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    Two thoughts: 1) As described, I would have ruled differently if on the Board. 1a) But, the board rules (and rulings) apply. 1b) There's always another side to the story. 2) Get. Over. It. Even if you are right, it's third grade baseball. There's a more important lesson that who wins this pi$$ing match.
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    I have this mask and really like it. I've tried a lot of brands and normally keep at least 3 masks in my rotation, but I reach for this one the most. Very light and offers me a very good view! I'm not a big fan of the large crown guard either, but it surprisingly doesn't stand out as much as you'd think. Lots of guys in my area use these and they look fine when you're out there in B/C looking in towards home.
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    I found a different site, where I was able to get the CM83, with a sunshield, delivered for $110. And, I was able to get my mother-in-law to pay for it. TOP THAT! (birthday check, actually)
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    Run counts. F2 learns a lesson. Win-win.
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    I think it's 2020 when they take over.
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    sorry for big font first time trying to put in a picture.
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    My starting lineup; Starting from bottom to top; Nike Ti with TW pads and Japanese throat guard. Wilson Aluminum with the Team Wendy pads and it has a Diamond sun visor. the Nike uses the original harness.
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    Fantastic Transaction with @wolfe_man ...Great shipping speed and great communication on his part.
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    ^^^^ This, IMO, will be the best if you are will to spend the money. I am a smaller frame guy too. I would recommend the T hook mod with a flex harness. I could never bend the plates enough to to get it were I wanted it without the pad coming off the plates. Lightweight low profile and tight fitting. I also have a S7 that fits me very well. The champion with a harness mod won't set you back too much ($150 less than a Douglas) and could always be a very good spare/back up.
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    The big difference between this latest Champro Rampage and the All-Star FM4000MAG, @umpstu, is “origin of purpose”. I’ve said it before, All-Star is a catcher’s company. Through exhaustive design process and testing, All-Star arrived at a mask geometry that was physically unique in the industry, and not only presented a signature look, but most importantly allowed the maximum amount of contact between the pads and the wearer’s face. The mask also presents minimal flat facets to an impacting ball (which cannot be said about that stupid Wilson Ti Low Profile). Here’s my extensive review of the FM4000MAG: In summary, the FM4000MAG is All-Star’s flagship, signature, tentpole mask. It is the ideal non-mechanical mask for the professional catcher. Similar to the origin of the Nike “Icon” Titanium as a catcher’s mask (for Jorge Posada), and it passed along to interested umpires, the new FM4000 has attracted the interest of umpires, and All-Star has (refreshingly) already accommodated umpires by casting it in black and making a for-umpire harness for it. There’s also hints of one-off customizations being done for umpires (Guccione, for one). It’s important to emphasize, though, that this mask is targeted at professional and high-level catchers, and accordingly, commands a price point to match. Champro, though, is not a top-tier company. They are not on par with Wilson, Rawlings, UnderArmour, Nike, Mizuno, or All-Star. Nor are they necessarily trying to be. Champro exists in that second tier, alongside Schutt, Diamond, Champion, Easton, and Boombah, their size and corporate simplicity allow them to be more reactive to developments and bold on advancements. These second-tier companies are also heavily invested in and dependent upon overseas (ie. China) production. Chinese production facilities and factories have no restrictions and no scruples about copying production techniques and products to market through other channels. So, without knowing the exact details, it would appear that All-Star laid down the groundwork on how to make a die-cast Magnesium-alloy mask, and Champro either approached their fabricator, or their fabricator approached them and presented that they could do a weld-less, die-cast mask too. It’s worth mentioning, Champro and +POS had both offered Magnesium masks before, but these had been bonded (not welded). While light and strong, they still had the potential of the bonded joints being popped apart if struck hard / often enough. Besides, since they were offered by little-known names like Champro and +POS, they lacked the market recognition of the big companies like Wilson. The Champro Rampage draws its layout from some very progressive Japanese mask designs. While the FM4000 is ideally suited for catchers, the Rampage is much better suited for umpires. It has a larger forehead section so it can accommodate larger hat bills (and even a hard hat!) and sun visors. The extended chin guard is much taller, so it can be worn without a dangling throat guard, but has just enough forward rake to it so a dangling throat guard can be used. The ear guards are minuscule, which doesn’t matter much to umpires because we shouldn’t be turning our heads much at all (but this mask may not be ideal for new umpires in training). Two big factors