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    i I am looking for a gray that matches my pants. The black in the picture is a moister wicking shirt. Anything other is too hot on most days. I don't like the look of my WVG TW under the PC with no shirt, but to each their own.
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    Stepping on soap box...........FED and NCAA are identical rules with two exceptions. In NCAA a player is allowed to pop up and over slide the base. I always tell umpires that if you want to understand the FPSR, read the rule in the NCAA rule book. It's in section 8-4. It's well written and has a diagram. The FED rule is badly written and it requires you to read two sections to interpret the rule. .......Stepping down now.
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    An umpire with enough rules knowledge, vision, and guts to make the call.
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    These are the ploy-spandex pants that have been out for a couple of years. I have them and love them. I will not go back to the old type pants ever again
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    I'm sure it depends on the region of the country, so I can only comment on what we see here in Southern California. In Orange County, there is one high school league that pays for 3 umpires. We also have a few regular season tournaments that use three umpires. Of course, all CIF games (HS playoffs) use at least 3 umpires, with the semis and finals being 4 umpires. On the collegiate level, Junior College currently uses 2 umpires, as do the NAIA conferences. We have one D3 conference here that moved to 3 umpires for their conference games this season, and will be using 3 umpires for all games next season. I hear that the NAIA conferences may be moving in that direction next year as well. I hear one of the JC conference may do so as well. All D2 games here are 3 man. Can't comment in professional baseball - just have no knowledge of it.
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    Thanks, Mr. johnnyg08, for your research on this play in question. I can find just one reference so far to the real question you are asking. Unfortunately, it is an OBR case play but I think it might be helpful. From the 2017 Jaksa/Roder manual (chapter 13, p. 113) example play 5: R2, no outs. The batter-runner bunts and is running to first on fair territory. The catcher fields the bunt and throws to first. The ball just barely touches the batter-runner’s shoulder. The first baseman flinches, but catches the ball for an apparent out at first. He then throws home against R2, who is safe: despite the success of the play to first it is still interference. Batter-runner out, R2 back to second base.
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    NO APOLOGIES NEEDED FELLAS!!! No big deal .... I just want to keep "Mask Porn" as it is, ...photos of your masks
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    And it’s gone
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    Not really all that dramatic an upgrade, in my technical opinion. Aluminum has been employed by Diamond (first) and then by Wilson because it won’t bend, or at least is far less likely to. It’s a benefit for both you, the user, and them, the manufacturer – you are less likely to incur a problem (such as a bent frame or paint flaking off) that requires a return, while the manufacturer eludes the required replacement of your “defective” mask. Wilson lost a significant amount of money surrounding the “original” Wilson Titanium (the one that accompanied the WestVest Platinum debut) due to having replace many of them that bent. If a $50 steel mask bends, what do we typically do? Chuck it and buy a new one. If a $250 Titanium mask bends, what do we typically do, especially when we have the impression (or expectation) that Titanium is supposed to be super strong and resist bending? We gripe, complain, and demand a return and replacement. Thus, Aluminum presents 3 benefits over conventional steel – it’s light, it doesn’t bend, and it holds its color better than conventional steel treatments (paint and vinyl dip). One niggling problem though, is that Aluminum is a hassle to weld fast and cheap. The faster and less qualitative you weld it, the more brittle the welds become, and the chance of breakage – the welds popping – increases. Magnesium is a step in a different direction. While it’s incredibly light, it is unable to be welded. Instead, it needs to be bonded, and instant adhesives can only be trusted so far, while other, stronger adhesives such as epoxies and cements require curing time – which works against cheap mass production. All-Star was forward-thinking enough, however, to pursue die-cast magnesium alloy, thereby eschewing welds and bonds altogether. The FM4000 Mag is an injection-molded object, devoid of any welds, bonds, or overlapping joints. By comparison, the Champro Rampage is a die-pressed object, but it too is devoid of welds or bonds. Since both are Magnesium, though, they will never bend... but they will be impressively light and stiff. With such little mass, they are heavily dependent upon their pads. This characteristic is what prompted All-Star to reengineer their pads. The point of my opinion here is that whether you have a Titanium, Aluminum, or Magnesium mask, you aren’t really upgrading or downgrading if you’re switching from one model to another, at least how the frames go. You might be getting thinner bars (Titanium), or eliminating the propensity of bending (Magnesium), or settling on the best of both worlds at an affordable price point (Aluminum). Where you will truly see the difference is in the pads. It’s the pads, pads, pads. Which is why I have opted to use the “best” pads on the market with inexpensive hollow steel masks... four times over.
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    I wash all my uniforms in cold. I have the permanent crease put into the pants so I immediately take them out of the dryer and hang them on a pant hanger from the cuff of the pants and let gravity take out the wrinkles.
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    I personally love the look of a mock over the protector when wearing the plate coat
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    see @JSam21 s comment .........also, .... Honigs Poly Wools and the Smitty Poly-Spandex are like night and day.
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    I basically only do FED, so ........ I don't need anything else, that's FPSR
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    Correct. Umpires don't have any say in the "pitch count" rules unless we have to step in and verify their numbers in which we stick w/ the home teams count. Pitch count has been in effect for a few years now and I've NEVER been involved in any of it, thankfully!
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    What is this "softball" you speak of?
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    The rule states "intentionally touched." It does not specify a body part, though I've never heard of anything other than glove or (less often) hand. The purpose of the rule is to prevent the defense gaining an advantage not intended by the rules from knocking down a ball that would otherwise be caught for an out. That rationale is built into the idea of an "intentionally dropped ball." In borderline cases, I recommend protecting the offense by calling it, similar to borderline IFF. The defense gets the out they deserve and not the cheap out they don't.
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    That's the OBR interp, I think. Different from the FED interp.
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    Well, just checked the 5 day forecast. Looks like a high of 47 degrees during my HS season opener Friday.
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    Meh, Hinch was being a little weasel and knew exactly what he was doing. "We have technology to help you get better"? In the 1st inning of a spring training game? STFU, little guy.
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    How did the batter delay the game if a pitch was delivered? Most of us are going to stick with one strike.
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    Verbal communication is key once the ball is in the field. Here are a few that any umpire should know and use: "I'm at third if he comes, Dan" and the "I'm at third, Dan" when he does come "Catch, Dan" and "Down, Dan" on fly balls to the outfield "I'm staying home, Dan" on those deep shots "I'm on the line, Dan" when you can't rotate "I'm going out, Dan" when you see trouble while in A Like Thatsnotyou, I used to be skittish about talking to my partner, fearing it will confuse the players. As I grew, though, I realized that they had a completely different way of speaking to each other and they were too involved in doing what they needed to even process what Dan and I were saying.
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    No one really thinks Alaska and Hawaii are states.
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    This is the Smitty which is more grey than black and matches the pants
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    Looks pretty cool but I’d prefer it in black
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    Nope! Any chance I get to show of my obnoxious gold "W"...I take it!