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    Schutt is sending us a sample. We'll share more when we find out more details.
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    At the level you are at and giving a nod to your finaces I would buy a Champion hard shell and a Diamond Big League mask. I would use the remainder to upgrade to the NB plate shoes and buy a Nutty Buddy. Good luck. edit. Also upgrade the stock CP harness to a razzer, delta flex or force 3.
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    That's why we get paid the $65. And, I agree that it's based on the general idea that BR can be thrown out -- but, especially in LL, it's not such a rare play to have F9 throw out the BR -- and we wouldn't consider F9 an infielder.
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    No.You are a crew. I think there is a difference between being able to take care of your own business vs not letting your crew mate get rolled over the coals. For example. There's a guy in our group who is literally hard of hearing or near deaf in one ear...so he legitimately isn't hearing what is being said to him. I dumped a guy from the bases for drawing a line on my partner who after ringing him up walked the opposite way to avoid trouble...so he didn't see it...but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. I think there is a fine line between trying to be Superman and simply supporting your partner.
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    As long as your shin guards are low profile or tight(er) fitting, you’ll achieve a slim look as a PU by using Combos. Where it all goes wrong for combos on PU is when the shin guards are so “over the top” with double and triple knees, or far too bulky (e.g. Wilsons), or have these elaborate foot /toe guards creeping out the bottom (e.g. Wilsons, or standard catchers guards), which are completely unnecessary when you wear even an average set of plate shoes. I wore Combos for the first five years of my umpire career, teamed with All-Star LGU313’s, which are a very minimalist and low-profile set of guards. When I purchased my Force3 Ultimate Shinguards, I continued to use my Combos for 1.5 years until they faded, shrunk, and lost their professional look. When that happened, I purchased an actual Plate & Base set of Fechheimer polywools and have been tremendously pleased with them since. Recently, I did purchase the Smitty PolyDexes (again, in a Plate & Base set) and have them as a major part of my rotation. The Fechheimers are a very top-notch style, and lay quite well and complimenting for being pleated. The Combos I used for so long were Boombah -brand and flat front (Western cut), and I resisted getting another brand for so long because I hated how pleated pants were cut so unflattering. One of my advantages is that I’m tall with a very athletic build, and I did not like how pleated pants made me look (especially Smitty and other brands). Because of the material used in the Smitty PolyDexes, though, the pleat is not very pronounced or noticeable. The really interesting pant product is coming very rapidly on the horizon, though... from UnderArmour. Next year may bear witness to a paradigm shift for us in uniforms because UnderArmour will employ many of their forward-looking designs from golf and tennis into baseball (finally!).
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    Ditto! Do This^^^^^^!!!! Slim fitting pants are nice. I HATE pleated pants. They make an in-shape guy look fat and a fat guy look fatter/obese. But, you know what? They are the standard. i've been at this a long time. Enjoyed some moderate success very early in my career. I got to work games WAY beyond my ability at the time. Why? Because I looked and acted the part. I listened to the senior/experienced guys and did what they told/asked me to do, which includes uniforms and equipment. And, I was rewarded for it by those guys asking the assigner to let me work with them. So, do what you want young grasshopper but beware the consequences. To quote Crash Davis from Bull Durham: "If you look classy, you'll be classy!" Get the Smitty Poly-Spandex/whatever "golf" pants. Get combos if you like, but don't have your shinguards looking like you had to stuff them into the legs of the pants. Most assigners I know are looking hard for good young umpire talent. How you look and how you handle yourself are a huge part of how you get those guys attention. Good luck.
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    The confusion arises in part because many umpires cannot define the difference between a batter and a batter-runner, so they don't know whether this is batter INT (delayed dead) or runner INT (dead, special provisions for the BR and D3K). Definitions, definitions, definitions.
