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    The wipe away was actually a "no trip" signal. The pitch was a ball.
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    I believe it is something like half a pound weight difference between the v1 and v2. What I am waiting for, is to see if they come out with a v3 or not? The mask has been incredibly popular as of late. Including watching the Philly-Dodger game last night were both catchers and the plate umpire were wearing one.
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    I was shocked how much I preferred the v2. It's not just lighter but feels more balanced as well, especially with it snug as it's supposed to be. I've just sold my Diamond ultra lite in favor of an F3 v2.
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    "he may take one step backward, and one step forward with his free foot.
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    Here's what I did.
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    I spoke with Jeff Cook the other day, they have a sales agreement to sell the defender and Douglas is putting their logo on the tan pads
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    Ok, now that's impressive.
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    Rule 1: Don't listen to announcers. Rule 2: When all else fails, refer to Rule 1 After further investigation I found this pitch chart for Votto's AB. Pitch 5 was "the catch"
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    I don't know if MLB wants this 2017 interp, added to the MLBUM, to apply to the batter prior to 1B. But the defense could have played on R1 at 2B or R2 at 3B for sure before the batter was declared out for "abandersertion" and I'm not sure about after the batter was called out. But while the batter was making his way to the dugout what was the defense doing? "MLBUM Interp #31: A base runner being called out for abandoning his effort to touch the next base does not change a force play to a tag or time play on any other runners."
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    I agree with all this, except for the idea of placing the runners. The ball remains live, and no infraction has been called: the runners get what they get. Remember that abandonment properly so-called involves a runner "leaving the base path" after touching 1B, "clearly abandoning" his effort to advance. The OP does not state that the BR reached 1B: if he did, then the abandonment should be called long before he enters the dugout. Also, abandonment is a live-ball out, so again, no need to place runners. If the BR did not touch 1B, then I'd call it as you say; but that's a live-ball out also. IIRC, J/R had some term for this other than 'abandonment', such as 'desertion', which is not in the book.
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    I wonder whether that rule is apt: 6.01(d) specifically excludes base coaches. (And this point in turn makes me wonder about the placement of the play you cite right after 6.01(d). But moving on....) I also wonder whether that case play is apt: in the OBR case play, the coach is dodging the ball, and the bar for that is trying to get out of the way. As long as he is making a bona fide attempt to do so, he's good. In the OP, the coach is (not) dodging the fielder, which is substantially easier. I'd still wager (soon to be legally) that the bar is lower for this kind of INT, and that the pro expectation is that even unintentional hindrance with the fielder is INT. For completeness, the governing FED rule is 3-2-3, the relevant provisions of which are: We could, if we wished, read a similar distinction into FED. The first provision above concerns hindering a fielder: there, even unintentional hindrance is INT (he shall not "fail to vacate" the area needed by the fielder). The second provision concerns contact with the ball: there, unintentional contact is nothing. As I think about it, this distinction is starting to make sense. That's sometimes a bad sign....
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    You have to call/email them, they’ll send a series of instructions on what needs measured, and it’s $299 non-refundable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Stk004 I want to say that I called and talked to someone at F3, and they had came to the conclusion that the 3 spring design was just as protective as the 4 spring design, plus the diminished weight provided another benefit. I feel that the v3 is much more well balanced than the v1 was. I got hit with both on, and the v3 is certainly as much protective as the 4 spring. I felt the dull impact of a middle 80s tipped fastball, but no sharp pain. no headache. As with anything, the mask will feel incredibly heavy to anyone who uses some sort of ultra lite mask right now, there is an adjustment period.
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    Why did he advance the runners? I don't see the ball as "lodged." He just should have lifted his arm, let the ball fall and then play it out.
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    In my opinion, the V1 felt a little bit heavier than the V2. I never took a shot with either model so I can’t say anything about the spring design, but the weight did feel different.
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    1) You should have awarded home. 2) Since R2 achieved third base during the rundown, then keep him there after R3 is awarded home. This is obstruction, not interference. The offense interferes, the defense obstructs. What rule set? I ask because in Fed, all obstruction is delayed dead. If OBR or NCAA, this would be type one obstruction (play being made on the runner) and an immediate dead ball. In either case there is a mandatory one base award and since the obstruction occurred between 3rd and home, you would award the runner home. In Fed, the award is at least one base from where the obstruction occurred - doesn't matter where the runner was going - he's awarded home in this case. In OBR and NCAA, you would call time and award the runner home, and place other runners where they would have ended up if the obstruction hadn't happened (R2 to third).
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    SWMBO often comments about my "back up" equipment.................. ...........................as she reads over my shoulder.....................
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    "If I have to stick around and watch your team play like crap... So do you". :>)
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    By interpretation, play resumes when the runner(s) return to "the vicinity" of the base. They need not retouch, and we don't delay the game waiting for that. I seem to recall this fetish being one of Carl's 51 ways to ruin a game, but I could be wrong about that. If it's not on the list, it's a runner up. This is a "look at me" call, made by umpires who read the rule book for the first time and without any additional guidance, which does not serve the game.
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    Man...the plate umpire in that video is a freaking stud.
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    I called 11 hybrid violations this year. 10 were with no runners, one balked in a runner. And I don't nitpick. All of them were blatant. In fact, I didn't even have any arguments. In half, the coach said nothing. In the other half, the coach either just asked for an explanation OR he yelled at his pitcher.
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    meh ...... too much to deal with ........tuck your shirts into your tights .......done
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    I don't like the harness either. You really have to pull it up and out to get it around your head. The difference in material makes the harness ride up really high on your head and unnecessarily difficult to put on. Perhaps I'll replace the harness as well.....
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    This is not a Douglas mask per se. It's still a Force3 Defender. What you're looking at is the first product of the new Force3 and Douglas partnership! Yes, ABUA headlined that recently, Force3 and Douglas have partnered up. The details weren't readily available, but it appears to be more of an alliance or true operating partnership than an acquisition / merger / buyout. One immediate benefit is the Defender mask went down in price. Getting nervous yet, Wilson? Better be.