the brothers here in Umpire-Empire, I wanted to thank you for all of the help over the years, ...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! I wanted to pass along that I was selected to work the MHSAA Semi/Finals this year. What an honor, privilege,.... and what an experience!!! One of the best things about it was that my crew comprised of 2 other partners that I work with regularly during the season, one of them being our own @Jeff C. I had 3 games ... 2 semi finals on Thursday, and one final on Saturday. My rotation was the plate first game out on Thursday ..... 10 innings later .... WOW! We rotated like normal as MHSAA goes 4 man from the Quarterfinals onward. The experience of learning the system quickly and catching on with the rotations was a blast! A special thank you to @Jeff C. also for being a great umpire, a great partner, and a great friend .... it was an honor to work with you sir!! My U-E brothers .......... Thanks again for the years of experience, knowledge, and of course, the comradery of the brotherhood!
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    What happened with the riddell I bought from you? Never heard back from you
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    Judgment calls we can get wrong. Rules ignorance is arrogance. We all don't make "those mistakes."
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    Over the years I have come to accept the FED rule, for the reasons explained above by Mr. Maven. I no longer think it's a FED rule that needs changing. I've seen many varsity umpires have trouble with batter interference rulings, runner placement on overthrows etc. Asking them to learn all the nuances of the OBR/NCAA balk rule would be,dare I say, futile. The vast majority of varsity umpires do not devote time to rules knowledge or even refreshing their own rules knowledge. We, my Umpire-Empire brethren, are the minority.
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    The OBR balk rule is rather complicated to enforce, with many different conditions and scenarios. FED has far, far more officials and a much wider range of officiating ability than any other rule set, and so among their priorities for rules in all sports is ease of enforcement. The simplified balk rule is a result of that priority in action. The VAST majority of HS players do not go on to play NCAA, much less pro, baseball. The few who do are generally so dedicated to baseball that they have time in their lives and can pick it up as they go.
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    Oh, and my 8 stitch hat fits in there just fine.
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    Some more pics. The velcro straps I've been using on my other frames don't work with this one. So I used the rubbery ones from an Easton, as they were thinner. Still working on dialing the whole rig in. Sight line is better with the TW pads, as the frame is a bit closer to my eyes. It's riding a bit high on my jaw, but I can adjust that. Overall, this is my new main mask. It fits my face, has TW science, and looks badass.
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    That's "just hard-nosed baseball" only if this is 2009. It's an illegal HP collision. Maybe MLB will drop a fine for that and send a message. I for one do not miss those collisions one bit.
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    Our HS association requires U3 to be in C when he's inside. CCA allows B or C and I would say 80% of the umpires that I know prefer B. It's just a better look at the most likely tag on a steal of second base.
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    Know where this comes from? When the kids play stickball / wiffle-ball. Batter just catches the lobbed-in “pitch”, tosses it back, and says, “C’mon Joey! Gimme something to hit!” Go to any tournament or baseball event, you’re sure to find the little brothers and sisters, or, if the event involves 12U’s the players themselves when they’re in idle time, engrossed in a game of stickball / wiffle-ball. They’re happy as can be! Most of these kids all know each other anyway. We adults ruin everything with formal rules, keeping score, and pitch counts. Huh. From my experience, I now always assume “Little League” to be 12-or-less in age, especially when I see it on my potential game postings. Sure, there’s LL-Juniors and Seniors, but even that’s not real baseball. Most of the older kid baseball is under different “titles” like Babe Ruth and Connie Mack.
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    And this is where your feelings don’t matter. I’m saying this kindly and civilly, but bluntly and impersonal... feelings are not a part of baseball or its rules. By your expressed sentiments, you’re either a coach or a parent, probably with the opposing team. As umpires, we have to know the rules, the situations that they govern and apply to, and what impartial judgement we have to wield and implement within those rules. There is no “well, he oughta be out!” for doing “this” or “that”. Either the rules outline that he is, or isn’t, out. In this case, he isn’t, or wouldn’t be, out. Understand, too, the context of the game. It’s Little League. From my 26 years of baseball experience, Little League equates to little more than instructional ball (sectional / regional / national championship ball notwithstanding). If the Batter actually reached behind him to catch a pitch – in flight – then I can derive two things: A) the pitch wasn’t thrown that fast, hard, or accurately, and B) they’re of an age where runners on base, and advancing them with basestealing and errant pitches, really isn’t a priority. In fact, by omitting any baserunners aboard in the OP, the Batter may have done this with no runners on... in which case, it further strains the claim that “he should be out!... for something!” Now, granted, by how the situation and the context is described, the umpire should not have awarded 1B. But, on that same vein, any time a batter is hit by a pitched ball, the ball is immediately dead, and any baserunners return to base occupied at TOP. In this case, it should have been called dead (“Time”), the Batter should be directed to stay (“Stay here”), a Ball added to the count (“Add a ball to the count”. If that’s Ball 4, then award a Walk), and the Batter admonished for pulling that stunt (“You can’t do that.”).
