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    I took a 90+ straight in, dont remember the rest of the game, and DH didn't blink an eye when I said I was buying an expensive helmet. When i said i wanted a 300 cp, his only question was "will you be safer?" Yeah, he's ok, I think I'll keep him around for a while.
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    What would a season be without another chapter of SWMBO??................ As some of you may recall, one of my previous JR umpires went to Wendlested with @HuskerUmp22 this year. For a parting gift, I suggested the we get him one of @Razzers monogramed harnesses. She agreed. The following week, I was working the bases when my partner took a foul ball square in the mask. Headache, set in before end of inning. 3-4 days of concussion symptoms, and he's better now. The following day, I found out that another friend working a D3 game, took a 91mph fastball to the mask. He couldn't find his way home, but saw an urgent care facility ant pulled in. Well, Garret had already ordered the force3 after his incident, then our other buddy had his incident. Low & Behold!! SWMBO suggested that my melon may be worth the cost of additional protection. My force3 arrived this week!! As previously stated, I hope y''all have an SWMBO like mine. and ladies, a understanding other half?
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    Mrs_K has always said get whatever you need to keep you safe. Hence, I am a gear hound. I love that sweetie o' mine!
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    Ice any injuries, including those not occurring during this play. Hand everyone another beer. Laugh about it later. I think that's in the rules.
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    The chest protector, Wilson shin guards, and plate coat are headed to OH. All Star shin guards are still available.
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    I stopped wearing mine when I was constantly getting credit for 15-25k steps while driving a truck all day. Lol It would register the bouncing and movement of the truck as steps and it would send the friends I was "competing" againt right up the wall in frustration.
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    You guys are amazing! I really appreciate your help.
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    Will we get Nike umpire plate shoes now?
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    I know you didn't write the content, but your link claims that this was "Hernandez at his worst." That's terrible reporting, because this wasn't anywhere close to the worst he's ever been.
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    I've already got the extra 50 or 60 pounds. Why do you think I am looking at the shorter one.
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    We are. I spend the majority of my career in the minority on things like this. I wonder if analyzing video is good or bad for my career. I've studied tangle/untangle and that play is not tangle/untangle. Calling "nothing" here, certainly falls under the "create no controversy" philosophy of umpiring. That's for sure and to be honest, I wonder if that's not a safer camp. It certainly seems so at times. If you're the only guy in your area calling this stuff, it's going to stick out and it's not positive. Even if you're right.
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    No they don’t. Nike has reduced their involvement in hardgoods (gear) development and production, primarily due to failed ventures in hockey (via Bauer), board-sports, and most recently (and most impacting) golf. Tiger’s demise actually caused more ripples than one would realize. Even with Nike producing all the jerseys and jackets for the NFL, they have not ventured into helmets, shoulder pads, and other protective gear. Why would they? Riddell, Schutt, Rawlings and Xenith are already well-established. The furthest Nike has – or really needs to – reached into football gear has been helmet visors and pad-infused underlayers and compression clothing. This does not bode well for us on the gear front. As far as I’ve been able to investigate, Nike doesn’t have a working partnership with another gear producer, in the same manner as UnderArmour has with All-Star. Thus, the only real change we’ll likely see is the covering or removal of the Big Gold W on masks and CPs. Nike may allow New Balance to continue producing footwear, and while it may be the footwear of choice for umpires, it likely will lose the Official MLB logo. If we want to see another plate shoe, we (as an umpire community) have got to get all over Nike as soon as the contract is signed. With another footwear-centric company rolling in, we won’t see Mizuno allowed to expand and bring their full catalog here. However, my hopes of seeing the MLB logo on an All-Star umpire’s CP just came to a crashing end. And my hopes of seeing golf pants as our new umpire slacks – purchasable at most sports apparel stores – are now on life support.