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    I got the matte black w/ the graphite pads (gray) .... nice lookin' combo!
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    I held and tried one on last night. Crazy light and great sight lines.
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    The only concern I had happened the first time I took a shot towards the top of the mask. It actually stung and Mad Max explained the reason for it was it is designed for a catcher wearing a helmet so not as much protection in the top pad. Saw Gerry Davis wearing a Con-Cushion pad one night and ordered one and it solved the problem. Love this mask.
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    That mask/pad combo looks awesome!
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    Save you're money. I had a pair and took foul balls/missed pitches off the toe box and I stung. They also fall apart easily and they were taken care of properly. Had my pair for not even six months and the material on outside of shoe started coming part. Some say this is a softball plate shoe...I used them in softball as well with same results. That's just me. Some guys live them.
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    But it doesn't matter if it would have hit him without the flinch. He made an intentional move towards the baseball.
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    You'll have to wait for someone to convert those BetaMax tapes to digital. Alternately, go to the National Archives - you might find some 8mm recording of one.
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    I want to see a recent video clip of a team trying this.
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    I had one and unfortunately sold it due to this concern. Then, Gerry Davis came out with that pad. I would encourage everyone wearing the Mag to get it. I've even thought of getting one for other masks I have. You can't be too safe when you only have one brain. I have heard other guys switched the top pad to a TW pad, which is a bit thicker and offers more stand-off distance to absorb the impact. All in all, this is a great mask. I think the Mag is the best overall mask out there today - barring maybe F3 V2. But then comparing the F3 to the Mag is definitely apples and oranges. They're not in the same categories in my opinion. If you want a lightweight, neat-looking, wicked-light mask - get the Mag; if you want a tank of a mask that will absorb a cannon shot, then get the F3. It's like trying to decide if you want a Porsche or a Ferrari - which one is better? Once again, it all comes down to personal preference.
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    Will check w/ Brad @ All Star and get back to you ....... who knows, he may come on here and answer it himself!
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    From the outfield camera, it does look like he leans his leg in, but from the side, it doesn't. Good call.
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    I try to live by the adage "Don't talk to the fence." If someone is threatening violence or something like that, then I would talk to the HT HC and summon game management. The only time I ever addressed the fans was at a field where the stands were VERY close behind home plate. I respectfully asked everyone to put their cell phones on silent. It was very distracting to be concentrating on a pitch and be thrown off by a loud cell phone ringer. No one had any issues and complied with my request.