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    Which makes us look like the assholes when we call it during the season.
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    "Time" (Ball is always dead when a pitch touches a batter) "Ball" (Call the pitch) "Stay right here batter" (Didn't try to avoid - blatantly) "Don't do that again"
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    now, lets take into consideration the level of "judgment". Would I trust most of the guys on this site to make the correct call, probably. Would I trust the umpire in a previous 7U post to understand what intent means. Absotively posolutley no.
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    Umpiring 7U baseball. What does one do to deserve that punishment?!
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    and the batter returns to the plate with his previous count.
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    Different rule sets treat balks differently, though in this case the outcome is the same. Under FED rules.(High school rules), the ball is dead the instant the balk is called. It's no pitch regardless of what happens on the pitch...The pitch doesn't count even if the batter hits it out of the park. Under Official Baseball Rules (OBR), the balk is enforced unless the batter and all other runners advance at least one base on the pitch. In your example, as soon as the ball is caught for out by F8, time is called, and the balk is enforced. (batter did not reach 1B on the pitch). All runners move up one base, and the pitch does not count.
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    I swear, if this weren't the "Ask the Umpire" forum, I'd definitely be running with the "Hit by perch" thread title.
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    I hate it more when it happened 2 years ago. [emoji48]
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    Just got back from a week in Palm Springs, and the box just showed up a few minutes ago. Here are some initial thoughts. Pretty damn light. On par with Ti and hollow tube aluminum. Maybe an ounce here or there, but hard to beat for the money. Sunshade fit in nicely. I do not trust the pads. I can squeeze the lowers, and feel the bars. That's a "NOPE" for me. TW's will be loaded before I step on a field. I do like memory foam in my shoes and bed, though. The black frame is still a bit shiny, so I'll take some steel wool do dull it down a bit. I do that with most frames, so no biggy. The harness can't be adjusted big enough for me. I like a loose rig, and adjusted all the way out, it's not loose enough. I wear a 7 3/8" hat. Even when adjusted out, the strap is so wide it touched my ears. I really, really wanted to like it, even though it's fugly, but it'll go. I think the material was made to use with a catchers helmet, as it's pretty grippy. I like the shape of the frame, with lots of angles for deflection. It's not a "New View" low profile, by any means, but the view is pretty good. I know it will change with TW pads, as they're not as bulky. Got my 8 stitch hat in there okay. We'll see with the TW pads, but it should work. Comes with a bag, which is nice. These are only my personal, non-professional opinions. And no, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night (it was the JW Marriott)
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    Ahhh...the old "No fair! Do over!" call, heard in school yards hundreds of times per day. This is E4 all day long.
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    A friend of mine shut down a pitching coach in a college game recently. He heard some comments from the dugout, looked at the guy and said, "Who ARE you? The message being that he's not the head coach and needs to STFU. It was also a message to the head coach that he needs to take care of it. The coach turned tail and headed to the back of the dugout. YMMV.
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    Over at Uni-Watch, Paul Lukas has unearthed some ejection reports from the 1952 AA season. A fascinating historical look (full of profanities, of course.)
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    This ^^^^^^^ X 1000!
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    I'm going to say, thank you. Most coaches/fans wouldn't look it up and then get it wrong for another 30 years.
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    Those guys could be two of a hundred umpires whose posts I’ve read on Facebook.
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    Google "40 baseball rules myths" and see what else you "know for sure that just ain't so."
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    First play by an infielder is a time of pitch (TOP) award.
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    poor umpiring like this is why you walk on the field and you can tell the coaches don't like you immediately and the game hasn't even started. Pre-paved idiocy causes this ....just like this play and ruling!
