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    Thanks to @tpatience for the reference and getting this sold! Lock it up please @Thunderheads.
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    1st question, did the batter standing at home plate AT ALL hinder or impede the fielders? If so, and since he is just standing there when the play is happening, I would be inclined to rule in favor of the defense. I would have interference. Once F2 makes his throw, he no longer "owns the space he is in" baring that he does nothing to hinder or impede F2's throw. Once that happens, his one job in our eyes, is to get the hell out of the way.
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    But the batter out happened when it was strike three and he never became a runner, thus the out at 3B never happened. Not the same. The play in question concerns a batter-runner.
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    This video was produced by the Ryan Lemmon Foundation which is a huge supporter of high school baseball here in Orange County. They wanted to show the behind the scenes of high school umpires and their families. Great inside look of the brotherhood!
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    Neither of those is required. The batter is guilty of "willful indifference" -- INT.
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    Not on a passed ball. Once he has time to react to the play, he must vacate any space necessary to avoid interfering with a throw or player involved in a play.
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    That's from the MLBUM, "Abandonment on a force Play", which was added in 2017, abandonment does not change a force play to a tag or time play on any other runners. The MLBUM should be the next addition to your library but wait for next season's to come out. It's only hard copy so you will have to put in a little more work to cite it when you post on a thread. But that work will be appreciated.
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    You can't put a number on a per day bases IMHO, it really all depends. I'll give you a quick math situation. No camp goes into business to lose money. However, no camp owner does a camp to make money/living by any means. Camper tuition $500 x 30 campers = 15k not bad right. ok now for camp cost - 6 staff members and 2 coordinators come to the camp. Staff fee $250 per day (d1 game fee average) 4 days = 1k. Staff air and lodging double occupancy = $400 staff perdiem/parking/bag fee/gas = $100. So 1.5k per staff = 9k. So 6k left. 2 coordinators lodging/air/perdiem = 600 per = 1.2k no stipend is given. 10.2k total so far... then you have camp shirts/stickers/hats/lanyards/thumb drives, etc... $20 per camper = $600. Conference room rental space = $400 as well as tech cost $800 (projectors, screen, video, gopros, camera, either rented or bought and chopped over 5 year cycle). 12k now. Staff shirts/hats/pull overs. 2 shirts 1 pull over 1 hat every 3 years.. with embrodery is 150 per staff. $900/3 = $300 per year. 12.3 then website hosting/ webdesign/llc cost = $800. So 13.1k and then we have paypals fee of 3% on the 15k = 450 + 20 per month service fee = $690. Giving us a grand total of 13.8k in cost. total net profit is 1.2k for a camp. So the question is would you run a camp for this much $$$? I'm surprised more camp owners don't charge a hell of alot more. But they want to cover cost to give back for the passion. So the real question should be what are you willing to give to gain the knowledge/skills/evaluations/network that they provide? If you want cheaper camps they are out there and they can be extremely good. I know when I went to my last camp I took 10 days off work went to both camps provided paid for a single room and the two day layover plus my airfare. Food all in was around $2k minus the ppl I lost out of my bank. But it changed my life and my career. Camps are an amazing vehicle to showcase both good and bad. They can give you honest feedback and make you look in a mirror really quickly. I come on here and I see guys talk about a $500 nike mask or 1k power, but no one invests. CEU are needed in every profession and even more so in ours. Good enough is not good enough! Put your foot on the gas and go get what you want. If its not at your local association then go outside of that. Go outside of your region, state, hell country if it means getting what you want and loving/learning the game. Expand the brotherhood and dont' put a pricetag on it! Ok I'll get off my soapbox now. So.... Yea.... it all depends. Your mileage may very.
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