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    WOW. What is wrong with youth sports today? The "adults".
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    Screw you guys, I like it, and i bought it! So there!
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    The layout of the local A team has 2 walls in the outfield that are in play and could have a bounce that goes over the yellow line on the neighboring wall. First time I worked the plate there (a HS game), I was told the ground rule by the host. I then waited the whole game for someone to hit that 400+ double. Fortunately, it never happened.
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    Hi everyone .... just wanted to share an article covering a great event that happens in my hometown every year, and once again, my buddy and I were lucky enough to get assigned to this double-header that's a part of the weekend festivities. Always an honor and a privilege to work this event! https://www.hometownlife.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/05/21/northville-baseball-team-makes-armed-forces-day-rousing-success/627688002/
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    I remember someone coming with the idea of a hydro dip. Seems like it might be the easiest way.
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    I'll make it even easier for you. NCAA Baseball 2018.pdf
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    One of the biggest problems youth baseball has is that HT and VT scorekeepers do not sit together anymore. We even provide a table but nope. We have had a ton of problems with this over the years where VT cries batting out of order and HT book has different batting order or different pitch count etc. I announce home team is the official book at plate meetings now just so when it is an issue they have been warned. I think these tournaments should charge a few more dollars and have a umpire do one book and track pitch count. They do this for basketball so why not
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    What the hell is he doing kicking the ball AFTER he gains possession of it? And what would "deflects" amount to in that situation. The question is nonsense. Bad test. Please tell me you're not from New Jersey.
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    Is there any way to put in a disclaimer or a "pop up window with 4.09 (a) EXEPTION and the rule" when a guest starts typing a question into "ask the umpire" that begins with "Does a run.................." to prevent the same answers/discussions, etc over and over? Obviously, they are completely ignoring the search function. Sincerely, The Department of Redundancy Department.
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    I challenge you not to want to bang your head against the wall reading comments from some fanboy named Sav.
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    Here I thought the left hand was an appeal on a check swing...the confusion... :-)
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    I had a problem with the shoulder caps shipping cracked. From what I can tell, whatever factory the plates are made in, does not like to sharpen their punches and dies. Ump-attire will make it right. I had to do some mods to mine because the shoulders were too flimsy. I have a champion torso plates/padding and +pos cobra shoulder caps with the champion padding. All in all it feels pretty sturdy.
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    The best one I have found !!!!
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    Razzer’s holder is the best! I have things written down almost before they actually happen. It is that good. If you don’t have one, well, you’re just dumb. Don’t be dumb. Get one.
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    South Carolina is the best state in the country to umpire high school baseball. We have unbelievable baseball talent to umpire and a great League that backs its officials. If you're a coach and get ejected you're paying a minimum $300 fine and serving a 2 game suspension. If you're a volunteer coach, you're banned from having any contact with the school's athletic department for one year from the date of ejection. Players get a minimum 2 game suspension. The League often goes beyond the minimum...even for a first ejection. Needless to say, our association has very few ejections in a season. For example, once we had a Coach appeal his ejection. He had been restricted to the dugout when he said, "bear down!" to the umpire as he was leaving the field and heading back to the dugout. He got tossed. (We umps can argue whether that is a good EJ or not...but that's beside the point.). Coach said in his appeal that, that was not enough to warrant an ejection. The League said, "when you are restricted you don't have the right to say another word," enjoy your suspension. (Okay, I made up "enjoy your suspension".) Add to all of that the fact that our local umpire association is committed to putting the best umpires on the field for the "big games", and not those umpires in some clique or with some type of seniority, and you have the best possible situation that an umpire can have in high school baseball. Life is good.
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    and if a bird flies over...................... nevermind
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    This guy... agrees with that guy. And the Pacific NW guys will tell you it helps to keep rain off the brim of your hat also.
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    Runners are allowed to advance beyond their awarded base on a wild pitch or overthrow after a balk at their own risk. So award R1 second base and allow R2 to score. APPROVED RULING: In cases where a pitcher balks and throws wild, either to a base or to home plate, a runner or runners may advance beyond the base to which he is entitled at his own risk.
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    Yes....i've seen both the Precision cut numbers in 3-piece numbers. They both are very nice.... a lot of guys seem to like the Precision cut numbers just like our man Scott K has suggested.
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    These should be the only options you are looking at. You can also contact @Razzer (the creator of these wonderful lineup folders). For a nominal fee, you can have him ship you one that is personalized. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/Exclusives/ULF-PRO_Pro-Grade-Magnetic-Book-Style-6-Umpire-Lineup-Card-Holder-Game-Card-Referee-Wallet https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/Exclusives/ULF-T5_Pro-Grade-Magnetic-Book-Style-5-Umpire-Lineup-Card-Holder-Game-Card-Referee-Wallet
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    I got back home yesterday and the experience exceeded my expectations! Every umpire should jump at any opportunity to attend a week at this facility. The guys I met were great people and I had so much fun interacting with the kids through pin trading. My bunkmates in 41A along with the other guys I formed friendships with made the week fly by! The only negative part of the experience for me was that I was slightly unprepared for the cold weather. Mornings and nights were extremely uncomfortable!!! However, I now know exactly what to bring next summer...
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    We had a kid the year everybody switched the birthday cutoff, he should have moved up but wanted to big fish in little pond. One game we pitched to him and he went four for four with four HRs. The next game I explained how to pitch to him,0 for 4. Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2
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    If you’d like, we can arrange a selfie session or FaceTime with you and the Shovel.