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    Gabe morales said I looked bigger than baker
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    I'm a F3 TM guy, but I've also never bought this line of thinking. The front impact on a shot is just that, frontal. The spin isn't helping much with that. On another note, I haven't worked with many guys that have the F3 mask, but everyone is sure interested in checking it out, putting it on, etc. And 90% of the time it's "this is too heavy" and/or "that's unnecessary, when the mask spins it lessens the impact". The #1 goal for those 90%: weight. To each their own, obviously, but choosing protective equipment based solely on weight strikes me as an ignorant endeavor.
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    Honigs is still making them. You just have to custom order by calling. Then they give you a form your tailor will fill out.
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    Congratulations Gentlemen! Keep working hard and make sure you go to a camp every fall! Good Luck this year!
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    I too have been boinked on the back by a short backstop, and it didn't injure but it hurt for a bit. For years I had both a TM and an All-Star MVP4000, for those situations (and on hot windy days when it was actually better ventilated). Would probably wear it 20% of the time, less so last few years as the # of games on those older fields has lessened. Now, I have an F3 TM and love it, selling the HSM last year for a deal too good to pass up, but wouldn't wear any TM other than the F3 in place of the All-Star. With all due respect, I have heard on occasion of this research but have never once seen a citation or summary of an actual study. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I simply do not believe it's anywhere near definitive. There's also research on the other side - Brad from All-Star himself posted on these very pages years ago about some of their research. There are some angles and scenarios where a traditional mask is as good or slightly better, according to them, many where the more angular HSM is better. Yes, they were a manufacturer and worthy of a grain of salt, but he at least put his name and rep on it. And the All-Star and F3 HSM are the only ones I'd ever use - very low opinion of the Shock F/X due to durability concerns, the multiple stories of woeful warranty service, not to mention that big ole flat forehead area on it. Frankly, I think the idea of a TM spinning being protective is - well, far more old wives tale than physics. If it spins the wider, flatter TM, it may be a tangential shot that would have either missed a high quality (All Star or F3) HSM altogether or harmlessly glanced off. If it's more frontal, even if there's some spin, the direct force is already transferred to you in either case. I just don' t buy it as a material advantage. I would love for more research - on either side - to be more publicly avail, but I doubt the differences for either (caveat: a high quality example of either, not some cheapie plastic bargain rack helmet or budget TM with light foam) to overcome what someone feels comfortable using.
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    This time of year, I always think back fondly of my time at umpire school and cherish the moments with the great people I met. Before we get underway, let me dedicate this Teachable to the memory of Chris Kelley. I didn't know Chris, but when I heard about his suicide that rocked the umpire world,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    “A coach wants to know if on deck batter can use a tee if he does so behind the dugout.” That is the question posed in the OP. I posted the applicable rules to answer the question on April 2. MadMax posted his response 4 days later. Now I would like to ask him (and the two members who liked his post) if they read my post and just chose to ignore the actual rules that cover this scenario. By rule (2018 NFHS rule 1-2-3), the on-deck batter has to use his team’s on-deck circle if he chooses to warm up. By rule (2018 NFHS rule 1-3-4), when he warms up he cannot use a batting tee—only bats and items designed to remain part of the bat. Additionally, isn’t there a legal aspect to this scenario? If we as umpires allowed players to take bats off the playing field to practice aren’t we liable if, for example, a spectator was hurt by that bat? One last question and this is for the original poster, Mr. jjskitours, what did you tell your coach after reading all the replies to your post?
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    Chris was one of my housemates here in Phoenix. I will not reply to posts here on this topic. PM if you feel compelled to.

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