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    If you had a choice, guard and throat straps would work/look better in general matching each other....but there could be some exceptions depending on the frame/pad color combo you had.
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    Finally sold! Take it away, @Thunderheads !
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    If he stepped while throwing it's not a balk. You can step and throw while coming set but there is the possibility of the umpire perceiving a failure to come set "without interruption and in one continuous motion". Any pause between the coming set and the throw might be balked.
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    I see what you did there!
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    How is that any different than that stupid gold or white W stuck on every mask pad chin tab, throat guard, or at the top of “every” CP you see? I’m all for it! Brand away! All-Star’s cage layout has become wholly iconic, which they carried into their TG. We (at least some of us) go gooey over SSK and Mizuno guards – why? Because they look unique and progressive, rather than the plastic shoehorn all the other companies churn out on the cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Umpire gear is mired in the age of antiquity because of how cheap these companies operate. When you think about it, though, in regards to this Force3 TG prototype, this might be one of the first – or at least select few – TGs made for umpires. Are high school catchers wearing throat guards? No, most of them wear (by rule) the HSM. Are college catchers wearing throat guards? Typically not, because TGs get in the way of your face when you prop your TM (or HSM, for that matter) atop your head. Point out one MLB catcher that wears a TG. I won’t hold my breath, because you won’t be able to find one. So who does that leave, but us umpires? The more exposure that Force3 can get, the better, because that company is one of the minute few actually progressing and producing gear for us.
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    I notice the new F3 metal throat guard appears to have gray straps. Whereas the Spyder has black.
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    He gave away too much and then he realized that he needed to delete it