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    [sarcasm, not directed at Scott] B-Buh-But that is false advertising! It’s not “Pro”! The Pro guys don’t wear these! I mean, the common knowledge is that if you wear anything on your wrists or forearm, even if it’s a Father’s Day or Mother’s Day commemorative wristband, you’re a pathetic poseur of an umpire, and you should be given nothing but disdain and derision. Be a real umpire, and ignore all these helpful things! [/sarcasm, not directed at Scott]
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    It’s just a NB shoe with a smitty logo. It’s not really another option
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    Smitty makes me chuckle. They take everyone else's gear and put their logo on it, then go right out charge the same amount as the original product. See Smitty F3 mask, Smitty Douglas CP, Smitty New Balance shoes, etc. If you're going to rip off partner with others, then at least offer us a deal for your product. If not, why wouldn't I just use F3, Douglas, NB instead? I get the marketing thing, but there is no reason for me to buy anything with a Smitty logo when I can buy the "real" version for the same money.