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    Apologies in advance. I couldn't resist.
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    FIFY. Waste of your time and breath. Roughly half of the coaches you’ll give that little speech to will know when and how to approach an umpire, and that they are responsible for their team and fans (and most of them want their fans kicked out anyway). You just insulted them. The other half that don’t know won’t listen to you anyway. Just give your first name, get theirs. Examine and validate the lineup cards. Ask the all-important question, “Are all players properly and legally equipped?”. Cover ground rules, ask for any questions regarding ground rules. Barring those, if this is a timed game, click the button on the timer or stopwatch, and break the meeting. I bet you will have a good game... or at least no worse than you would have had you continued talking for five minutes to an unreceptive audience.
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    am I the only one who thinks this is not Obstruction... think about it like this play happened between 1st and 2nd.... would you call OBS then?
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    Stuart ( @umpstu), you’re colorblind. That tricolór ain’t orange... it’s red.
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    In the business, we like to call that "timing". Lol
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    Baseball equivalent of the flop. I agree it's a difficult angle to make a final decision. But I do think the catcher had the ball as the runner began his exaggerated avoidance.
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    And from what I can gather, this note is a bit ambiguous as this play demonstrates IMO, F2 “Hinders or impedes” the runner ‘s progress when the runner veers right before F2 has the ball. That said, the runner sure does start veering awfully early in his run home, and therefore as far as I can tell, I think “ , the runner would have been called out notwithstanding the catcher having blocked the plate.”