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    Dear God, You gave me childhood, and you took it away. You gave me youth, and you took it away. You gave me a wife, and it's been years now. Just reminding you.
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    The 3n2s are great for new umpires, given you can get a pair from Epic Sports for ~$75. They're really light and comfortable, but they are lacking in heavy protection and quality. The protection is fine for sub-HS, but anything above 75mph and you will feel it. Just get the NB or Smittys if you liked those.
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    I raved about them until they turned into the nastiest little goblins imaginable. I am unable to wear Reeboks, and the NB M460 originals were Frankenstein-like heavy and cumbersome. I wanted low cuts oh-so-badly, and was delighted by how lightweight the 3N2’s were... until I got stepped on, and they got gouged... and both protective toe caps shattered, with pieces moving around and protruding into the toe box... and the material started to fade... and then wrinkle and flake apart... and then the stitches and seams gave out... all within about six months. Yeah, when you do some 150-200 plate games per year, it takes a heavy toll on your gear. I’d have to classify the 3N2’s as hobby shoes, where you’re doing around 20 plates per year. @Jimurray, if you did favor the original NB M460’s, do note that Smitty bought the planform and is producing it under their own name.
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    I think you could call it when he was going toward 1B and not direct to it. When they pull this we are looking for a reason to call it. But who knows what occurrence engendered this interp at the college level.
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    Ok...so here's the real question...how much lighter does it honestly feel from your STOCK FM4000 setup (BEFORE you put TWs in the 4k) I have been tempted to pick up a set of the Mag pads for a stock 4k setup....the thought being that perhaps the Mag lower pad provides more safety than the stock 4k LUC or perhaps even the TWs (I could see that built in ABS plate making a tremendous difference by spreading out the impact force a lot.)
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    @Thunderheads that is a sweet looking mask! Love the pad color!
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    On a four-man umpire crew no less. This may be an absolutely stupid question, but why doesn't defense just ignore the dumb-ass just outside the diamond (my new name for this play)?
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    That mask/pad combo looks awesome!
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    Save you're money. I had a pair and took foul balls/missed pitches off the toe box and I stung. They also fall apart easily and they were taken care of properly. Had my pair for not even six months and the material on outside of shoe started coming part. Some say this is a softball plate shoe...I used them in softball as well with same results. That's just me. Some guys live them.
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    to be honest .... and trust me I understand @wolfe_man and @umpstu stories ....... this exact thing could have happened w/ any other mask also (IMHO)