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    F3 V2 traditional masks are in route to New York - then to us by Monday or Tuesday - IF all goes well with the weather. Force3 can't make enough for what we're needing to fulfill orders. We order a ton at a time and they go right back out of the warehouse. MLB umpires are using the mask, MLB catchers are using the mask - and the demand is off the charts. The helmets - we're seeing umpires going BACK to the traditional masks and a slow sale of the F3 helmet. Business 101 comes into play. We carry what the umpires want. Hope this helps.
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    33 years. How many I've ejected? Can't say; I usually forget about them 2 days after. How many I didn't eject, but should have? 11. I remember each and every one of them.
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    Good plan. Packaging scales in dorm rooms might lead to some pretty pointed questions from law enforcement.
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    That would be interesting. I don't ever think I've seen a 16-foot long chest protector.
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    If we're counting JV, I had a 36-0 game. Our state (thankfully) has a 15-after-3 mercy rule, and that was the final after 2.5 innings (home team ahead). 20-0 after the first inning. Second inning I asked the HTHC if I could make his zone ridiculously huge and he agreed. One of the first batters comes up and the pitch is over his eyeballs. *strike* He looks at me and says "that was over my head". I said "yep. Strike".
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    A pitcher named Thrower is not a good sign.
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    No no, Stu, I’m a mere tinkerer compared to the likes of @Razzer. Ray has probably had both The Ump and the Cooper Ump30 on his workbench, at a time when I was still trying to solve problems with LEGOs.
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    I did some mods to this CP. Here's how it turned out below. Added two buckles on front of CP (had one strap and buckle all the way around prior) and I added a 4 point harness setup (prior straps were permanently sewn and riveted in place). My son modeled it for me. He's 13, about 5-6 and maybe 180 lbs. I'm 5-11 and about 240 and it fits me just as well and covers my ribs. The only area I see where a ball might find me is the upper arms. What I really like is how low profile it is, from the side it's very close and only maybe 1/2" wide. No huge shoulder pads either, but yet it is hard shell and has a semi-floating chest piece over the heart.
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    Just arrived this afternoon: Yup, that’s a Diamond DFM-iX3-Pro. For catchers. In aluminum. It weighs nothing. I gotta say, the pads on this thing, as simple as they are, are better than the default pads on the Umpire version (not the DFM-UMP-BL)! In any case, it’s strong, light, and offers a rather generous eyeport. It won’t bend. The only reason this didn’t really gain traction with catchers is because it’s not an All-Star or UnderArmour, or Nike, or Easton (who all use titanium or steel), and the NFHS codes prohibit them. Without them carried on retail shelves, they’re only order-able online, where they get undercut by insanely cheap steel masks (Rawlings, Wilsons and MacGregors) or overlooked in favor of the name-brand starlets (Easton, UnderArmour, All-Star). I ordered this mask in for one of my fellow umpires who is using an old TAG -brand steel, bent like a coat hanger would be to be used as a TV antenna. I have a black harness for it, and we’ll be teaming this up with +POS tan leather pads... which should be arriving any day now. Oh yeah, the price? Ordered direct from Diamond, $30.
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    I have 2 masks 1 Wilson titanium which I believe is standard view. Powder coated black . Great condition. $100 1 Nike steel, chopped chin guard(sorry @MadMax) powder coated silver last week. $125 prices plus shipping. Will listen to reasonable offers. PM for pics
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    Thanks but that is well outside my price range...I like the Adams/Schutt because of the price.
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    There is a very good and wide protector for sale on here by @rjdakin if you don't want to wait for one of these Adams/Schutt HDX's to become available. It is a Douglas that's modified with shoulder gap coverage and can change from t-hooks to buckles. These are extra wide and low profile. 15" length is more than most need (unless you're 6'4" or taller) and these are wider than average CP's for the 15" model. $225 is a very fair price for all that he's including. Even better if you do the deal with the shins for $325 as both CP and shins are $200 each from Douglas, plus the customizations and extra plate for t-hooks.
