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    I knew this a few months ago but I didn’t share it here. I have been hired into college baseball at the D3 and NAIA level in Southern California. Looking forward to this year and many more. Feel free to hijack this thread if you’ve been hired into a higher level
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    The old girl is now done and ready to hit the field. Updated gap protection.
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    Ha! They couldn't afford me.
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    Don't be that upset, you will be more upset when you start growing to the sides.
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    This is the Smitty which is more grey than black and matches the pants
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    I personally love the look of a mock over the protector when wearing the plate coat
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    Sorry, I haven't logged in for a while. If you have the Force 3 mask, this harness cannot be beat. The F3 should be worn tight, and with a regular harness, it can be difficult to remove the mask without taking your cap with it. With the Rayflex harness, because the entire thing is elastic, you can wear it tight and still easily remove your mask. Since I bought my Nike, I put the harness on it but I haven't worked any games since my injury. Hoping to give it a go in the spring if my spinal cord cooperates.
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    Lol... I'm a professional waffler!
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    Update: Frame weighs 0.9 lbs (14.4 oz) per US Postal scales. For comparisons sake, a Nike Ti weighs 12-13 oz for frame only and 15-16 oz when fully equipped.
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    Ump-Attire is looking to part with 18 that they have left. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/Exclusives/A3817-MEM-BL-TN_Wilson-MLB-Memory-Foam-Umpire-Mask-Replacement-Pads-Sky-Blue-and-Tan
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    I ponied up the big bucks 2 years ago from Honigs when they had them readily available seems like they’re no longer marketing them on their website?! Looking forward to hearing your review @JDavis225
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    That's why I tagged him. I try and play matchmaker. It is in my Jewish blood. Lol Heck... I tried to help find a buyer for @wolfe_man and his Nike Steel Teardrop. But dont know how that has gone.
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    Now you just need to find TW pads for it. That would be the Holy Grail. That is awful pretty, though. Well done.
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    Update. Adidas is gone. Wilson and diamond are still available.
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    Very nice. congrats. I too will be doing my first spring college games this year. JUCO and possibly a few D3. Only JUCO on the schedule as of now, but that’s fine. Real excited about the opportunity and real excited about the quality of my high school varsity schedule as well.
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    Well, I went and did the thing. In the mail today and they look incredible!
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    So in this case size doesn't matter?
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    Arik is the world record holder in tire kicking...lol
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    I agree with you there. But I go the opposite direction is handling big boy baseball (HS, College, spring ball, etc) vs kid ball (and I include Babe Ruth, Travel Ball, summer tournaments, etc). I am much harder on the summer ball guys than I am on the spring ones for the exact reason you listed. Spring ball, they know what their limits are. Summer, they think that they can do anything they want.
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    It has a little bit of stretch or give to it. This helps to make it easier to put the mask on and take it off. With the Force 3 stock harness I felt like I would put the mask on and then have to adjust it every once in a while and there is no adjustment needed with this harness. It goes on correctly every time. It is hard to quantify exactly how much better it is, but I love it and think it is worth the extra money.
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    Show me a coach (except those who also umpire) who reads the umpire signal section of the rule book, and I'll show you what it looks like when an Umpire-Empire member faints. LOL
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    You’d be very right in that assessment, but no amount of reiteration or emphasis of it at plate meetings is going to fix it. Most FPSR violations in youth amateur baseball, whether it be under OBR or Fed rules, can be chalked up to naivety or ignorance. Sure, there are some high-intensity high school ballplayers that will stretch the limits of the Fed rule, but these violations occur, more often than not, within equally intense high school vs. high school games. This speaks to my main point, coming up in a moment. In professional baseball, at all levels, there’s an understanding or unwritten protocol regarding hard slides and FPSR. At the end of the day, it’s every man for himself, and each man is trying to showcase his skills and talents, and is trying to get paid more or better. A R1, forced into a likely double play, has no real allegiance to the teammate who just hit him into this double play, and is not going to jeopardize his own ability to play tomorrow, or injure a fellow player – opponent or otherwise – who may be a teammate someday, or be represented by the same agency. Indeed, the FPSR for OBR was modified to what it is now because something needed to be done when that protocol is ignored. It’s illustrative to my point that the OBR FPSR modification was enacted largely due to the Utley-on-Tejada slide during the 2015 NLDS (read: a game with something at stake). In a similar vein, to revisit the topic before I hit the main point of this post, when we have amateur ballplayers on the cusp of being recruited or signed, playing in showcase or tournament games, they largely observe whatever FPSR is in place. So too, when we conduct summer college tuning / development / exposure leagues, the NCAA FPSR is not only adhered to, but we rarely see any instances of anything that would constitute a FPSR violation in the other two codes. So what’s at the root of these FPSR violations in NCAA games, and the point of my post? Tribalism. There are such heightened stakes for the team that every play matters. If you have a chance to bust up a potential double play, you do it for the good of the team, regardless if you injure yourself or your opponent. This same theme plays out in college football, lacrosse, and hockey. College coaches are not actively teaching their players to violate FPSR restrictions, but they sure will condition and encourage them to stretch those limits as far as possible, with the difference between legal and illegal being razor thin. And what compounds this is the speed and intensity of the college game, especially in the tension of the postseason.
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    Facebook is not where you should discuss baseball rules or ........
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    I never liked the way they looked and was adamant that my mask extension was enough ..........it isn't, ..........it wasn't, ............all my masks have been equipped with them for years now...