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    I'm also a little fuzzy on this comment.... Did you not have any other chances in the 6 or 7 innings of regulation play to score another run? Did you team not make any errors allowing a run to score or a baserunner that reached on a walk to score? Maybe that kid on your team who struck out in the 5th inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd for the 3rd out caused your team to lose the championship. Maybe that 0-2 pitch down the middle your pitcher threw with 2 outs and runners on that was crushed to the CF wall to score 2 runs caused your team to lose the championship... Nah, couldn't have been anything like that.
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    I think you lost a championship game because your R1 didn't go touch 2B.
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    Smart move by the pitcher.
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    Steve - I ran into some of our brothers and sisters last night at the D62 Allstar game... The number of people who this man touched in only one year in our association truly showed the person he was. Jennifer was openly crying in the parking lot; she sat next to him for most of the rookie class sessions. I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to get to know him very well. I was shocked when hearing about it... as I am sure all of us were. RIP brother.
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    Ummmmm.... I gave ample warning.
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    Rich, 2 quibbles: This was a batter-runner, not a batter, which is why all the prattle about being in the box is irrelevant. The reason to bother picking this nit is that this is runner INT, not batter INT: the ball is dead, the runner is out, and other runners return. He was out because he hindered the protected fielder. Merely failing to run, with no hindrance, is nothing, as you know.
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    He must return to the base where he was at time of pitch, in this case, second base.
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    Nah, I think it was the 1-1 pitch that was called a strike to make the count 1-2. That changed the whole game you know!
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    Something else you can do in a showcase setting. I know all showcases are different, but in the types I've worked, there is easy access to the people running the event. Ask them. :Hey guys, are we going to allow pitchers to pitch from the hybrid windup? Chances are they're going to tell you to let them pitch.
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    If the situation is a showcase, no one is there to see an umpire be an OOO. While some here may disagree with not enforcing FED standards, it may harm the umpire's chances to continue to work that kind of setting, and ultimately retard their own ability to be seen and work better baseball. Regular season and HS playoffs are different, as others have mentioned. Not enforcing in those situations could be equally detrimental to the umpire's chances of working better baseball. My .02. YMMV.
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    Just watch the shoulder caps on the champion, they are prone to breakage. As well as all the river holes from what I’ve seen. If you order it from Ump-attire inspect it completely before you wear it. If there are any defects UMPY-attire will take care of you.
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    I've seen this done appearing to be on purpose by offenses betting on the fact that they will find an inexperienced umpire that will allow run to count.
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    This happens all the time. Get up, call time, get together, tell them you're 100%, break the huddle, make the call. No big deal, unless you're hurt, in which case, it sucks for you.
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    FYI, I will be the lead instructor at the high school portion (focused on 2-man mechanics) of the Metrolina Umpire Camp this October in Charlotte, NC...if anyone is interest. I'll post the link to the website soon.
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    It's waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too low'n'loose on you. Way too. Way. Too. (Made my point?) This isn't a Tummy Protector, It's a Chest Protector! The billow – the padding "collar" in blue – is supposed to be at or just beneath your Adam's Apple. Hike it up, soldier! As soon as you push it up, you're going to realize the two problems with brand new, conventional, segmented hardshell CP's – the harnesses suck, and don't hold the CP snugly enough to you, and the shoulder arch plates are not conformed or pre-shaped. They're flat. The only CP's that are pre-shaped are the All-Star System 7, the Champro Pro Plus, and the Champion P2xx. All the rest get... well... flattened out (the Wilson Platinum especially!!!). As the rest of the guys here know, even my vaunted Schutt XV (and the AiR Flex prior to it) needed to be shaped and contoured to fit me properly. So, bust out the heat gun (unless you are able to put your new CP in the back of your car during a 110º+ day, like we are here in Arizona!). I use an "industrial" paint stripping gun, but even a hair blow dryer will work. For this first time, if you can remove the padding jacket, do so. Once you do this the first time, follow-on shapings can be done with the jacket back in. You might want to get a rag, and place it upon the arch plate so you don't blister or dull the finish on the plastic. Apply heat. Once you feel it become somewhat pliable, you'll want to bend it, longitudinally (from front to back) as if it was bending over your shoulder. Don't pinch it or try to fold it, but instead curve it. Apply heat repeatedly until you get the desired form. Once you do this, take another rag, soak it in cold water, wring it out, then apply this cold rag to the formed plastic plate. This may take an afternoon. The desired outcome is a CP that fits you like, well, a glove instead of hanging on you like a shop apron.
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    Dave Rosa was a first year umpire in our association here in Orange County. I was fortunate to be assigned as his mentor so I was able to get to know him better than I would have otherwise. I went out and observed him twice during the season and was able to spend time with him giving feedback, taking his phone calls and texts when he had questions and having a beer with him during our social events after meetings. I can honestly say that he was one of the good guys. Humble to the core and one of the nicest people you would ever meet. His son played freshman baseball and he was watching one of our other umpires (another one that I mentored over the last two years) during his son's game and he noticed that he was struggling physically. That umpire was sick with the stomach flu but did the game anyway and Dave walked with him to the parking lot to make sure he was okay. If you knew Dave, you wouldn't be surprised. Last night, Dave was on Duty as a Long Beach Fire Captain and responded to a call at a senior housing facility that there was a fire and an explosion. When he arrived, he was first through the door and he was ambushed and shot by the resident that started the fire in his apartment. There is no motive known at this time, but it's clear that this was a case of premeditated murder. Dave died later at a local hospital. A true hero that lost his life in the line of duty. Dave was a really good umpire, especially for his first year in HS. He soaked up every speck of feedback that I gave him and was always looking to improve. He's exactly the kind of person that any association hopes to attract when seeking new members. Please join me in praying for his family during this impossibly difficult time. http://ktla.com/2018/06/25/officials-id-long-beach-firefighter-killed-in-the-line-of-duty-as-father-of-2-department-veteran/