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    Master class. https://twitter.com/geoffschwartz/status/1006879819471228928 Game was from 2016. https://deadspin.com/what-do-we-think-of-this-old-video-of-an-umpire-handlin-1826783441
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    Disagree. The correct call is: no catch. Even more so given that F6 collided with BU, but F4 dropped the ball!
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    I want more of these "conversations"...I'd pay for it.
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    Two years ago, HP Umpire Adam Hamari ejected Mets P Noah Syndergaard and Manager Terry Collins for throwing at Dodgers batter Chase Utley in response to Utley's hard slide during the 2015 postseason that broke shortstop Ruben Tejada's leg. Crew chief Tom Hallion, wearing a microphone for FOX... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    It’s pricey but he is also very reliable and ships fast
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    Way obscure 'The Sting' reference... did you know Robert Redford never watched that movie until he saw it with his Grandkids 25-30 years after it was made? Thought that was interesting when he mentioned that in an interview.
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    If I narrow the strike zone I'm not getting any arguments either....ya follow? (obscure The Sting reference)
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    Based on my comfort level with the traditional mask, this is probably the only way I will wear a helmet. I tried the HSM and it just doesn't work for me on so many levels.
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    Typical asshole behavior by the player. I tried to showboat, effed up the catch and now I'm going to blame it on the umpire. Go F*#K yourself, kid.
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    A friend of mine shut down a pitching coach in a college game recently. He heard some comments from the dugout, looked at the guy and said, "Who ARE you? The message being that he's not the head coach and needs to STFU. It was also a message to the head coach that he needs to take care of it. The coach turned tail and headed to the back of the dugout. YMMV.
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    He didn't make a football move...
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    Personally, I don't like to address expected behavior at my plate meetings. Especially at the HS level, I assume (I realize that's not always good to do) that coaches know how to conduct themselves properly even if they always don't. I don't like to get into what they should do if they have a question about a call, blah blah blah.
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    Not totally correct, he does not 'own' the batters box. As long as the batter is doing what the batter should be doing, which in the video it appears he was, then there should be no interference. In a quick pick off such as was shown, the batter cannot just vanish. However, make the scenario a pass ball, R3 coming to the plate and the batter still in the box? Well, he no longer 'owns' that position and better be out of the way of any play, throw or defensive player or he is liable to be called for interference. I know, different than the OP, but just a point that the batter is required sometimes not to do something, or in other situations to get out of the way and not be there...
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    Hell, I had a whole season that felt like this a few years back. You just have to fight through it.
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    Last summer I had perhaps the worst game I have had in years, ain't that right @Richvee? Since that game, as @Stan W. has mentioned, I take every pitch on its own. Pre-pitch, I make sure my feet are right, my gig line is properly aligned, my eyes are focused on the pitcher, and I adjust my breathing so that I can exhale on the release of the ball. Every pitch I find the pitcher's release point, track the ball the whole way, and allow my brain to process whatever may come before I say or do anything. If I miss a pitch, I don't let it bother me. I go get the next one. I realize that I am an amateur umpire just like the players are amateur athletes. Every one involved in every game will make a mistake now and again. Its part of the human condition. I also have cut back on the number of games I work. No longer am I on the field 10 of 11 days. Its down to maybe 6 out of 11. In fact, today is the first game I am working since May 31. I am really enjoying my games and it makes things so much better.
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    Some individuals mistake "base line" and "base path." The base line is the straight line between the bases. IT has nothing to do with any rule relevant to this situation. The base path is a straight line from the runner's position to the base he is attempting to reach. It only comes into play when there's a tag attempt. Once a tag attempt is started, the runner cannot run more that 3' to the side of that line to avoid a tag. It's a little hard to tell from your description, but I don't think the runner violated that provision -- the play was legal and the runner was correctly rules safe.
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    What happens when we miss something a little more important when we have spent the game enforcing small infractions that have no real impact on the game? I think we come across as over officious and draconian when we pick every last booger... it creates a hostile environment fairly quickly.