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    FED allows 2 legal pitching stances, the windup: and the set: This year's rule change makes this slide WRONG: The stances on the bottom are both now LEGAL versions of the set starting in 2019. The "hybrid" position is still illegal, as it fails to satisfy the requirements of either the windup (front/free foot is NOT even with the front of the rubber) or the set (pivot foot is NOT parallel to the rubber). Here's how we teach enforcement of the rule prohibiting the hybrid position: If we see it in warmups: fix it. Tell the coach, who will assert confidently that the hybrid position is now legal. That's not the rule change, as the slide above shows. Game management requires doing what we can to make F1 legal, though ultimate responsibility for that is his. If F1 throws the first pitch of the game that way, call it. This is an illegal pitch, for which the penalty with no runners is a dead-ball and ball to the batter (the pitch cannot legally be hit or put in play). The ball becomes dead at the time of pitch, which is the first motion that commits F1 to pitch to the batter (usually a "rocker step"). Kill it at that point, step out and say "That's an illegal pitch!", and award a ball to the batter. Repeat step 2 as needed! If F1 starts to pitch from the hybrid later in the game, call it then. With runners on, the penalty is a (dead-ball) balk, enforced once again from the time of pitch. The rules are 6-1-2 and 6-1-3, and their associated case plays (6.1.2 and 6.1.3) are useful. 6.1.3A is the only new case play, and it covers the 2019 rule change. For reasons that escape me, FED has excluded the term 'hybrid' from its baseball rule and case books. I don't know whether all that is more or less than the OP was requesting, but I figured it was a good time to put it all in one place.
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    Nice example of being "Big" on a time play...
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    Also good advice here for players -- R3 (or wherever he started) was not hustling to he plate -- he could have made the play a lot closer.
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    If the umpires didn't see it, it didn't happen.
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    The rules, especially OBR, don't do a very good job of addressing what to do if the umpires mess up -- they are generally written as if the umpire correctly assesses each situation (e.g., the count, the outs, whether an infield fly potential exists, doesn't mistakenly call a fair ball foul, etc. -- I am not talking about pure judgment calls). And, the newer the umpire, the more likely it is to happen -- that's part of the learning process for umpires. About all you can try to do is make it as right as possible -- and sometimes, (often) that means living with the mistake as assuming that what the umpire said was "correct." It always amazes me that parents and coaches recognize that 8 (or 10- or 12-) year old players will play appropriate to their age, but they still expect the umpires to be at least as good as the MLB umpires.
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    The Hybrid has nothing to with being able to pick off from the windup. It has everything to do with minimizing the amount of movement to get to the pivot point to throw a pitch. Just go look at videos or David Price or when Tim Lincicome was still in the league.
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    It happens in your advanced age.
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    Need more info. It’s Fed, so we need to know who the DH was hitting for. Whoever that is, needs to come out of the game when the DH comes in to pitch. Did the original pitcher go to he bench when replaced on the mound? As for F3 and F1 switching positions, this is legal. As long as you’re talking about positions and not lineup spots. In FED a pitcher may be removed as putcher and return to pitch later in the game as long as certain other conditions are met regarding the reason he was removed as pitcher the first time. ( 4th conference, injury, failure to pitch to one batter).
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    My favorites are the power tripping coordinators/supervisors forcing guys to cut off the MLB patches on their shirts that are SOLD with the patches on there. Dumbest thing I've ever heard. "CUZ you're not an MLB umpire" Yeah...no SH*#. SMH
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    People are always whining about how boring the games are, so maybe we can liven things up by replacing the 7th inning stretch with Ron Kulpa choosing a player to try and beat the SH*# out of lol
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    Bottom line here is this... I have worked with guys, who no matter what, in a play that is super bang, bang, will always default to safe. I have worked with the other guy on the same play who will always default to out. End of the day, a human being, with his own perceptions, internal processing and personal bias to judge an event in a particular fashion is going to make his call. You can discuss the rule on paper, and we can all agree, but on the field, and without the benefit of a camera and super slow motion, 20,000 frame a second reply, you are going to get the call that you get.
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    The F3 frame is the same for both umpire and catcher. The pads are the same also. The only difference with the mask above is in the pad color. Typically, MLB, MiLB, NCAA and possibly some(most?) high school associations request umpires wear silver or black frames with tan, black or grey pads. Remember, they also mostly wear MLB blue and black shirts only as well. You will see other shirt, mask and mask pad colors at different levels - and certainly where travel ball is found.
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