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    FED manual has had this mechanic for many years. Why?? Who knows. Maybe they think there's too many HS umpires who can't beat a batter runner from "A" to a decent spot to call a play at 3B? Unless you're being evaluated by a "by the book" assignor/supervisor, this mechanic is often nixed in a pre-game meeting. Also many places use college mechanics in HS games, some associations even have their own mechanics manuals. Actually, the more I think about it, there's probably very few places other than NJ where the FED umpire's manual is followed like it's the law.
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    I have milked my 460s to the bitter end. Its impressive that not one stitch on the outside has broke in years of service. Anyway, does anybody on here "in the know" know if any companies are coming out with a new plate shoe soon. Normally, when I get around to purchasing something, the latest and greatest comes out like two weeks later and I am stuck with the previous model until I wear them out. I don't want that to happen again. Somebody please say Reebok
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    So far, it's the right call. No runner passed another, no one deserted, so no one can be "declared" out. No one was tagged and all runners reached the base they were forced to, so no one can be put out. Left a little open is whether BR *passed* second, and if he did whether he re-touched it on the way back to first. If not, he might be liable to be out on an appeal. And, runners are NOT automatically out when two occupy a base, much less when one touches a base when another is entitled to it. One will be out if he is tagged -- the lead runner if the lead runner is forced from the base; the trail runner if the lead runner is not focred.
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    Well, last Saturday, SWMBO & I traveled to Bristol, CT for the opening ceremonies of the New England/Mid Atlantic Regional tournament. Sunday comes along, and I'm sitting in the stands, when behind me to my right, I hear this faint, yet authoritative "Strike" call. I figured it was just someone's little brother mimicking the umpire. Then, I realize that this young voice, just gave the correct count, before the umpire/scoreboard did. I turned around, and there was this young man (all of 10-11 y/o) with his mask on, indicator in his left hand, black umpire shirt (CP underneath) and gray pants (albeit baseball pants). So I asked mom if I could get a couple of pictures. As soon as I was done, he asked "Can I come down there (in the front row) with you? Without hesitation, I invited him down. Now, when I say this young man was all in........when the PU cleaned the plate, Matthew would pull his plate brush out of his ball bag and clean the imaginary plate between his feet.........put the brush away.......put his mask back on.......check his indicator.....point to the pitcher and yell "PLAY"! **note** Matthew plays in his local challenger division of little league baseball. For those not familiar with Little League, the Challenger division is for children with physical and/or mental disabilities. So as soon as I see this, I send a text to an umpire friend of mine who is manning the replay booth...."You have GOT to see this. I'm in blue seats next to umpire gate" #UmpFan Several minutes later, I get a text back saying that we are getting ALOT of air time. Come to find out, ESPN+ had put this on a split scree with the PU. You will see that Matthew waits for the PU to make a call, then makes his, and give s the count. SWMBO found it on that book face thing she has on her phone. I posted it on twitter. Fortunately, they cropped the video and only captured my elbow. However, SWMBO was sitting in the row behind me, and is the blonde on the right side of the screen in the opening shot of the video. Not all heroes wear capes https://www.littleleague.org/videos/young-umpire-calls-game-from-the-stands/
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    But a fix you shouldn't have had to make.
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    By far the best plate shoes ever made.
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    I couldn't believe it when I found a pair in my size in January. Had been searching for three years.
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    Maybe some day, someone will uncover an enormous stash of Magistrates in all sizes!
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    OBR and NCAA: Legal play as long as he throws. NFHS: Balk. R1 to second.
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    I've had several Adidas and a magnet sticks to them. This is the truest test of all titanium vs. titanal. A magnet should not stick to titanium, while it will stick somewhat to titanal as it has metallic parts within.
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    I think he is trying to blend youth baseball house rules and the NFHS FPSR all in to one big steaming pot of stupid in an attempt to try to confuse the umpires and get a gifted out call. A runner NEVER has to slide... Only if they do choose to slide, they must do so legally. If they choose not to slide they can't alter the play by a defender through another illegal act. Making a defender come to you as a runner to tag you doesn't qualify as that.
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    "giving up"is a legal alternative for R3. He may also stop, and retreat to 3B. Ask the coach if that's INT?
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    No rule set has a must slide rule. It’s slide or attempt to avoid contact. If the runner just stood and let himself be tagged he did nothing to be called for interference.

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