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    The correct depth for the initial starting position for an MiLB umpire in "B" or "C" (in a 2-man crew) or in "C" with multiple runners (in a 3-man crew) is NOT halfway between the back edge of the mound and second base (which is what a lot of umpire believe). Rather, it is halfway between the back edge of the mound and the grass/dirt line in the second base cutout. This means you most definitely should be closer to the dirt of the mound than second base, itself. Furthermore, with runners on first and third and the base umpire in "B" (in a two man crew), MiLB umpires are instructed to stand a step in front of this midpoint. It sounds to me that the Original Poster's initial starting position is too deep (which is a problem that plagues 80%+ of amateur umpires). If you move closer toward the mound, so that your angle for plays at second base opens up, I think you will find that your problem will largely disappear.
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    Your first mistake is working anything under kid pitch. You're not an umpire, you're a target.
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    Umpires walk briskly onto the field. They walk directly to the home plate area. They do not stop to talk to coaches/players, etc. Plate umpire stands behind the point of the plate with his mask under his left arm and his line-up card holder and pen out and ready to go. Partner(s) stand opposite the plate umpire (on the other side of home plate) facing the plate umpire. Coaches will then walk up and stand in the batter's box closest to their dugout. Me: "Matt Sullivan, good to meet you" (extends hand to shake.) Partner: "Alan Johnson, good to meet you." (extends hand to shake.) Head Coach #1: "Joe Smith, good to meet you." (shakes umpires' hands) Head Coach #2: "Dick Jones, good to meet you." (shakes umpires' hands) Me: "Joe (home team coach), I'll take your card first." (I review line-up card.) "Ten-man line-up with your DH batting for your shortstop?" #1: "yes, sir." Me: "All of your substitutes listed?" #1: "Yes, sir." Me: (Takes Dick Jones' card and reviews it.) "Batting straight nine; all of your substitutes listed?" #2: "Yes, sir." Me: "Are all bats, helmets and other equipment proper and legal according to Federation/NCAA rules?" #1 & #2: "Yes, sir." Me: (In Fed games:) "All players properly and legally equipped?" #1 & #2: "Yes, sir." Me: (If required:) "Gentlemen, I'm required to mention sportsmanship. I've just done it. Joe, take us around." #1: (Gives ground rules.) Me: "Sounds good. Good luck gentlemen." (coaches and umpires shake hands one last time.) Takes 1-2 minutes...with much of that time spent in silence reviewing the line-up cards. THIS IS HOW IT GOES EVERY TIME.
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    Following up to @MadMax and @noumpere , as soon as you notice the catcher is going to throw to second you should immediately take a few hard steps to your left. It all goes back to angle/distance, and you can only get so far. Then once the throw turns you you have to get stopped and set, knowing that you got into the best position possible.
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    The same question (in a slightly different form) was asked here a couple of weeks ago. It's a myth that if the player remains in foul territory he is protected; and it's a myth that if the player enters fair territory he's not protected. It's a myth that the player must turn to the right to be protected; and it's a myth that if the player turns to the left he's not protected. All that matters is "did he make an attempt" -- and that attempt can be as small as a jab-step, depending on the level. And, it's umpire judgment.
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    It's 8-year old baseball. It should be FUN. Who the hell cares? Thirty seconds after the game is over, the only thing the players are going to care about is where and when they are getting their ice cream! (However, speaking from experience as an assignor of umpires...machine pitch causes more problems (in terms of arguments and ejections) than all other age groups combined. That's an indictment of the coaches and parents (and possibly our society as a whole)). (Guest NJ Coach: This post is not an attack on you; its an attack on most travel ball parents.)
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    I had it Sep 2016 and my wife made me wear the back brae for the entire 3 months. And forget about the bend, lift and twist. I had to turn a college schedule back as I didn't feel up to working double headers at the time. Didn't work with one assigner, the other two were fine with it. I actually must of healed ok as the surgeon said I didn't need physical therapy. Take your time getting better. Umpiring will be here when you are ready.
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    But how else am I expected to keep up on my Twitter and Tap a Talk feeds?
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    While it wasn't a player, it made my day when a pitching coach remembered my name and asked a question respectfully after the bottom of the 4th. The pitching coach was Phil Niekro, so that didn't hurt.
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    This isn't an "appeal" play, it's "shopping for a second opinion." If I'm the PU, I'm trying like heck to get the BU to come to me, and I'm showing him that I have additional information. But, it *is* up to BU. This is right from OBR: No umpire shall criticize, seek to reverse or interfere with another umpire’s decision unless asked to do so by the umpire making it.
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    I have been using this one this summer.
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    Idk what it is but I'm excited! Mizuno coming state side?!!
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    Well, I'm going to start throwing out your "dummies" until it quiets down over there.
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    With the same first names? Who are they, the Foremans? I agree with Ruben. Ignore it.
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    Coach: Where is your zone? Umpire: For you or for them?
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    I found that out the first time I took my Platinum to the pawn shop.
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    Don't hold your breath.