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    Sometimes, that's where the keg is kept.
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    Since he had the bases isn't he required to bring the after work libations?
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    According to the 2016 BRD, FED made the hit by pitch a POE in 2005 and 2008. It also shows the following interpretation: FED Official Interpretation: McNeely: Generally speaking, the batter will be awarded first unless he tries to get hit by the pitch. He may not permit the pitch to hit him, but: movement to avoid the pitch may or may not be such an indication. 2005 NFHS Baseball Rule Interpretations SITUATION 11: F1 throws a fastball that tails down the middle of the batter’s box. The pitch freezes B1, who subsequently is hit by the pitch. RULING: The ball is dead. It will be umpire judgment as to whether B1 permitted the pitch to hit him. If, in the judgment of the plate umpire, B1 could not react to the pitch, he will be awarded first base. If the plate umpire judges that B1 allowed the pitch to hit him, a ball will be awarded to B2’s count and he will remain at bat. (7-3-4, 5-1-1a, 8-1-1d-1) 2019 NFHS Case Book Play 8.1.1 Situation D: When may a batter be hit by a pitch and not be awarded first base? RULING: (a) When the pitch is a strike; (b) when the batter permits the ball to touch him; (c) with no runners on base, the pitch is illegal and is not ball four or (d) when the batter attempts to hit the pitch.
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    We have to get you a Shovel or Spyder for that thing Jeff!
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    I guess I'm in the minority, but I kinda hate the shirt over CP. I love seeing a protector under a CP. Maybe that's just me though
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    of course, it's a helluva marketing tool to ensure repeat sales.
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    The differences between them will be small. However, only some of us will have one that has Mizuno imprinted on the back of the guard.
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    I think they're only available to Marucci-sponsored teams. I don't believe these are available via the normal retail channels. I know @MadMax and others have commented about seeing them on Marucci-sponsored teams (college and travel).
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    VERY intrigued! I see that they can be purchased from Home Depot...there are 2 different models....I'm going to get 1 of each and report back.
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    Don't let them steal first. Leave them in the box. Prepare to defend your call.
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    OK but you're buying drinks afterwards.
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    Oddly enough, I "slightly" pulled a quad muscle last night, just enough that it hurts to run (i.e. a quick start from C with R2, to get a good angle on a steal of 3rd). At our chapter meeting (after said game) I went up to my next 3 partners (Wed/Fri/Mon) and asked if they had any issue with me doing the plate. I figured as long as there are no trouble balls, it shouldn't require too many "quick starts"................... None of them seemed to mind.
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    I know what you mean. I've had one and I get what you're saying exactly. I don't like that they "clack" against the chin guard on the mask. They need a coating like the Spyder has possibly. I always worry it's scratching up the mask and TG. Then, I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen one of these in use anywhere. I don't think I've ever seen one used at any level of baseball now that I think on it. I still think the Spyder and the new Shovel are the best looking TG's out there to date. I think I'm going to pass on this idea. I appreciate your response.
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    Yeah, I think I'm going to pull the trigger on that! I'm thinking the wider, more 'rectangle' look of the shovel will balance the bottom out better .....
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    I just bought all of the rest of them, just to sell them back to y'all for fiddy bucks next year. And I don't even like 'em. AF
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    De rien, monsieur grozzly. Also, please note that I did not say anything to denigrate French baseball--jokingly or otherwise.
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    Amen. I think these and the Spyder are the best-looking throat guards available. And for $24 with free shipping - why wouldn't you buy one?
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    If anyone has the Nike mask pads at a discount, I'll buy them. @BRUMP, if anyone replies to me, I'll get back to you.
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    I don't mean to bash this new F3 guard, but I think I like the looks of the Spyder/Spider (sp?) more.
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    Courtesy of AA (see above)
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    I got this great new pair last fall..........been wearing them for HS ball. Lightweight, the most comfortable leg guards I've had. Oh wait, they are Force3. Did someone already mention that?
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    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned them, but I’d go with the force 3.
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    How dare I what, friend? What you do is akin to lopping the roof off a DeLorean (goodbye gullwing doors!) just so you can have a convertible. Barbarian!
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    I don't need stock. I just need them to stay in business.
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    Think we could get company stock for the amount of pumping we give these and the mask?
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    I’m not disagreeing with the call, the only thing I don’t like is your partner putting the balls on the plate and saying “that’s the game,” without talking to you or getting everyone back in the dugout. Such a momentous decision shouldn’t have been made without a crew consultation. IMHO, you guys should have gotten everyone back in the dugouts, then spoken to one another and confirmed that the game needed to be terminated, and then called both head coaches to home plate and tell them your decision. Announcing that decision before everyone is back in the dugout could be like throwing a match on a keg of gasoline...only instead of going after each other, both teams could go apeSH*# at the umpires. Remember, the testosterone is off the charts. Get everyone out of there first, talk to each other, then handle business.
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    You can thank us later: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Shin-Guards/F3-LG_Force3-Ultimate-Umpire-Shin-Guards
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    I don't often actually look at mine, but I use one anyway in case there's a lengthy delay between pitches (say, an injury) so that there's no chance of losing the count.
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    If they don't back you up on this, screw them. It's literally in black and white in the NFHS book that if you leave the bench area/dugout to participate in a fight/confrontation, you are subject to ejection. "-p. leave their positions or bench area for the purpose of fighting or physical confrontation. PENALTY: The umpire shall eject the offender from the game..." This is why state associations are a meme...
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    Try a spray of a silicone based lubricant. WD-40 will work in a pinch.
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    UTA ( formerly TUS) teaches to stay in your normal starting position. If asked to move by a fielder, move left or right as needed. You can find this information in the bases loaded section (part 2 expanded version) of the MiLB Manual for the Two-Umpire System.
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    I don't question your actions at all. And not making a report? No way I'd agree to that. I'm not advocating a report for every player, but definitely one on F2, and then an overall report detailing the actions after what he did. Be clear that players left the dugout and their positions, no other MC or fighting was observed, and all were ejected for violating 3-3-1p. Thus, there were not enough players to continue the game (4-4-1f) on both sides, so the game was called. Leave it up to the state association to decide what to do now.
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    I don't think it's bad - I just don't like it as well as the spyder I have on mine.
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    As long as you don't kill it before you know it's lodged. Go out, check the situation, then kill it if needed.
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    Mr. Mad Mike, the answer to your question can be found in the dead ball table in rule 5 of the 2018 NFHS Rule Book. If you go to item number 12 in the Ball Dead Immediately table you will find that the award for the batted ball lodging in the fence is “Award all runners two bases from base occupied at time of pitch.” It is the same ruling under OBR. See 2019 rule 5.06(b)(4)(F).
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    On average he had the correct number of stops
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    at least it's not as prevalent as a big @$$ yellow W
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    Now, this comment stirs up a creative thought. If I had the ability to custom-make a throat guard for each umpire. Like above, instead of F3 it would have your initials!
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    Awesome mask. Recommend the con cushion pad from Gerry Davis.
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    Why would the first baseman wear that? Feel free to edit so my post will not make sense and I'll delete it.
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    I take dibs on trying to get back down to a 36" waist........
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    I wish... in So Cal for JV and below, 2.5hr no new inning...

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