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    Diamond could have used a full velcro attachment ala Douglas and not infringed on Wilson's patent and probably made this new cp more desirable. I'll stick with my older Douglas and Champion with the removable padding.
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    It will be explained in detail at the meetings in January. From the camps I’ve worked this fall, here’s what I can tell you... Did the batter hit the ball or did the ball hit the batter? If the batter freezes, give him 1st. If the batter turns and the ball hits him, give him 1st. If the batter sticks out a body part and allows himself to get hit by the ball, keep him at the plate, call it a strike.
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    You don't. Its riveted clean through. The black "hooks" you're seeing on the inside are polyurethane "bumpers" covering the rivets so that A) your shirts don't get snagged on a rivet burr, and B) so the rivets don't blatantly corrode from all your sweat. Many CPs have these, including the first Schutt AiR Flex I.
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    Based on the reviews on UA I must be in the minority here, but I wear the 950s and I find them uncomfortable. They are light but I find them to be lacking in the cushion department. My feet are always sore after wearing them. Maybe it's just me but they don't feel as comfortable as NB's other running/training shoes. So that would be my suggestion. I'll give the new models a look when they come out, but in the mean time I'm looking for some black running shoes to wear on the bases. I'm done with the 950s.