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    That information would have been helpful in the original post to the context of your question. Without that tidbit, your question is simply asking if a batter is out if he intentional gets hit by a pitch. Considering that he actually impeded his own team from scoring, and that he actually helped, not hindered, the defense by preventing the ball from going to the backstop, I have a hard time believing it would ever be called interference. Interference/obstruction are about hindrance - if he didn't hinder the defense then you have your answer.
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    Protection is a tricky concept. It can be gained, transferred, lost, regained.... The purpose of protection is to give the defense adequate opportunity to field a batted ball without hindrance from the offense. The default should be: a fielder who is fielding a batted ball is protected from OBS. In this case, when the batted ball is hit to F1, he is the protected fielder. When it deflects more than a step/reach from him, he (briefly) loses his protection. "Losing protection" is an exception designed to be fair to runners: if contact with a fielder happens just after a fielder boots the ball (and because he boots it), we'll treat that as OBS. Then the ball rolls toward the foul line. The BR can see the ball and the fielder going for it. At that point, F1 regains his protection: because the BR has the opportunity to avoid F1, he must do so. INT.
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    At least U1 was in a good HOK position prior to the pitch so he was ready to react to whatever may have happened. I guess the unicorn sighting struck him deaf and dumb so he was unable to correct his partners obvious misapplication of the rules.
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    Indeed, I have no problem with U1 saying something. I don't have MC, especially after seeing from the other angle and in full speed rather than just the 1B side angle in super slo mo that has all the Facebook warriors screaming ejection. But any unusual situation like this NEEDS our presence, especially with the bit of a staredown at the very end. They need to hear our voice and know we're there watching, or that stare becomes a stareoff becomes a faceoff becomes a shove and here we go.
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    You're picking a fight over something where (a) we don't disagree, and (b) it's completely irrelevant to the point of the post.
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    I do not have MC here. Look again at the moment where the BR realizes that he's going to collide with F3. Does he keep going, lower a shoulder, and barrel through, as if he had been hoping this would happen? No, he slows himself down. Then he realizes that he's still going to hit F3 (though not as hard), and he braces for and pushes through the contact. IMO, that's nothing. BU steps in to usher off the BR. The philosophy there is to address the one who delivers the blow, so that the "recipient" perceives that the situation is being handled and he doesn't have to. It's not foolproof, but it's better than seeing how things go and then having to pull them apart. We're better off getting involved first, because if we have to get involved later it's often much worse (and involves EJ's).
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    I'll see your Elbeco, and raise you a raft. (but still wearing the golf pants)
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    Legal. The players other than the pitcher and catcher can be positioned anywhere in fair territory. "Positions" are a convention, not a rule.
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    Of course this is a matter of judgment, and we amateurs are all entitled to our opinions, such as they are. But we generally want to err on the side of safety for infractions like this. The entire purpose of instituting the rule was to promote the safety of both catchers and runners. Borderline cases need to be ruled illegal.
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    You have time to pee after every half inning. Where would you pee, you ask? Depends.
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    I had a partner use "step and a reach" when a coach argued his out of the base path call. The coach wasn't happy with the explanation because he said that's not in the rulebook. My partner was pretty green so I intervened in the argument and told the coach that he was correct, but that umpires use "step and a reach" to approximate 3 feet. He accepted the explanation and we got the game going again. Just another case where using something other than rulebook terminology can get you in trouble.
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    Had this one in our area this year in D3. Fly ball to center field. CF running to the wall makes the catch and his momentum takes him into the wall and he tries to show boat and do a "BO Jackson run up the wall". when he comes back down field umpire looks for the ball and CF doesn't have it.....he dropped it over the wall.....
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    Any pitcher (right or left handed) need not step off the rubber to throw to first. I think a coach does a right handed pitcher a disservice to not teach him the proper way of using a jump turn vs stepping off the rubber to throw to first. I will be honest and tell you I am having trouble visualizing how a RH pitcher could throw to first without moving his pivot foot. Did he require an EMT after he did it?
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    The gray/black pads are back in stock at Ump Attire. They have one less set in stock than they did this morning!
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    Baseball association president rounds up parents and says "yeah, we haven't found a coach yet for your team - we're going to need one of you to step up or your kids will not be able to play this year." All parents but one take a step back. Todd, who is looking at his phone, looks up "oh, man".
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    Everything in the second is legal. In the third video you are trying to introduce extras that will screwed up and will get you balked. Trust me, with just a runner on first the coach will look like a kid on Christmas when he steps on in the wind-up. He will have him moving on first move and that will get him picked.