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    I did a 102 games in June, most of which were in 90+. After going down on the fourth game day one of memorial weekend, I dug out the old fashioned pillow cp and started using that for kiddie ball in the heat. Don't care. I'm not dying for kiddie ball.
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    I don't think you are ever going to get two outs on this. You could get 1 out for abandonment -- and then there is no passing. Or, you could get an out for passing, and then R2 is going to touch the plate. But, if R2 makes it anywhere near the plate, I'm treating it as a missed base and waiting for an appeal. And, if the umpire can work to keep the team back, this is less likely to happen.
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    I guess the other side is...why wouldn't it be? In short...the catcher still needs to be aware of the play while he's asking for an appeal. He doesn't get a free pass to stand up, turn around, think about it, look at the ump and ask if the batter went - if the catcher isn't paying attention here, R1 can try to take second base if he wishes.
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    Just last year, when Louisville's coach got dumped. Though that was the first since 2007 when it happened, I recall reading.
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    They must be back in stock.i have one on backorder with Dowdle’s and just received shipping confirmation this morning.
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    I give the count on any steal, or other non-pitching play which distracts people from the battery. I give the count on 1-2 or 2-1 and then 3-2... If there are several fouls I'll tell the batter and F2 still 1-2 or still 3-2 or whatever so they are in the know. If there were several pick off attempts in a row I'll normally announce the count just to remind everyone where we are. As for your play... stand and observe... after that 5 minutes passes (30 seconds in real time) then maybe 'that was strike 3' or something like that to get the players moving. And as for level of play... I have players at all levels asking the count... They are focused on hitting and not counting to 3
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    Someone gave me some very good advice when I was starting out: announce the count whenever the next pitch could change the batter's status. The truth is that not very many people are paying attention to me when I do it anyway, but it really helps me prepare for potential situations.
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    Would look better if he were to be strategically holding a bottle of diet coke, or Doritos. It's all product placement.
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