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    No, I met him and the rest of the MLB crew working the Mets/Phillies game for the LLWS/MLB classic. Chris Guccione (HP), Jeremie Rehak (1B), Mark Ripperger (2B), Gerry Davis (3B)
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    Penalty flag! 15 yards... ... oh, wrong sport.
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    Wanted to drop a note here. We’ve had a few staff additions and changes! MLB Umpire 53 Greg Gibson will be attending UPC. A 1991 graduate of the Wendelstedt Umpire School, his 19 years of MLB experience will be a great asset for our students Matt Brown, MiLB Umpire Training Academy Instructor and AA MiLB Umpire, will be replacing Mark Stewart Jr., who will now be teaching at the Advanced Course.
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    Maybe more like this.....Invariably the batter hits the next pitch out of the park Coach goes off on umpire claiming “That’s on you blue, you called him out on an infield fly and changed the call. You need to learn the rules”.....An so ends this coach’s day on the diamond.
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    Add a strike to the count unless there were 2 strikes. Batter stays at bat.
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    I voted for Segal, because I liked his ejection of Crawford over a correct called third strike, and because he got other calls right, especially those involved with ejections. I also believe that he should be hired by MLB as one of the full-time umpires. I'd love to be a #3 or #4 on Chris' crew.