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    Uniforms are usually immune to "trends." And for good reason. Sincerely, "The Get Off My Lawn Guy"
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    Just in case some of you haven’t heard (read) this advice on ejections I’ll try to succinctly state how I was taught way back when. First, some great advice on here about pre-gaming with your partner. I’m a fan of even discussing it “in-game” if it’s important. Briefly of course. Now, the 3 P’s of Ejections. Personal- “You suck!” Gotta go. Profane- “That call effin sucked!” Again, gotta go. Prolonged- “Coach we’re done, let’s play ball now. No, we’re not, I’m not done. You haven’t explained your call well enough yet.” Aaaaaand, He’s done. Buh-bye! Gotta go. Works pretty well. May not cover every situation. I don’t get to work at one very choice venue anymore because I dumped a coach who ran at me from 3B dugout, without calling time, after I’d put my hand up and warned him to stop and not continue further on a whacker play at first. I’m content with that call and that EJ but the tournament director wasn’t. So, I don’t work showcase tournaments at that all turf Division I venue anymore. Oh well. That’s why some umpires don’t eject- they are afraid of the repercussions. I’d rather be able to live with myself. My .02...Your mileage may vary.
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    The Schutt XV and Champion P2xx are the budget-busters of their class. Hardshell, compact, and using advanced foam jackets to achieve equitable protection with minimal bulk. The Schutt is better ventilated, and is using the more advanced foam (called D3O), but comes with a wretched Y-yoke harness (hence why you need this mod inspired by some guy named MadMax; or, wait for or locate the Adams XV version), and is one-size fits most (13” tall), but does include an attachable 4” D3O extension. The Champion is available in three different torso lengths (P200 = 17”, P210 = 15”, P220 = 13”), and the harness, while simple and basic, is easily replaceable with a Flex -style harness (ULFH RayFlex, All-Star DeltaFlex, Force3 NewFlex). In regards to the masks, the Diamond iX3 family is top-notch. Diamond went all-in on aluminum, which is a tremendous benefit and value to amateur-level umpires. Only recently has Wilson wised up to this and is offering their iconic DynaLite planform in an aluminum version. Aluminum doesn’t bend, unless there is constant load applied to it in an unplanned direction. In the masks, the welds are more likely to break (pop) under a tremendous or sudden impact than for the bars to bend. Why is this advantageous to Wilson and Diamond? Because a bent mask is a customer service / warranty return issue, whether it be steel or titanium (which both do bend, albeit from differing load forces). And of course, aluminum is cheaper than titanium but just as light. Within the Diamond iX3 family, though, the only differences between the DFM-iX3, DFM-UMP, and DFM-UMP-BL are cosmetic – the frames are all the same. A semi-gloss paint job was applied to the DFM-iX3, while the BL version gets a matte black or clear anodized finish. The BL is the only one that has even remotely useable pads, as they are twice the volume (thickness) of the pathetic pads on the original iX3 and basic UMP. If, however, you are already considering advanced pads (and you should), such as Team Wendy’s or Wilson MemoryFoams, you can save yourself the premium price tag of the BL and get a “lesser” model and switch out the pads. Or, if this explanation just prompts you to snatch up a Wilson DynaLite Aluminum with MemoryFoam pads, go for it.
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    Just mix some crushed viagra in with the neats foot oil when breaking in the glove.
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    And bring your wallet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is why I would love to get @JimKirk and the guys at Ump-Attire involved since they are a direct retailer for Schutt.
