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    From the 2016 BRD (section 343, p. 226): R2, R3. The suicide squeeze is on. B1 bunts a pop-up toward short, but before the fielder can make the play, R2 bumps him, and the ball falls to the ground. BR advances to first, and R3 goes home. The umpire is convinced that, following the catch, F6 had an easy toss to third for a double play on R3. Ruling: In FED, R3 and R2 are out. BR gets first. In NCAA/OBR, R2 and BR are out and R3 return to third. But there is a very high standard—the FED umpire must believe the defense could have completed the double play had there been no interference. If he does not, he may not call out two players. (8-4-1h, 8-4-2g)