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    Back from the dead with an update... I'm now at 260lbs... Camp is in 1 month.
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    The word through the grapevine is there may be a change coming in CCA handbook regarding proper mechanics for tag plays at home. IMHO this is a much improved angle to take the play from.
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    I’m sure it’s just the lighting in the top pic, but the Velcro straps kind of remind me of this:
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    How could you have not had MC? The catcher being knocked on his ass and his helmet flying up in to the air isn't evidence enough to call it? There is no question from any angle that this is MC.
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    Agree with all said above. I bought the F3's a couple years back and they are by far the best ive ever tried. Comfortable, stays in place, and you don't feel a thing when you take a shot head on. The diamond lites do not offer enough protection. I took a straight shot in a game, and immediately retired them. It almost dropped me. Save up the money and only buy a pair once, it is worth it.
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    Madmax could probably explain it to us much better.
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    ..............it's an industry term
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    We should have this attitude about any infraction. We don't want to guess on OBS, INT, or any other call. MC is no different. Ask any supervisor, and you'll hear that officials don't call MC enough, partly due to attitudes like this (not to pick on you). Kids would stop doing it so much if we started calling it more. Look at what has happened to high hits in college with the introduction of the targeting rule.
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    44.95 I believe .....
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    If a pitch slips from a pitcher's hand it's accidental but still a pitch. Same with a throw.
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    13 AND A WAKE UP FOR #72...............Our very own @maineump
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    If you were wearing a black shirt it probably looks badass, but with blue and cream I would say there should be a bit more contrast. But, hey, to each his own. You were willing drop the big $$$ to get one, so who am I to critique?
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    But, are they worth the extra $40? That's awful pricey for golf pants. I'm going to let someone else do the review comparison. I don't mind spending my hard earned for top of the line, but are these it? I wonder if they're made in Vietnam, like most other garments made of that type of fabric. And, I've never been a fan of the expando waist add-ons. They made me look fat(ter) than I'd like. The Smitty fabric has enough of a give for me.
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    I love it. I'm sure there's a handful of posts between @MadMax and myself that go into the specifics of the mask. I don't want to sidetrack this beautiful thread too much but I'd be happy to discuss it someplace else.
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    I wore it with Bermuda blue the other day. Would look good with 2016 panel blue as well. What I'm really excited for is to wear it with the 2016 black panel shirt because it'll match the gray panels.
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    The debate on whether this is a batted or thrown ball is moot. Until it's possessed or becomes dead by rule, it's a batted ball. But this question (TOP vs TOT) award turns on a distinct concept: impetus or force. What put the ball out of play, the force of the batter or the force of the fielder? If the former, then it's a TOP award; if the latter, then it's a TOT award. The rationale for the differential treatment is that we don't give the offense additional benefit when they themselves cause the ball to leave the field. We do when the defense does it in order to prevent the defense gaining an advantage (such as: extra base hit inside the park, but a fielder kicks the ball out of play to try to get a TOP award that "unscores" runs). The MLBUM etc. guidance provides philosophy for determining the answer to this question.
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    Absolutely, that's what they're teaching! The only time a catcher's helmet/mask comes off is when the baseball goes off the bat straight up in the air where they can make a play on it. Otherwise, it stays on.
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    Horrible call by the 1B umpire at the plate. Watch the catcher's helmet. The force was so violent it knocked his helmet from his head.
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    So I did the ol' cut 'n paste of @MadMax scientific explanation.......and sent it to SWMBO. Now, being the prudent financial advisor that she is......<pause for crowd laughter>....... she started reading up on it. I then get a message back from her. It was something like this. "This sport wash info that you sent me made me think of the scent-away that you have for your hunting clothes. So I went downstairs and read the bottle. It pretty much does the same thing." I'm sorry, the only thing that I could think of after reading that note, was that the reduced infra red signature of my umpire uniform will make me less visible to wildlife.
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    There must have been some serious contact if "the runner is no longer "live"
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    My starting lineup; Starting from bottom to top; Nike Ti with TW pads and Japanese throat guard. Wilson Aluminum with the Team Wendy pads and it has a Diamond sun visor. the Nike uses the original harness.