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    Disclaimer: To each their own, the best advice is to try out different gear and see what fits you best as it will very from person to person. Size is not always an indicator of best fit to your liking. Even someone with the same dimensions as you may have different likes and feels than what you may want/need. If I were starting over, I'd go with the following if I were on a budget and wanted new gear: 1. Champion or Schutt hard shell CP (offer very similar protection as Wilson for about 1/2 the cost of a WV Gold or WV Platinum). Champion will run you about $60-70 shipped and Schutt/Adams maybe closer to $80-90. Schutt breathes so much better though! I have heard of folks having trouble with the Champion shoulder epaulettes cracking after a shot or two, so my preference would be the Schutt/Adams. Or... find a used WV Gold someone is getting rid of. It's hot, but it's a tank and you don't have to worry about being hurt in it. 2. Honig's has a great mask with calfskin pads ($40 navy, $70 black plus shipping). If you want to spend a bit more, an All Star FM4000 is a good lightweight mask as well, but a little pricier. 3. Plate Shoes - find a pair of Reebok Zigs if you can on here or maybe on the FaceBook umpire gear selling wall. A guy has a new pair of 10.5 b/w mids for $100 on there right now. Plus, he has a pair of used twice, all black lows in 11 for $75. $75 is almost what you'll pay for the 3n2 after shipping - and the Reeboks are way better shoes to wear for comfort and durability. If you watch and do some looking before buying, I'm confident you can get very good gear (shoes, CP and mask) that will last a long time for well within the budget you have to work with. if you figure $100 on plate shoes and $75 each on CP and mask - that's right at your budget of $250. I think it's very do-able. Main thing is, buy gear that will last and you can move up with. It's no fun buying new gear every 2 years and then not having much value left in the old stuff. Buy good gear and it will either last you - or you have a little value to swap if you prefer something else. One last recommendation, check out all your local options. By that I mean FaceBook, Craigslist, LetGo app, Sideline Swap app, Play It Again Sports, second hand stores, eBay, etc. as you can sometimes find very good gear cheap. I've found Douglas and Wilson CP's for $25 a couple of times from local guys getting out of umpiring that just needed a little cleaning and they were ready to go. I've heard of other guys finding Nike masks for $10 and so on. Sure, it doesn't happen every time - or even every year - but you may get lucky and save a bundle!
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    If umpiring is something you want to learn to do well and do long term, remember that in most aspects of umpiring, there is a right way, and a wrong way, and most things in umpiring are NOT relative to personal preference. Even those that are have 'minimal standards'. This includes personal presentation and uniform. Your best shot at success is to find those standards in your area/group, and follow them exceedingly well.
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    This post belonging in a different forum notwithstanding, I'll address the issue you raised. Like Maven said, we can't know your association's training practices, but I'll say this: I don't know anyone among us who thinks our associations give at least the right amount of training because most of our organizations are spread pretty thin. You're going to hit the field for the first time feeling under-prepared, and that's normal. That's why many of us take lots of scrimmages, then begin our careers in low-level ball like sub-varsity, rec league and below. We may spend years at these levels before moving up to varsity ball or college. The point is that your success is up to you. I recommend you take as many games as possible, ask questions, seek out criticism and listen with an open mind to what may be painful input, go to clinics outside your association, stink up some baseball games, make lots of mistakes, blow more than your share of calls, listen to parents and coaches holler at you, suck it up, get back on the field and become better for it. Use resources like this forum and become a true student of umpiring. Your journey is only beginning.
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    And this was me tonight, trying on new, smaller uniforms...
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    So, we're going to limit the 10 second conversations to change signs, remind F1 about a scouting report, etc., but we'll keep letting the manager talk to his video review room for thirty seconds every time there's a close call, instead of mandating challenges need to be declared immediately after the play....Or fixing the ridiculous amount of time it takes to review some of these plays. Or maybe trying to be a little creative and and cut the time between innings down by 30 seconds, and for the first 30 seconds of the inning put your precious commercials on a split screen? There's almost ten guaranteed minutes off every game. I find the whole pace of play thing an absolute joke. If an average game is 3:05 and they somehow succeed in knocking the average time down to 2:45-2:50, do the Powers That Be think there's anyone out there who doesn't watch baseball now, will turn around and say, "Hey, baseball games are 15 minutes shorter on average now ,I think I'll start watching."
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    Well, there's the whole "through, or by" requirement in OBR and NCAA to absolve the runner of interference. If F5 was playing way off the line (perhaps a "shift" situation), then it doesn't matter if it "passes" him or not. The runner will be out if the ball was over fair territory when it hit him. Conversely, if F5 dove for the ball and missed it (through, or by F5), and the fair ball hit the runner, then he's not out and play the bounce. I suspect the OP's question is based on 60 foot bases, because there's no reason for R3 to be on the bag when the ball was batted otherwise. A lot of youth ball is played on modified OBR (LL and PONY, for example), so the "through, or by" principle should be in effect. If that's the case, then in the vast majority of cases, the runner will be out when a fair ball hits him while he's standing on the bag.
