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    Well, used my FM4000MAG today and it impressed me. I took two shots and it did a great job. Of course one shot was to my right shin guard and the other was to my right thigh, but the mask was great during those two incidents. The big pads, especially the chin pad, absorbed all of my tears when I was hit in the thigh. Oh, it is unbelievably light and the view is fantastic. Of course Jim Kirk says stay tuned when the black model is mentioned.
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    Not only is it legal, it is good beginning to prevent the play at second and to allow R2 to advance
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    No rule set has a must slide rule. It’s slide or attempt to avoid contact. If the runner just stood and let himself be tagged he did nothing to be called for interference.
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    “I love golllllld”
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    I think he is trying to blend youth baseball house rules and the NFHS FPSR all in to one big steaming pot of stupid in an attempt to try to confuse the umpires and get a gifted out call. A runner NEVER has to slide... Only if they do choose to slide, they must do so legally. If they choose not to slide they can't alter the play by a defender through another illegal act. Making a defender come to you as a runner to tag you doesn't qualify as that.
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    Definition in the rules: "A TAG is the action of a fielder in touching a base with his body while holding the ball securely and firmly in his hand or glove;" If the fielder meets the highlighted part it's valid even if the ball is also touching the ground - and an out. BUT if the fielder just has the ball pinned without grasping it to meet the highlighted part then it is not valid and the B-R is safe. Your description of "places his hand over the ball and "secures" it against the ground" makes it sound more like this.
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    "giving up"is a legal alternative for R3. He may also stop, and retreat to 3B. Ask the coach if that's INT?
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    Don't know Fed, but it didn't bleed over from LL. Don't have to slide...ever, there.
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    Little project I’m playing with
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    My former primary mask, but now backup to my Force3 Defender v2, +POS Zero-G, powder-coated matte black, with Wilson memory foam pads, Wilson 4" throat guard, Champro visor, and stock harness. The factory powder coating wasn't very good and started to chip almost immediately, so I spent the $100 CAD to get it resprayed and this seems a much sturdier finish, as it's already taken a few shots but just shows some scuffs and no major damage. Still quite like the mask, and I might use it for lower-level ball, but I don't do anything below about 17U (Midget in Baseball Ontario parlance) these days, so it probably won't see much use anymore.
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    My latest.........It's the Campro Magnesium. Not sure why someone would get an All Star, at over twice the price. Had to ditch the pads and harness, of course.
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    Top to bottom, left to right. Top - All star fm4000 frame w/ Team Wendy’s pads. Wilson WTA3010 catcher’s mask frame w/ Wilson visor and Rawlings Pwmx pads and Rawlings harness. Bottom - F3 v2 defender wih no logo throat guard (works well with this mask). Rawlings Pwmx frame w/ Wilson WTA3010 mask pads and Wilson harness. (Switched the padding and harness on the Rawlings and Wilson mask frames. Works nicely) Bottom picture - Wilson dynalite steel mask w/fm4000 pads and Champion throat guard.
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    Yes, I added a sad face to your announcement... because there isn’t a f#€kin’ jealous stink-face.
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    I get to add another lucky find to my mask collection. I LOVE working in and around a city that has two Division 1 and multiple Junior College and D2/3 schools near it! Thinking of sending it to Tony and getting it done in a black or other dark color so I can mix and match with the other Nike.
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    The only thing that would make the award a TOP award is a batted ball. If you remove that from the situation, the award will always be 2 bases, TOT, no matter how the fielder moves the ball out of play (throw, kick, blowing on it, telekinesis, ...).
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    Perhaps I'm not clear. This case play is about a batted ball that (a)stops or (b)doesn't stop and then gets kicked OOP. 2018 FED Case Book Play 8.3.3 Situation J: B1 singles to right field, (a) the ball rolls to a stop and F9, attempting to pick it up, kicks the ball into dead-ball territory or (b) the bouncing ball strikes F9 on the leg and deflects into dead-ball territory. RULING: In (a), F9 applied the impetus that caused the ball to go into dead-ball territory, which is the same as if he had thrown it there. The award to any runner is two bases from the base occupied at the time of the kick (throw). In (b), the force on the batted ball caused the ball to go into dead-ball territory, so the award to any runner is two bases from the base occupied at the time of the pitch. Can this case play be applied to the OP play, where an overthrow, down the RF line gets kicked OOP by F9?
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    The debate on whether this is a batted or thrown ball is moot. Until it's possessed or becomes dead by rule, it's a batted ball. But this question (TOP vs TOT) award turns on a distinct concept: impetus or force. What put the ball out of play, the force of the batter or the force of the fielder? If the former, then it's a TOP award; if the latter, then it's a TOT award. The rationale for the differential treatment is that we don't give the offense additional benefit when they themselves cause the ball to leave the field. We do when the defense does it in order to prevent the defense gaining an advantage (such as: extra base hit inside the park, but a fielder kicks the ball out of play to try to get a TOP award that "unscores" runs). The MLBUM etc. guidance provides philosophy for determining the answer to this question.
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