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    And I've seen tourneys that do the auto-out, with the provision that the player can return to the game later if he "gets better". In the ones that "squeeze" the lineup when the player leaves, they typically can't return.
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    Legal. The players other than the pitcher and catcher can be positioned anywhere in fair territory. "Positions" are a convention, not a rule.
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    Just got back from a week in Palm Springs, and the box just showed up a few minutes ago. Here are some initial thoughts. Pretty damn light. On par with Ti and hollow tube aluminum. Maybe an ounce here or there, but hard to beat for the money. Sunshade fit in nicely. I do not trust the pads. I can squeeze the lowers, and feel the bars. That's a "NOPE" for me. TW's will be loaded before I step on a field. I do like memory foam in my shoes and bed, though. The black frame is still a bit shiny, so I'll take some steel wool do dull it down a bit. I do that with most frames, so no biggy. The harness can't be adjusted big enough for me. I like a loose rig, and adjusted all the way out, it's not loose enough. I wear a 7 3/8" hat. Even when adjusted out, the strap is so wide it touched my ears. I really, really wanted to like it, even though it's fugly, but it'll go. I think the material was made to use with a catchers helmet, as it's pretty grippy. I like the shape of the frame, with lots of angles for deflection. It's not a "New View" low profile, by any means, but the view is pretty good. I know it will change with TW pads, as they're not as bulky. Got my 8 stitch hat in there okay. We'll see with the TW pads, but it should work. Comes with a bag, which is nice. These are only my personal, non-professional opinions. And no, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night (it was the JW Marriott)
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    Never say high or low. It use to be to never say in or out -- sometimes you could indicate it with a brief head motion. Now, it's more acceptable -- and some use it more than others. As always, check your local listings for what is "right" in your area.
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    A friend of mine shut down a pitching coach in a college game recently. He heard some comments from the dugout, looked at the guy and said, "Who ARE you? The message being that he's not the head coach and needs to STFU. It was also a message to the head coach that he needs to take care of it. The coach turned tail and headed to the back of the dugout. YMMV.
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    The gray/black pads are back in stock at Ump Attire. They have one less set in stock than they did this morning!