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    or course ...once these equipment whores saw my mask, they were sold on the gray!
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    Nobody wants to know about your personal life.
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    Dear God, You gave me childhood, and you took it away. You gave me youth, and you took it away. You gave me a wife, and it's been years now. Just reminding you.
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    Hello all, Would anybody be interested in a Schutt XV with the Mad Max modifications? I can upload pictures when I get back to my gear bag, but if you're interested PM me with any questions or offers.
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    Coach: You make that call when we're getting our asses handed to us like this ? Umpire: Sorry about that coach ? Coach: What ? So you're sorry that you made that call ? Umpire: No no, skip, I'm empathizing. My therapist said that I should empathize more and be sarcastic less.
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    Here is the text that accompanied the case play I posted earlier-- A runner does not acquire the right to an unoccupied base on an attempt to retire the runner until he touches it before he is put out. This is true regardless of whether the umpire’s act of not making a call signifies to the defensive team that the runner failed to touch the base for purposes of an appeal play. The text is underlined in the book signifying a change for the 2018 season in Minor League Baseball. It further explained that the interpretation was added to clarify that on plays where the batter-runner overruns and misses first base and has both feet beyond the base before a play is made there, the umpire should make no “Safe” call (i.e., make no call on the play).
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    Yes, I know. The TG.
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    That Hanley tag play on Nelson Cruz happened in June 2016. Here’s what the MiLBUM says about this mechanic-- From the 2018 Minor League Baseball Umpire Manual (section 5.15, p. 46): Play 1: Batter-runner hits a ground ball and beats the play at first base but misses the bag as he passes it with both feet. Ruling 1: The proper mechanic is for the umpire to make no call on the play because the batter-runner has not yet touched first base. If the defense appeals by tagging the runner (or base) and appealing that the runner missed first base before the runner returns to first base, the batter-runner would be declared out.
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    You didn’t see it bc I got it as soon as I saw it. Didn’t even wait. Thought about the adidas got a minute but decided not to get it
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    I guess @MadMax was too slow. I was going to get it but I don’t need another mask. I did get the brand new all American on there though
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    Nice Nike... I mean... Adidas.
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    Yes, sir! It was a Buy It Now price of $25 + 10.50 shipping, so $35.50 total to me. It hasn't shipped yet though... said up to 3 business days after sale. I figured I could gamble with a price that low.
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    Yeah, you can share that.
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    And even that didn't work!
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    I'm guessing the record set above is number of umpires on the field for a coach pitch game?
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    I just think it's cool that the lead singer of Aerosmith would take the time to troll umpires. I remember him from before as well.
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    No welds = no additional or lapped material to peer through. No welds = no breaking Magnesium = no bending Now, the only problem with it being magnesium is the lower density means stiff, instant transfer of impact energy to the pads. Diamond would kill people if they produced this mask. All-Star is really making big strides with this mask by implementing active, expert feedback (from catchers, but still), which resulted in the new jaw pads, with their hard-cast distribution plate and increased volume, and the newly (finally! took you companies long enough!) redesigned hard hat (skull cap) with dampening insert. All-Star does great things for catchers because catchers are wearing their products for 7-9 innings at a go! Hmmm... who else is actually wearing a mask for 14-18 innings at a go? If only we had “our company” step up and do something for us!
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    I had assumed that this would be another Nutty Buddy thread.
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    Had a great day in Lakeland w/ SWMBO and my folks to see the Tigers v Phillies. One of the highlights was the crew: Laz Diaz Hunter Wendelstedt Jerry Layne (lost a few LBS!!!!) and COUNTRY JOE behind the plate! WOW .... he was yukking it up with many players, bumbing shoulders after the handshake w/ Ron Gardenhire, and even signing a baseball for someone after the game! Great to see the 'best' work the stick 'live'!