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    I got the matte black w/ the graphite pads (gray) .... nice lookin' combo!
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    Get some Team Wendy's
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    On average he had the correct number of stops
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    Coach: You make that call when we're getting our asses handed to us like this ? Umpire: Sorry about that coach ? Coach: What ? So you're sorry that you made that call ? Umpire: No no, skip, I'm empathizing. My therapist said that I should empathize more and be sarcastic less.
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    I usually don’t wash my pants until after a few games but when I do, I put them in the washer inside out so the outside doesn’t fade as quickly. Got that trick from a MILB guy
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    I found that using this new signal, below, really is subtle and lets only my partner know we need to speak:
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    I'm not talking about 'new' as in 'new to me' ....but I'm talking my first piece of BRAND SPANKING new equipment! My FM4000 MAG will be at my door this afternoon and I must say ....... I'm pretty damn excited! Photo to be added later!
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    Kiddie ball umpire starter set.........."Throw that inside pitch again son"............
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    The first game of today's double header The second game of today's double header Yesterday's game Tomorrow's game
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    Jonathan, I wish you the best. I appreciated what you said in your post. We have all been there at one time or another. I hope someday you can get back on the field because whether you know it or not, more people appreciate YOU than not. It's not easy to forget A-holes, but this world is coming apart at the seams. Sometimes being on the baseball field can help take us away from all the crap we experience and work, home, you name it. When it no longer stays fun and takes this type of turn, take care of yourself first.... I wish there was something else I could say to keep you on the field. I would be proud to work with a guy like you as I'm sure others here and around the baseball world would too. But in the end, do what is right for you. I'm sure God has great plans for you and other's around you. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. And thank you for making us all realize more than ever we are the THIRD TEAM out there. We need to look out for each other no matter what!
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    @jonathantullos Sorry to hear that it ended this way. Looking at your post history and your website makes you seem like the kind of person the game not only wants, but needs, to be an umpire. On a slightly different note, this kind of stuff is why I treat dealing with bad behavior from coaches/parents/players as a crusade. I have kind of internalized the "leave a place better than you found it" philosophy for my games. If parents and coaches are going to act poorly, they can leave. I think we over complicate EJs sometimes. Punch the ticket on the required warnings/restrictions/etc. and then get rid of them if they keep it up. Like everybody else has been saying: we become a major contributor to the problem if we don't take care of our business at our games. Just my .02 BR
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    CI is ignored if the batter and all base runners advanced at least one base on the play. The batter is considered to have advanced one base even if he missed it. CI ignored. Appeal granted. Score would depend whether the batter made the third out or not. The number of umpires who get it right would depend upon their training, rules knowledge, and reading comprehension.
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    Thanks for your comments you young whipper snapper. lol Once, while in Memphis, I had a 12 year old game with a catcher who introduced himself as Will the Thrill. Loved my games with that kid. Just one of those kids you remember. Anyways, when he was at bat I called a ball at the letters a strike. Some Mom unloaded on me and Will the Thrill told me to not pay attention to her. Remember that the strike zone back then was the letters to the bottom of the knees, but called from the waist to the bottom of the knees, except for me. So, Will the Thrill's team came back on defense with him still catching. First pitch at the letters I ball it. Lady starts in on me about how I called that a strike on her son's team. I called time and proceeded to walk towards where the grieving mother was sitting, all the time disregarding Will the Thrill's pleading and begging of me to ignore that woman. I walked to the fence and said, "Look. When I called it a strike on Will you told me it was a ball. So I call it a ball and you tell me I should call it a strike. You really need to work on your consistency", and I walked back to the plate. As soon as I had turned my back on the fans they all busted up laughing and Will the Thrill soon recovered from his embarrassment. From then on fans from that team never gave me any issues. At a hs game I was working the dish I called a strike at the knees and the head coach replied, "NO WAY", from the the third base coach's box. I waited until the coach was facing me, took off my mask and replied in my best Wayne's World voice, "WAY". Coach had to turn away from me because he had burst out laughing. Next time he made a substitution he came to me and said, "Dude. That was the funniest thing I ever heard on a baseball field in my life". Now, this works for me and may not be for everybody and I'm sure that some will disagree with an umpire doing anything like this. But, remember it's a high school baseball game. An extracurricular activity for high school kids. Umpires aren't perfect, but they make fewer mistakes on a field than the players and coaches do. After 25 seasons and thousands of games, I believe I'm correct in that assessment. Sometimes it just takes a little humor to resolved a situation. Find out what it takes that works for you to diffuse a situation and use it. If you have to continuously get the AD to work the stands for you then you should look at what you need to do to improve. And it takes years to become a really good umpire. Give it time.