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    I love me the NailsWegs' crew. Three of my favorite young umpires.
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    Wonder what the price point on this is. And if they are doing SG. Wouldn’t this hurt Douglas custom and regular orders if cheaper? ......
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    Dave, I had the quad CABG surgery in Sept, 2012. Naturally that year it knocked me out of football officiating & fall baseball but despite having to be deceptive to my wife I was sitting in deer stands 3-weeks later with my newly purchased crossbow with a hand crank to cock it b/c I couldn't pull a bow back. The biggest change in my life since that day was that I do think about what I eat more often & the required rehab led me into an exercise pattern that I never gave up. It ended up causing me to drop from about 240 to 195 & holding steady. In my baseball gigs it was always at forefront of my mind about getting hit & this was also the time frame I was trying to settle on which chest protector was going to give my sternum the best protection. I probably wore them all but that 1st season after surgery I was inclined to wear my W-Gold all the time because the thickness & bulkiness we all despise in that offering made me feel the most protected. The thinner versions like All-Star System 7 despite being a solid CP scared me because of the thin profile. After that first Spring season back I believe it was the 2014 season when I tried the Force 3 V1 and still owned my W-Gold. Gradually as I felt my upper body strength come back & I bulked back up from the weight lifting I was doing I began to wean myself out of the Gold & went almost exclusively with the F3-V!. In that 1st year back I did take some shots on the Gold that never bothered me at all. I never really got stroked in the F3-V1 but was always worried about it & was always seeing comments on U-E about detractors of the F3 taking painful shots so It wasn't until the 2015 season that I finally went to the F3 almost exclusively. I now also wear one of the Schutt XV with MadMax Mod & a RayFlex in the hotter times of the year. Although I have been hit in both many times i have not ever been just squared up in the F3 - V1 with the shot that would strike right on top of the sternum & those knotty bumps where they wired my sternum shut again. I wear my F3 still though all the time in HS & college ball but in the back of my mind I still would like to upgrade to the F3-V2 for the upgraded blast shield over sternum area. My son has offered to get me one through his MiLB deals but I haven't bit the bullet on it yet. I have taken some good shots in HS Showcase Summer / Fall ball though on the Schutt XV with no regrets. My return to the baseball field was longer though than you might face, about 7 months. In your situation with the season looming or already started like it is here in my area I would look to ease into it with base assignments first when you feel the time is right then ease into the plate with some Utrip assignments or similar as you get into the mood to stoke a full return. Your endurance will return rather quickly if you are rehabbing as I believe you were probably already in good physical shape. Ironically just yesterday I had to take off to do a stress test as my 5-year anniversary had passed last fall & the Doc wanted to check out how it was all working in there complete with nuclear dye & treadmill test. i passed with flying colors. Wishing you the best as i know the emotions of having to miss the start of the Spring season would eat at me bad. Praying for your speedy return to the game.
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    3 way? Meh. Talk to me when you have a 6 way which I did July 1, 2008. Unfortunately I didn't listen to my body. I thought it was just me being a fat pig. I went for a pre screening for a colonoscopy and decided to answer the screening questions truthfully. Next day I was undergoing a catheterization and it was discovered there was some serious blockage. They had me in for surgery a couple of days later. A month afterwards I was feeling the best I had in like forever. Hiking, jogging. When I had to go to rehab it was a joke. I was on a field the following spring as I was living in Missouri at the time and there isn't much of a baseball thing in the winter. I had no apprehension about umpiring. I did about being hit. At the time I wore a west vest. Felt no different being hit. My recommendation, go out and enjoy yourself. Your heart is now in the best shape it has been in for years. That new lease on life thing.
