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    Ditto here. I have the Force3 shins and am more than happy with the straps on there.
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    These are the same guys who have brought us: A balk when F1 steps towards second and throws to F6. Test questions where R1 becomes R3 without the benefit of any advancement. State finals with umpires who change their calls on force plays after asking their partner for help on a whacker. When their partner says "I have nothing for you" U1 changes his call and ultimately crowns a different state championship. The ruling that a ball in flight hitting a misaligned screen on a foul pole should be ruled a double. Running the bases in reverse for any reason is an out. These are the guys who matter? And BTW Bruce, no one but you and me on this board knows Watsessing Ave or the Belmont.
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    Indeed they do... 8.4.2 SITUATION S: F4 is in the baseline without the ball (a) on both knees or (b) bending over. R1 hurdles, jumps, leaps or dives over F4. RULING: In (a) and (b), obstruction is ignored. If the runner hurdles, jumps or dives over the fielder, he shall be declared out. These illegal acts supersede obstruction.
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    Nope. See below. I've got both the slotted Champro and a Zett. Both work well on my +POS Zero G. Good call getting TW pads.
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    Len does a really good job of being knowledgeable and not a total homer. If the play goes against the Cubs, he doesn't lament that it was a bad call usually. He stays abreast of a lot in baseball and is a really knowledgeable guy about music as well. I really like listening to him. Benetti from the White Sox is really good too.
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    I was working solo last week and had a close play at 2B on a pickoff and I thought he got his foot in and the dude walked away so I went with it.
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    Yep, how much body lean you have in your stance will dictate whether or not you need the TG and which one. See my profile pic. I didn't used to use one, but I have a ton of gap with my stance, so now I wear one. I've only been hit once, but that was enough to scare the crap out of me.
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    Here's the picture we need, and you'll need some assistance. Drop into your stance, and have someone take a pic from the side. That will show you your gap, and what, if anything, you need to solve it. Some don't need one.
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    That's not really a glowing endorsement.
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    I simply say "you can't appeal if the ball is dead".
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    This Umpire would say that the ball is not in play.
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    Damn! That's unfortunate and a little concerning!
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    Nope. Perfectly happy with then straight out of the box.
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    So, what I am getting is that neither the MAG nor the Shovel are baseball resistant like the Force3 mask or cp was for a bit there? Lol Get better soon Keith.
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    Neither. I’ve never called a runner safe and had him walk away saying “nah, I was out. “ Never had a deflected batted ball hit a base runner. Kudos to the Cubs broadcast team for knowing the rule. Len Kasper probably the the best rules guy in broadcasting.
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    Yea - the LUCs were lighter but they're only so big because they compress so easy. I feel like the two-tone pads I have on it protect better, and look better.
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    _11U_?!?!?! Eleven?! Ee-leh-ven??? Wow. At least the TD’s stayed firm on your EJ’s. The only question / feedback I have is on your first EJ. Why was he safe? What was his question, and what was your response? If he beat the ball there, then that’s it, end of discussion. You described it as a “whacker”, so it implies it wasn’t an issue of pulled foot or swipe tag. Travel-Tournament ball coaches (especially of the “bargain”-ball variety alá USSSA or TripleCrown can be) will often attempt to steamroll umpires, goading them into going “for help”. They’re either trying to bait the umpire into saying they guessed or missed something, or they are gambling that the other umpire will overrule the calling one on seniority or because he wants Outs, and this game to be over with as quickly as possible. To a request for “help”, I would answer with “For what?”. Force them (the coach) to be specific. If they’re just fishing, then I’ll emphasize that we (be collective, as a body of umpires) would only go for help on a swipe tag attempt or a possible pulled foot – this was neither; the runner beat the ball.
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    I'm a little late on this but just another flawless transaction with @wolfe_man a cpl weeks ago.
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    Great transaction buying from @wolfe_man
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    Depending on where you live, most fabricating shops can do it for you. You can also send it to Tony at Maskitsports.com . You may not want to do that if you need a quick turnaround.
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    11U baseball and coaches are dropping F-bombs? Really? Don't walk away from this league, RUN!
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    That's not a correct call. There's nothing particularly dangerous about jumping over an outstretched arm (indeed, running through it poses a greater injury risk). And besides: that's not the rule, except in the MSU book.
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    It's difficult to assess the judgment call regarding MC (vs INT vs nothing) without video. So let's assume you're correct. I gather that your real question concerns the game management portions of the episode. The problem with your question, "Would you have handled the coach differently?" is that the answer is almost certainly yes, and not just for me. Game management is so difficult to teach partly because what works for me will not necessarily work for you (and vice versa). A very simple thing: answer questions, don't engage statements. Coach is entitled to his opinion, so don't try to change it. He can think that you're wrong (and say that), that you suck (but not say that), etc. To statements, just acknowledge. Let him go first, and answer the questions he asks. If he has a followup, answer that. Then we're done, play ball. One thing that we do teach concerns body language, and that's an element that is particularly challenging for many folks on the spectrum, who (by definition) have difficulty reading and using body language. It's said to constitute something between 50–80% of our communication, and that could go higher in emotionally tense situations. One strategy would be to try to get a hold of video of the episode, and consult with a mentor about your body language. If that's not available, just get video of yourself working a game and ask someone to look at it with an eye to body language. We can come across as confrontational, uninterested, mad, disengaged, etc. all without saying a word, and any of those threatens to worsen an already tense situation. One thing though: keep calling strikes!
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    What is the advantage to chopping it? Seems unnecessary to me.
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    Yep. Ever since the invention of the indoor toilet. thanks for asking.
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    Great transactions with @Stk004 and @ofhs93 this week. Thanks gentlemen!
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    Got mine installed on my Mizuno and had a game yesterday, took a shot near the screws that cause it to snap into pieces. According to the coach this pitcher sits mid to upper 80s and it was fouled by the batter into the shovel.
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    Chop it, chop it, chop it
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