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    Besides... most rule sets, unless playing FED, do not have a restrict requirement. 8 year old players, act like a jerk, go to the car. "I restricted him to the parking lot".
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    MVP2500 is also really good.
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    I may need to revise my initial hypothesis lol
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    Thank you all for your input. Blueranger, great post. Always a fan of sarcasm. Wolfe-man, thank you for the link. -Illump
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    You had me until "ambition."
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    Sounds like my partner last week. KIDDING! I've had great partners in SC.
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    What would be better is to start a YouTube channel: Umpire Gear Talk or something. Get enough followers and manufacturers will be clamoring to send gear to the people doing the channel -- for free! If you had two or three guys at different levels of experience and baseball (newer guy doing your local rec leagues, one with 5-10 years of experience doing high school, and one with 10+ doing college level) who get to test the equipment and then do a panel-type production, you'll draw a bigger crowd, too. The biggest issue would be the number of products to the number of games. Unless you're umpiring 5-6 days a week, it's going to be very hard to get a true review completed - 1 or 2 games may not be enough. So, either make that a preface ("I only tried this on my double header last night...") or require a certain amount of use.
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    Hint to the OP: The answer depends on the rules code being used.
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    Who does anything on a baseball field at 6AM? Sounds like that player (maybe coach) wanted to go back to bed.
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    Last year, in a college game, I had an EJ in the bottom of the first in my first game...start time was 6 AM. I set my record for earliest in the calendar year, earliest in the season, and earliest in the day.
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    Arik, he ejected the kid because of MC? Or because their ball fields were snowy?
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    I wasn’t slow. I’m from Wisconsin ... we are inherit hagglers and deal-hounds.
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    Recently (two years ago?) OBR changed how they want this handled. We should make no signal only if the runner misses first base AND the fielder misses first base. This happened to Nelson Cruz in Boston. If the first baseman is on the bag but the batter runner passes, thus acquiring, first base before the throw arrives, we are to call him safe and the defense must appeal.
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    Of course! I havent trolled Ebay for about a week or two cause there was NADA of interest on there but the spiffy orange Riddell. Now there is a brand new AA and an Adidas!
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    or course ...once these equipment whores saw my mask, they were sold on the gray!
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    Then, I can't share I found a plate jacket too? I only have HS ball (navy of course in Ohio) until May normally, so no real need of a black plate coat. I've always thought they were pretty neat but didn't want to spend a fortune ($250+) on one... so I found this one yesterday in Navy.
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    Nobody wants to know about your personal life.
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    I would much rather have it just be me and give me half of my partner's check hahaha
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    Funny you should say that. Lol The Site Director was pissed off enough to have the sheriff's office escort him from the complex. But, the Tourney Director calls me and wants to know why we didn't restrict him to the bench first... (Wtf??? )
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    I'm guessing the record set above is number of umpires on the field for a coach pitch game?
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    I got the matte black w/ the graphite pads (gray) .... nice lookin' combo!
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    Don't be that upset, you will be more upset when you start growing to the sides.
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    #1- There is no "in the act of fielding" in FED. I've got OBS all day. F2 set up right in the path and was waiting there for the ball to arrive.
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    Do you have a question? I can't tell what PU called: it appears he signaled safe, then time, then wandered out to BU after words with the coach. Pretty obviously OBS, but the mechanics (other than setting up at 3BLX) need some work.
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    When you find one, let us know. We need something good to listen too.