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    If you favor the Nike Titanium (Icon) for its planform, then the way to go for a backup mask is: Nike Steel Icon Nike/Adidas/Reebok Titanal Icon +POS ZRO-G mask Each of these is using the same planform as the vaunted Nike Titanium (very iconic, hence the Icon nickname). The +POS is close, since it’s been speculated that the founder of +POS participated in the development of the original planform that became the Nike Icon (in Titanium first). An Icon in hollow steel will fetch around $100. Icons have been recently produced by the shop in Taiwan, but been branded as Adidas or Reeboks. These are composed of a new high-performance aluminum alloy called Titanal (tī•tín•ahl), which allows for better elasticity in the welds than straight aluminum, but lighter composition than straight steel, on par with Titanium... at about half the cost ($100-$200). What works against us, of course, is that the Icon isn’t sold to us in the baseball market; it’s supplied. Which means, there is a widely variable range in availability and price. Now, that +POS is an ideal mask for the budget-conscious. It’s a very tough, light hollow steel, in almost the same planform as the Icon, but is priced at a very appealing $49. 3 of my 5 masks are +POS ZRO-G’s. I outfit them with TW pads, but you can use any other pads in them you wish. As I do over 200 plate games per year, they get punished; if they happen to bend, I just pound the bend back out. If they bend or break beyond repair, I just get another one, no real loss. The Wilson DynaLite is a similar planform to the Icon, but of course, there are minor trademark differences. The DynaLite now exists in three materials – hollow steel (vinyl dipped), aluminum, and titanium. We’re looking at around $70 for the first, $110–$130 for the second, and upwards to $200 for the third. The last mask that might appeal to you is one of the new Magnesium masks. The benefits of magnesium masks are centered around lightweight-ness that rivals or bests titanium without needing welds, or ever bending or breaking. The first of these die-cast (thus, weldless) magnesium masks is the All-Star FM4000Mag. It has a radically different geometry (planform) than the iconic styles, and has quickly become a very popular mask in the Big Leagues. However, it does carry a premium price tag. There is another option, the Rampage from Champro, which has a Japanese-inspired planform, cast in magnesium, and available at $125–$130.
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    I would, And, I think NCAA has the same rule on this (the OP) as FED, but I don't have the ability to look it up in the book right now (iirc, the specific ruling is placed in an "odd" spot where it's nto entirely clear to what situations it applies; I was taught it applies to batted balls, etc.). And, absent anything specific to the contrary, I'd apply it to OBR as well.
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    there are also HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of threads within the 'equipment' forum that you can search and read till your hearts content! P.S. I mean this in a sincere/helpful way! Trust me, you'll be reading ALL DAY! It's info overload here as you can tell by @MadMax 's response!! LOL
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    Sounds like a perfect question for @MadMax
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    I had this taken at a LL game the other day. All that was left was to let the dust settle and ask to see the ball. I was able to see the glove slide up the leg and see that the glove never turned over. From what I can tell, I am almost at the front of the batter's box. I started using the 'wedge' about a year ago. and it is natural to follow the catcher around (it also works at other bases).
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    Shin guards are measured from the middle of your knee to the ankle, right? In my opinion, which doesn't mean much, the Diamond BL pads aren't that great either. I'd just buy a Diamond iX-3, or just the frame if you can, and put on replacement pads. Pads really make the mask, the frame isn't as important. As I'm sure you know, @MadMax could talk for weeks on end about different materials for masks, but I think he'd agree with me that the pads are most important. One last thing, I know clothing wasn't mentioned at all but a 6-stitch cap can be used on plate and base and will fit any mask that isn't low profile or an All-Star FM4000. @Thunderheads will disagree on that part though.