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    FIFY. You missed a word that... well... changes the meaning.
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    Mr. beerguy55, your vision of the future is eerily similar to the original purpose of the rule. From the book The Official Rules of Baseball Illustrated by David Nemec— “Since no team in its right mind would station its players anywhere but in fair territory nowadays, Rule 5.02 on the surface might seem superfluous. The rule was put in partly to keep any team or player from making a travesty of the game. Rube Waddell reputedly would call all his infielders and outfielders to the sidelines sometimes in exhibition games and then strike out the side while working with just his catcher. No one cared to see a pitcher try this in a regular game. “There was a time, however, when players not only could legally be stationed in foul territory but it behooved them to play there. In 1876, the National League’s first season of operation, it was still a rule that any batted ball that struck earth initially in fair territory was fair regardless of where it ended up. Many players mastered the fair-foul hit, which involved chopping down on the ball with their bats in such a way that it hit in front of the plate and then immediately spun off into foul territory. To protect against these batsmen, teams were compelled to position their first and third baseman outside the foul-line boundaries.”
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    Oh, best practice for polycarbonates... First, flip it over and remove the two screws holding the lens to the bracket. Remove the bracket and keep til later. Then, with just the lens, you can place it in a bowl of mineral spirits, and then wet-sand off the glazing (mirror finish). Do this a couple times, but especially do it once before spray painting it. Use "plastic fusion" spray paint for best results. Once completed and dried, reattach bracket.
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    The sun visor keeps the sun off the bill of your hat, thus keeping you a bit cooler. Some may wave this off is silly, but I've switched masks during a game, when the sun was at my 11 o'clock, and felt the difference. If some want to paint it, as it might be bit distracting to those in the field. so what? I mean, most are quite shiny. Now, will that counteract some of the cooling qualities? Perhaps.
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    If any of you fellow gear junkies are wondering where I and my comments are on this... I'm over here, sitting in the corner, rubbing my temples and humming "take me out to the ballgame..." And yes, @JDavis225, most of the visors are just simple brown or grey. The visors from Markwort are available in what they call Silver, which is mirrored, and then the lens color is dark grey, while the other option is what they call Rainbow, which is mirrored again, but the lens color is very blue.
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    I actually just hired someone who had "soccer ref" on their resume, and it came up while I interviewed him. As an employer I do see sport officiating in a couple of lights - one is about a balanced life that involves more than just your job, much like playing sports, or volunteering, or some hobbies. The other is about the skills and requirements that are definitely transferable to any workplace - integrity, situation management, dealing with diverse sets of people, dealing with emotional people, dealing with conflict, mediation, sticking with a hard decision, learning from mistakes, self improvement, working with a team (partner) to a common goal, etc. I recommend you highlight those items during an interview - those skills are valuable and apply almost everywhere. Don't be afraid to use umpiring situations when asked those typical HR-provided questions about conflict, or making mistakes, or naming one of your faults. Playing team sports at a competitive level and officiating sports, when on resumes, jump out at me like beacons. High level team sports provide invaluable experience in collaboration and time management, especially during school - show me someone who can balance schoolwork, team practices, team travel, part time job, and a social life, and I'll show you a rock star you want working for/with you for years. Show me someone who can work a full time job, umpire evenings and weekends, continuously improve both, and have a family/social life - why wouldn't you want that guy on your team? And to just level set the type of people I'm hiring - it ain't burger flipping or anything remotely resembling minimum wage. Post-university, professional, anywhere from 5-20 year industry experience.
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    Which rule set, Mr. Double Up? Each code handles this issue differently. Here are a couple of case book plays to illustrate the FED rule 6-2-1e: 2018 6.2.1 Situation A: With no runners on base, F1 places his pitching hand on his mouth and distinctly wipes off his pitching hand prior to touching the ball. (a) while not touching the pitcher’s plate, (b) while touching the pitcher’s plate. Ruling: (a) Legal; (b) Illegal, and a ball shall be awarded to the batter’s count. 2018 6.2.1 Situation B: With R1, F1 places his pitching hand on his mouth and distinctly wipes off his pitching hand prior to touching the ball (a) while not touching the pitcher’s plate or (b) while touching the pitcher’s plate in the set position. Ruling: Legal in (a). In (b), the pitcher has balked and R1 is awarded second base. (6-1-3)
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    If I were going to paint it, to totally block the sun, I'd paint the underside. That way if I eff it up, and it looks bad, nobody but me and the bill of my hats would know. In fact, that's a genius idea, as there's no need for any light to go through them. Another thing to do next weekend, before I pack my gear for the "winter" ( l live in San Diego ).
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    Dang. Thought it might be me. Oh well, always next year.
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    Wiki says there is no AAA baseball in Maine. Maybe back in the dark ages with Cory Snyder or something. So, was Rehak recuperating from a concussion with an AA assignment in Portland. I'm confused.
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    I got a chance to meet and hang with him and the rest of the crew this summer. We also got to watch him work 1B in a game that night. He is a very nice guy, and is really on the ball. He is going to be one of the really good ones in MLB.
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    Camarillo Pony Baseball lost its umpire-in-chief, 22-year-old Cody Coffman, in Wednesday's Thousand Oaks, California mass shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill. "He loved working with the kids." Cody's father, Jason, spoke with local media Thursday, recalling the last conversation with his son... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    @Varsity07 thanks for a pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer, sell to him with confidence.
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    @gnhbua93 I can't speak highly of the transaction I had with this brother umpire. He is a gentleman and a scholar
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    As Mr. beerguy55 posted, the penalty in FED is an illegal pitch. But with runners on that becomes a balk-- 2018 NFHS rule 1-1 ART. 4 . . . At the time of the pitch, all fielders shall be on fair ground except the catcher who shall be in the catcher's box. A fielder is in fair ground when at least one foot is touching fair ground. PENALTY: Illegal pitch. (2-18) 2018 NFHS rule 2 SECTION 18 ILLEGAL PITCH An illegal pitch is an illegal act committed by the pitcher with no runner on base, which results in a ball being awarded the batter. When an illegal pitch occurs with a runner, or runners, on base, it is ruled a balk.
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    Wendelstedt, although an excellent resource, is NOT an official interpretation of OBR. The PBUC manual and MLBUM are the only "official" interpretations.
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    Group Position Date & Time Sport & Level Site Home Away Fees Status Accept Decline 107584 R1 11/10/2018 Sat 3:00 PM Volleyball, State Finals William Paterson University, Rec Center TBA TBA $75.00 Accepted on 10/28/2018 State Finals for volleyball! Second go round for me. This time I am sure that I will not be as edgy as I was last time. Can't wait for the match. It is a real joy having the best seat in the house to watch two really talented teams go at it. I will try to not suck. But, as I say to SWMBO, I can't make any promises
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    Agreed. Plus, it sets the expectations on BOTH SIDES as to whether you need to leave early on some / many days to make the games. If the ER doesn't want you to do so, you can address ti in the nterview and you'll know when deciding whether to take the job. If the ER doesn't mind, then you;ll know that , and the ER will know that and it won't be a surprise when you adjust your hours to do so.
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    If anyone should need "nagging reinforcement", please feel free to PM me your phone # and exactly what time each day you would like for me to have SWMBO call or text and tell you to get your fat @$$ off of the couch and exercise. She's pretty good at it already, so I just thought I'd offer.