stand out over all else, though... It’s not sold with any advanced, specialized pads. The use of Magnesium, with how low-density it is, means that any impacting energy will instantly transfer to the pads. So, it is more crucial than ever to have high-quality pads. All-Star addressed this by dramatically increasing the volume of the pads and inserting a hard-cast distributor plate within the pad. Even Force3 has put Kevlar within the body of the Defender’s pads! I’m certain that this is reflected in the cost of the masks when sold with these advanced, specialized pads. Point is, the time of foam-filled leather sausages is over! The good news is, the Rampage’s layout will accommodate Team Wendy’s, MemoryFoam and other “newer” pads. It’s die-cast Magnesium, without welds, and as such, it will not bend and it will not break. The All-Star has the added benefit of being exhaustively tested and refined so that the geometry – like a stealth aircraft – presents the minimal amount of flat facet to a ball impact. I can’t say the same for the Rampage. We also know that the FM4000MAG is injection-molded (the injection tabs on the earguards indicate that), so molten Magnesium is forced into it for even distribution, while it looks like the Rampage is gravity-tray molded and pressed (think like a waffle iron). I’m confident that the Rampage, as a line, won’t fail, but individual masks may have uneven material distribution. I am looking forward to getting one and trying it out, but I will certainly be putting TWs in it immediately... ... oh, and putting a Honig’s or +POS harness on it. That harness is uuuggggllllyyyy, and is only like that to get noticed. It’s no less ugly than a big yellow W on the chin – anything to get noticed.
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    I'm not saying to ignore rules, but, I've got a whole lot more things to worry about than where a defensive player's feet are. And, if I do see it, can't we just use a little preventive umpiring? How many of us have asked a catcher or an infielder to call time and tell the pitcher to come set? That's what I mean by preventive umpiring. Just saying....
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    I think it is in the bathroom. Also, can someone explain to me why when a manager gets ejected they have to come out and scream for a while? I don't get that, and it filters down to all the 'daddy' coaches who do the same thing and make life miserable for us.
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    OP was for OBR, but just a note re rule differences (from my dated - 2015 - BRD): Fed: A fielder need have only one foot touching fair territory - which seems to imply even that one foot need need not be entirely in). Penalty, if both feet are out: illegal pitch (ball/balk). NCAA: Same except BRD states "in" fair territory - which probably means same as above. Penalty: none, unless play benefits defense in which case play is nullified. OBR: All must be in fair territory. Penalty: Pretty much same as NCAA. Interestingly, most of the examples cited in BRD are for F7/F9 sneaking in/around to make some kind of play.
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    Don't steal. It's really that simple. If you are playing a superior catcher, and a pitcher with a quick delivery, why give away outs? Why keep pushing your luck? To paraphrase Billy Beane in Moneyball - "Your job is to get to first, not to get thrown out at second". The idea that this team tried this more than twice is the textbook definition of insanity. Statistically speaking, if your SB success rate is under 80%, stop stealing. Kids, and coaches, need to learn that SB's aren't automatic freebies, and that at some point you have to learn to hit the ball or advance runners in other ways, because eventually ALL the catchers you face will have cannons. If you do insist on stealing...or botch a hit and run, run back to first. I'm serious. Your choice is a CLEAN, legal, hard slide, maintaining your speed as much as you can, and hope your foot/knee/hip (wherever the tag is made) knocks the ball loose, or prevents him from coming up with the throw...or stop and get in a run down and try to induce a mistake. Implicitly, by rule, you are conceding the out if you proceed to the base in a legal manner - or hoping for a miracle. And I HATE it when my players concede an out. The only thing I hate more than that is when they try to injure the other player.
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    I wear a Nike Ti also along with the Zero gravity for the same reason. I had two ruptured discs. Can't wear the heavy Wilson anchors.
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    What would a season be without another chapter of SWMBO??................ As some of you may recall, one of my previous JR umpires went to Wendlested with @HuskerUmp22 this year. For a parting gift, I suggested the we get him one of @Razzers monogramed harnesses. She agreed. The following week, I was working the bases when my partner took a foul ball square in the mask. Headache, set in before end of inning. 3-4 days of concussion symptoms, and he's better now. The following day, I found out that another friend working a D3 game, took a 91mph fastball to the mask. He couldn't find his way home, but saw an urgent care facility ant pulled in. Well, Garret had already ordered the force3 after his incident, then our other buddy had his incident. Low & Behold!! SWMBO suggested that my melon may be worth the cost of additional protection. My force3 arrived this week!! As previously stated, I hope y''all have an SWMBO like mine. and ladies, a understanding other half?