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    The following are broad observations. I know some areas have parts of this controlled better than others, but this is a generalization. It's not because of the Internet and cell phones. It's because there's no accountability to those who act this way, and everyone -- including umpires -- is responsible, some unwillingly and beyond their control. This follows in all levels -- kids, scholastic, amateur, professional -- of all sports -- baseball, football, basketball, hockey. Spectators have nobody telling them to stop. Fans nearby, at the best, say nothing, and usually cheer on the spectator. Someone who does speak up is usually drowned out by the aggressor, or just simply ignored and mocked for being an upstanding person. With no apparent repercussions to their actions, they continue -- game after game, night after night -- and, even worse, encourage others to do the same. Yell at the officials, curse the opposing players, insult their families. Parents think their child is the next [insert highest paid athlete in their sport here] and no one can tell them any different. After all, the moment you don't believe it is the moment the tower crumbles. Spending thousands on coaches, thousands on travel ball, and hundreds on the newest [insert applicable equipment here] -- all for an 8-year-old. They coddle their child, explain to them that the call went against them (even when it didn't), that everyone else is responsible for their bad night, that they're still the best on their team. These parents hear the above spectators and either completely agree or disagree, depending on what team they're biased toward - and all other opinions be damned! No one ever tells these parents that their child isn't as good as they think, will never be that good, and maybe Johnny just wants to pick daisies instead of fielding that 200th grounder you've fungoed to him and he's thrown back a third of the way. Coaches are stuck a lot of times. They want to field a team that can win, but they constantly have parents telling him how to do his job. Who should be playing what position, how he should have made a different move at a different time, how he's not giving that child a chance. If a parent is misbehaving at a game, he risks looking like the bad guy by saying something. If he doesn't play someone enough, the parents argues. If he doesn't win enough games, everyone gets mad. BUT, coaches aren't wholly innocent either. Often, they are just as bad as parents when it comes to deflecting blame, often to officials or other non-team people. When a coach misbehaves, sometimes punishments don't do enough. A game suspension and fine may not stop a coach from doing it again. Often, the coach's actions are defended, especially when a call is wrong or even if the perception of an error against the team is there. Even umpires are responsible. Many times, issues aren't handled appropriately at the time, leading to the next crew having to deal with it and hearing "they didn't say anything the last game". Sometimes umpires can be stuck, too. Whether it's an association pushing toward more warnings before an ejection, a UIC that won't back the correct actions of his umpires, or even a threat of every ejection possibly leading to missed opportunities in the future, umpires feel they have to give longer and longer leashes to players and coaches. These warnings rarely come with any punishment to the offenders, and all the umpire finds is a wake of coaches, players, and spectators who have no respect for his actions. I could go on, but I think I've made the point. Through the years and very slowly, the line of accountability has moved. I don't know that it can be stopped. Even in MLB, coaches are expected to "get his money's worth" during arguments, while umpires are "putting himself in the game" in that same argument. Umpires are vilified as "awful" when fined for their actions; players and coaches are lauded when they are. Suspended umpires are
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    Not really all that dramatic an upgrade, in my technical opinion. Aluminum has been employed by Diamond (first) and then by Wilson because it won’t bend, or at least is far less likely to. It’s a benefit for both you, the user, and them, the manufacturer – you are less likely to incur a problem (such as a bent frame or paint flaking off) that requires a return, while the manufacturer eludes the required replacement of your “defective” mask. Wilson lost a significant amount of money surrounding the “original” Wilson Titanium (the one that accompanied the WestVest Platinum debut) due to having replace many of them that bent. If a $50 steel mask bends, what do we typically do? Chuck it and buy a new one. If a $250 Titanium mask bends, what do we typically do, especially when we have the impression (or expectation) that Titanium is supposed to be super strong and resist bending? We