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    I've been instructed by some of the same guys as @Kevin_K. I'm not a fan of "up and back". That puts you in a bad spot to get clobbered by foul balls. I try to keep my head on the inside corner of the plate, and below the batter's hands. In, and as low as I need to get a look. If it's real bad, I might be able to talk with F2 between batters and tell him "hey, If you set up a bit less inside I'll get a better look that those close pitches." Seems to work for me.
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    sub varsity I'll stop any time the 2 coaches agree. There's no state tournament seedings at steakif the game doesn't count because we stopped before 5.
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    In the OP, it's actually an FPSR violation. As you know, that includes INT, but has a more severe penalty (than 8-4-2c, which could also be referenced here), requiring that the BR be called out by rule no matter where or whether the fielder intended to throw the ball. 8-4-2b
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    To Jeff's point, here's the top All-Star pad (bottom) compared to the top pad of Wilson memory foams (top).
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    If F1 came to a complete and discernable stop with his hands joined completely above his chin, the only thing he could legally do is step off. If he began his motion to pitch from that position, it is a balk. If he lowered his joined hands below his chin and came to another complete stop, that is a balk. Save yourself some headaches and teach him to join hands and come to a complete and discernable stop below his chin until he makes money doing otherwise.
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    I heard from Roder and he told me that he plans to put a new edition out every other year so the next one will come out in 2019.
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    And, for once, the announcer said something right - if they're stealing your signs, get better signs! LOL
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    Because it's not a newbie section, it's an ask the umpire section. Plenty of parents, grandparents, and none baseball people in general don't have the slightest clue about baseball. That's OK, I respect they ask rather than assume they know something they don't and yell at some umpire. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    I agree the call is foul. And, I understand this is the "newbie" section. But, I am seriously wondering what led to this question and how anyone with any knowledge of baseball could think otherwise.
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    Think of it this way. Some people drive to work in a Nissan Altima. Other people choose to drive in an Infinity. Both are sedans and both have airbags. Some people apreciate the difference and others don't. I think in all the games I have done I have had only one person who wasn't an umpire about my mask (All Star FM25TI). Catcher picked up off the ground after being knocked off. The frame is there only to physically stop the ball, the pads are there to absorb the impact of the ball hitting the frame. You have great pads and your frames are likely sufficient for what you need.
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    I apologize for the delay. I keep my mask in my car (shocker) and haven’t brought it back to my room. I have two games tomorrow so I promise I’ll take some pictures for you guys tomorrow night.
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    Didn't your mother tell you to quit pulling your Suzuki?
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    Yeah I'll take some tonight.
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    Sometimes, webmasters are a bit tardy in updating. Consider, too, that Force3 may be trying to sell off the UnEqual V2 stock on hand, and doesn’t want to confuse customers. If the V3 is sporting a new logo on the high chest, then I did see one in person. My partner last week was wearing his “brand new” UnEqual. Either way, from the read of the description, the sternum blast plate was thickened, there’s an additional layer of EVA foam to supplement the Kevlar, and the custom fit options have been optimized. Note that the neoprene outer skin is there for two purposes: 1) to seal and protect the Kevlar from UV light (which would cause it to decay) and 2) to reduce damage to your shirts and jackets when an impact does happen. All this updating spells one thing for me –bring on the Big Leagues!!
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    I was just looking at some old posts by Tim too!
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    The FM4000 Magnesium has been my primary mask this year. It's very light, won't bend (according to @MadMax and his materials science knowledge), and the pads are really comfortable. Yeah they're massive but they're comfy. The bottom pad has a plastic plate in front so that the blade-like bars hit the plastic and distribute the force instead of having a localized impact (right, Max?). Now the top pad is tiny because the mask is designed for catchers, and they wear a helmet. Mike Everitt got drilled on the top of his FM4000MAG and was concussed. I've only taken one good shot to the jaw and I didn't see sparks fly. I didn't feel the impact either, so the mask did its job. I'm pretty sure the top of my head isn't exposed when I wear this mask, but I'll double check in a mirror sometime.