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    Maybe just a silly Jersey thing. Maybe I'm 100% wrong.
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    Yes, and he should, in all codes, every time. Yes, and he should, in all codes, every time. As BU, I give what I've got.
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    I agree with Mr. beerguy55 that nothing in OBR rules 1.12 through 1.15 specifically prohibits those items mentioned in the OP. But wouldn’t all those hard items be a safety hazard at least to the user of the glove and possibly to another player? In fact, under Federation rules (rule 1-5-9) it states that “any player equipment judged by the umpire to be unreasonably dangerous is illegal.”
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    Not to hi-jack this thread, but I've been thinking of using a Nike stencil and Honig's black calfskin pads as a substitute. I like the Honig's pads way better than the Nike pads and a stencil would put a perfect swoosh on the pads in the same place Nike does. This would be a solution instead of having to buy the uber-expensive Nike pads. Besides, the Nike pads aren't that comfortable in my experience. The newer ones are better than the old-style pads though.
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    Yeah, I wonder how they got started? You're on YouTube now too, so maybe that'll get you the numbers you need for them to start paying attention.
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    This is starting to feel like deja vu all over again.
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    @LoneBlueStar, highly recommend ordering from a site like Ump-Attire.com. Especially since, with the amount you are spending, you would qualify for free shipping. But a bunch of stuff. Free returns for anything you don't like or want.
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    I am on the same boat you are. Most guys refuse to kill it and would rather it play out like batter interference. I cant find another way to explain it.
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    Totally agree. They really seem to brighten things up. Much better than the black/chrome lenses as they become darker at night. These prizm lenses are best all-around in my opinion.
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    Ditto on the Champion. Great protector that will grow with you (there are MLB, MiLB, and college guys that wear that protector.) Also, in the thread regarding the @MadMax modification to the Schutt XV. It looks as if Schutt/Adams has upgraded the XV to not having the yoke harness and adding the plastic side clips.
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    interesting. Another rules difference I didn't know.
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    Ready for a 4 game set this weekend
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    Buy a pair of plate and base pants. Look the part. It's noticed when you walk on the field.
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    very very good job. Ready for 15-innings games !!!
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    I pictured a batter swinging and missing, F2 blocks the ball, ball is out in front of the plate, BR pushes F2 as he starts towards 1B. Not a tangle/untangle, but a blatant push. Fact is, the question is about how to handle this play when there's INT by the BR, which has been answered...Kill the play, BR out for INT, return R2. How and if the BR actually interfered is another conversation for another thread. It's just a given in this question.
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    B... he can throw if attempting to retire a runner
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    Yow, dude. EJ, EJ, EJ. Every day and twice on Sunday. I don't care who those comments are directed to, it can't be tolerated. In HS ball, profanity is explicitly addressed in the FED rules. Since this is happening with some frequency, I agree with the others who advocate pre- and post-gaming this. Dump enough people who behave inappropriately and one, it'll stop. Two, the next time they see you, I'm betting they'll be better behaved. I know how difficult it is to be a younger guy in a position of authority. Just remember that the biggest hurdle to overcome isn't other people's perceptions of you, but your perception of yourself. You're the paid professional umpire who has been hired to uphold the rules and integrity of the game, regardless of your age or your age relative to anyone else. Embrace that role and have fun with it. It's a real confidence-builder.
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    Adams is actually owned by Schutt and a separate brand. To my knowledge, they manufacture and sell under both names. The Adams version has bicep protectors.
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    On the left is Garret (my previous Jr. LL Umpire)/Legion umpire and on the right is our very own @HuskerUmp22 at the Wendlestedt Umpire School.
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    it changed last year. If you catch and step. slide, fall, run, walk, two step or seawalk into any dead ball area. it is a 1 base award.
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    I asked Brad about this in December, but I honestly can't remember what he said. How helpful is that?
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    On his hands and knees gasping for breath....
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    Because umpires also have a rhythm when they work the plate. But you've never strapped it on so...