gripe, complain, and demand a return and replacement. Thus, Aluminum presents 3 benefits over conventional steel – it’s light, it doesn’t bend, and it holds its color better than conventional steel treatments (paint and vinyl dip). One niggling problem though, is that Aluminum is a hassle to weld fast and cheap. The faster and less qualitative you weld it, the more brittle the welds become, and the chance of breakage – the welds popping – increases. Magnesium is a step in a different direction. While it’s incredibly light, it is unable to be welded. Instead, it needs to be bonded, and instant adhesives can only be trusted so far, while other, stronger adhesives such as epoxies and cements require curing time – which works against cheap mass production. All-Star was forward-thinking enough, however, to pursue die-cast magnesium alloy, thereby eschewing welds and bonds altogether. The FM4000 Mag is an injection-molded object, devoid of any welds, bonds, or overlapping joints. By comparison, the Champro Rampage is a die-pressed object, but it too is devoid of welds or bonds. Since both are Magnesium, though, they will never bend... but they will be impressively light and stiff. With such little mass, they are heavily dependent upon their pads. This characteristic is what prompted All-Star to reengineer their pads. The point of my opinion here is that whether you have a Titanium, Aluminum, or Magnesium mask, you aren’t really upgrading or downgrading if you’re switching from one model to another, at least how the frames go. You might be getting thinner bars (Titanium), or eliminating the propensity of bending (Magnesium), or settling on the best of both worlds at an affordable price point (Aluminum). Where you will truly see the difference is in the pads. It’s the pads, pads, pads. Which is why I have opted to use the “best” pads on the market with inexpensive hollow steel masks... four times over.
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    I have taken a hit wearing the All Star fm4000mag with and without the con cushion. Without it stings when getting hit. With it greatly reduces the blow to your head. Don't feel it near as much and it doesn't sting.
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    Was that your first post-season assignment, @Aging_Arbiter?
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    I held and tried one on last night. Crazy light and great sight lines.
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    So, ... at camp over the weekend doing field drills in a field house. The instructor putting the ball in play throws the ball down the first base line and it hits one of the basketball nets that has been raised up out of the way. He says, sorry, do over, but the instructor that's with the umpires in line to work the field says " ok guys, let's say that batted ball hits a bird " fair our foul? I step up right away and say "HANG ON .......the ball hits a bird, ....doesn't it have to be FOWL??!!" LMAO I know, boo hiss, boo hiss !!!
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    I second the Champion hardshell. Here's my thinking about gear, I would get stuff that's serviceable at any level you work. You will save money in long run and not have to worry about getting crap as a younger umpire.
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    Great info - thanks everyone! Keep the comments coming if you want - I have a ton to learn! Caught through HS (MANY years ago), and coached for 15 years, but umping is a different game. Perspective changes a lot of things, and no matter how much I thought I knew the rules, when you come to this site I quickly learned how much I didn't know.
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    Holy smokes. I just took this test for the first time ever and got 100%. Go me!
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    Dear God, You gave me childhood, and you took it away. You gave me youth, and you took it away. You gave me a wife, and it's been years now. Just reminding you.
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    Had a great day in Lakeland w/ SWMBO and my folks to see the Tigers v Phillies. One of the highlights was the crew: Laz Diaz Hunter Wendelstedt Jerry Layne (lost a few LBS!!!!) and COUNTRY JOE behind the plate! WOW .... he was yukking it up with many players, bumbing shoulders after the handshake w/ Ron Gardenhire, and even signing a baseball for someone after the game! Great to see the 'best' work the stick 'live'!
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    The Adams HDX (I think, used to be Schutt) is good and pretty inexpensive. I'd also recommend the Champion hard shell. You can find a lot of information on this stuff throughout the site. Both of those will be good at higher levels too. I always liked making sure my equipment would protect me above the level I'm currently doing so that I could comfortably take on higher level games.