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    I think the largest thing with OP is missing is the glamour, night life and chicks that come with the gig! Just cannot keep those umpire groupies away! Oh, wait... that's Rock Star... I get easily confused! Bottom line... I take the 25 or so HS game fees a season and pay off or pay down a bill, take a vacation, or something similar. Am I going to pay my house payment with this extra 'side job'? Nope. I could work games almost every day of the year, but as other posters have already said, this is a hobby. Get out there, get some exercise, see the sun, make a 14 year old cry... all the important things!
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    Slightly different angle, I believe umpiring to be the best job a high schooler could have. Where else could I make $20 an hour, while setting my own schedule, and doing something I love? Even after spending close to $1000 to overhaul my equipment, get stuff to do basketball, and pay for gas, I still came out way ahead last year, and I'm getting even better games and pay this year, with way less overhead (driving a way more gas efficient car!).
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    I am continually i impressed by the many things I learn on a baseball field. Some are related to baseball rules and others are thins that often leave me dunbfounded. In today's version of I am an idiot so you must be as well... Top 5; R2 only; no outs. I am in C. BR hits a shot to RF that is being blown toward the right field line, F9 running to his left makes the catch as R2 tags once the ball is touched. I have dropped deep enough to see R2 on the bag and F9 make the catch. R2 advances on the play. DHC instructs his players to throw the ball to 2B to appeal the runner leaving early. I signal safe. DHC comes out of 3B dugout to talk to me. The following conversation ensues " Kev, you didn't have him leaving early?" "No Jim. That's why I signaled safe." "But he clearly left early." "I didn't see it that way Jim." "How could you possibly see whether or not he left early from where you were?" "When the ball was hit to right, I dropped back toward the the 3B line so I could have the runner and the fielder in my field of vision." "There's no way anyone could have seen both at the same time!" "Even you?" DHC returned to the dugout.
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    FIFY. Waste of your time and breath. Roughly half of the coaches you’ll give that little speech to will know when and how to approach an umpire, and that they are responsible for their team and fans (and most of them want their fans kicked out anyway). You just insulted them. The other half that don’t know won’t listen to you anyway. Just give your first name, get theirs. Examine and validate the lineup cards. Ask the all-important question, “Are all players properly and legally equipped?”. Cover ground rules, ask for any questions regarding ground rules. Barring those, if this is a timed game, click the button on the timer or stopwatch, and break the meeting. I bet you will have a good game... or at least no worse than you would have had you continued talking for five minutes to an unreceptive audience.
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    Ok, I can't access my shoes at the moment, but I'm pretty sure of what I'm about to tell you: When I first got these, . .on the last eyelet, I'd continue to cross into the opposite side (up to the very top eyelet which is the met plate) like you'd typically do ...and I was getting what you're talking about. NOW ...... I take the string from the last shoe eyelet and go straight up (same side) to the very top metatarsal plate eyelet (DO NOT CROSS UP AT THE VERY TOP) , ... ....when finished, ....then you can tie like you typically tie them and it'll cinch up nice! CRAP, I hope that makes sense! LOL
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    Did his ass get a concussion?
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    "Time" (not like "normal" -- louder) "Stay here" (right hand out and up; index finger pointing down at the ground) "That's a strike" (hammer type indication) Give the count
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    So basically none of you spent any time in 12U rec ball.
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    "John, If you feel he missed a base, then you can appeal that when the ball is live." Alternatively: "I can't rule on appeals when the ball is dead, John." Or ask if he's appealing if the rules allow a dead-ball appeal.
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    As a coach, I wouldn't start the game without clarification on the rule. "That's my rule" doesn't make it a rule.
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    I believe it's named after a Spanish burro living as a king in South Korea.
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    Time, don’t do that. Keep your hands apart when you take the rubber.
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    @JSam21 is correct. If the umpire calls a foul ball, then nothing can change it. I am interested in what a "linesman" is in baseball, though.
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    Female Umpire story; I trained a number of females, and nearly all of them did a fine job. One girl (about 17) worked her first game on a Coach Pitch field. I watched from behind the fence. The ball rolled to her and she picked it up. The Coach Pitcher, about 25 feet away, held his glove hand up and said “throw the ball here, HONEY”………she was the CF for her Varsity Softball Team. She nearly took his hand off….. I almost chewed through my lower lip….
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    Thanks fellers! It really is a great protector. I've had all of the usual suspects over the years, and none of them feel like the Power. "Cool Factor" aside, Riddell figured out the magic potion for the most comfortable, best fitting protector I've ever seen. It's a shame that it hasn't been made for so long. If the big gold W pulled their head out of their behinds, they should reproduce this exactly how it was made back when Riddell made it, but apparently they don't really care about the voice of the umpire, or don't realize that they can perhaps?. (Get ready for @MadMax to weigh in, in t-minus 10, 9, 8,....) Now that I put the W "batlight" in the sky!
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    I wouldn't be opposed to having 1 set of rules....... wait...... nevermind
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    @Rock Bottom, meet @maven............ @maven,..............Rocky
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    I might consider wiping those pads with $40 at Ump Attire
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    1. Are you tracking the pitch the entire way in? Often your eyes will get a jump on where the ball is going as they see it go off the bat. 2. Watch the fielders.
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    Put it in a dugout, and you'll never know if someone spit in it. Put it on the ground and a live ball will eventually hit it. Hook it to a carabiner and hang it from the fence. Find the loudest mouth fan and hang it in front of him; he loves that.