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    DUDE! It was all of 70 degrees here today. Thought of wearing a jacket. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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    As far as I am aware. That is the only difference. I believe the frames are the exact same. I also want to say, somewhere on here, @MadMax went in depth about the difference. But I am not sure where.
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    There's no answer. Each situation has to be evaluated on its own merits. In 120ish games last year, I had nine ejections. That's high compared to a lot, but each one was independently reviewed and justified.
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    Not a Ti BUT WELDS ARE MUCH BETTER... Must have been fabricated from Tuesday-Thursday
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    I was amused after being observed by a former MLB umpire for 2 innings. The first thing he said to me was; "Evans"? Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    I say we pin this answer, as well as another one about appeal/time plays!
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    HS Varsity game. Im PU. Bot 6. Player takes a called K3 over the outside corner. Draws a line in the dirt and gets run. After the game I see a woman in a sweatshirt of that team coming over to my car. I was starting to think that id have to make a quick exit and get changed at wawa but to my surprise she said she was the players mother and asked for my email address to have him apologize for me. That night this popped into my inbox. (personal information redacted) Dear Mr. BRUMP, I apologize for losing control of my emotions during the second game today. My behavior was inappropriate. I understand that I need to handle my emotions, especially in high-intensity situations, better in the future. I meant no disrespect to you or to the game. I acknowledge that drawing a line where I thought the pitch should be called was wrong as it showed you up. My actions do not align with my values, and I regret disappointing my parents, and letting down my team. I will treat this experience as a valuable lesson going forward in this season, throughout my college career, and beyond. Sincerely, First Name Last Name Somewhere in NJ High School ‘18
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    https://photos.app.goo.gl/0Z68er4M2vruBO0a2 Beyond incredible!
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    15” Douglas CP with gap protection , wings and extra plate to convert to t- hooks if desired, like new. $225 Shipped 17” Douglas Shins like new $150 Shipped. Package deal $325 shipped PayPal F/F, PM me if interested or for more info. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You savage. In all fairness, you “umpire-ized” it. The Nike “Icon” was expressly designed for a catcher – one who would never besmirch his image with a dangling throat guard. And throat guards are (almost) a necessity.
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    The top pad is just the standard pad ...only the bottom is unique more to the point, ... the top pad isn't "tiny" ....it just looks like it compared to the bottom pad the top is actually a standard sized pad
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    2018 (also in the 2015 case book with same number) NFHS Case Book play 8.1.1 Situation L: With R3 trying to score on a steal or squeeze play. F2 obstructs the batter’s swing. RULING: This is defensive obstruction and R3 is awarded home. The batter is awarded first base. COMMENT: If the catcher, or any other defensive player, obstructs the batter before he has become a batter-runner, the batter is awarded first base. If on such obstruction a runner is trying to score by a steal or a squeeze from third base, the play will be a delayed dead ball which results in the runner on third scoring and the batter being awarded first base. Runners not attempting to steal or not forced to advance remain on the bases occupied at the time of the obstruction.
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    where have you gone Tim Christensen?.......................(author of IIITBTS)
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    Just the pads I believe.. Leather on the Big League and their cheaper cloth type pads on the IX3
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    I think in that situation not doing anything was the right thing to do. Anything going on with the coach and PU at that point was between them. Getting involved in a partner's situation isn't usually a good idea. However, like @blue23ll pointed out, it's sometimes very helpful.
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    True, but a BU worth anything is gonna give you some help at third base...there could very easily be obstruction by F5 there too. Work together, then just plain experience and not being a mechanics manual umpire.
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    The poly spandex actually have some stretch to the waist band.
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    Seems to be by the book that these are very clearly balks, the question becomes if we enforce it. Pitchers drive me nuts with this. Always getting on the rubber with the ball in their glove, and as they put their front foot (non pivot) out towards Home to get ready to take a sign, put the ball in their hand. I usually try to pass a message along to put the ball in their hand before they toe the rubber. If I can sell it as “still getting on the rubber” and no one notices anything I usually let it go. If he’s already motionless and in position on the rubber and clearly taking a sign, and everyone’s watching, then puts it in his hand, I usually balk it so we don’t have to deal with this all game.