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    Well the doc says I am still cancer free and he gave me the green light to umpire again this year. So begins my 57th year. Had a couple of High school game and a U14 softball tournament last weekend. Two college Softball coaches asked me if I am available to do their games. So I am back for another year!!
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    If there's more than one sub, show the number of subs first, and then point to each. If there's a batting order change ("flip flop") then waggle / twist your hand after pointing to the two involved. If it's more complicated than that, someone will get on the phone to the press box, or the scorer will just wait to see who show up at the plate.
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    Anybody have a video of the play at the plate in the top of the 9th in this game? I had a bad angle, looked like a possible obstruction, maybe a illegal slide, and no immediate call. I haven't been able to see a video of the play.
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    Now here's the question. Match existing padding? Or go black? Hmmmmm... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Haha Once as a player had a coach who didn't like the solo ump's call (on a safe/out call if I recall) asked for an appeal. Blue: Appeal to who? Coach: To yourself! I'm asking you to appeal to yourself to change your mind Blue: OK (brief pause) nope, still out.
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    Unless it is FED... then who knows!
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    255/385/429 - Todd Frazier has got to get better.
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    Optics - at least in his mind. He's appeasing the coach by at least making it look like he went for help, and lo and behold, my partner says I was right too. That's a ballsy move and takes a big ego to be that certain you're right.
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    I actually had that this year. Ball 4 bounced, catcher blocked, ball went up in the air, catcher took mask off (yes, hockey style mask), ball bounced (on turf), catcher caught ball inside helmet. We awarded batter 2B. No arguments. Just a state of disbelief and bewilderment.
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    This is probably about the sixth time I've seen this same question asked on various discussion forums so far this year. In that respect, we're trailing behind last year. But the season is young! It won't surprise me one bit if by the end of this year I've seen this question asked at least a dozen times. As often as it comes up, it amazes me that in 20+ years I have NEVER had to make this call. This one just keeps coming up again and again and again. And the common misconception is always that it's a force play (it's not). It kind of looks like a force play, because you have a fielder holding the ball and touching a base, the way most force plays are accomplished. But the definition of a force play is when a runner is forced to advance due to the batter becoming a runner. Whenever the batter is put out before safely reaching first base you can never have a force play available at any base (because the runners are no longer forced to advance). So if it's not a force out, what is it? This is an appeal play for a runner leaving base too soon on a caught fly ball. As far as the run scoring or not...see above answers.
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    The way that I was taught is along the same lines, except pointing with the hand holding your line up card holder. They can see clearly when runners are subbed, so the only thing we used was for the batter or a defensive position.
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    I agree, but this guy is former MiLB and knows his stuff. The coach got the point and the game went on. I'm a conscientious guy and it bugged me when I heard about it too, but then I understand how some coaches can be and I'll give the umpire a little room here.
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    Can't say that I like this approach to dealing with coaches.
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    Some umpires have a signal which means, "I have information for you, partner, if you want to hear it."
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    That was not an illegal slide. There was none
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    Ah, that makes sense. Make sure you keep a second one to wear on your back. While it shocks me that someone is selling away a XV (and a MaXV at that), I'm not mad at ya... The one you bought was a "rescue job" anyway, and you and I saved it from a life of abuse and neglect. Hope someone buys it and puts it to good use.
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    There is a great disturbance in the Force. @spiffdawg7, are you implying that you have a new XV-HDX headed your way / in your possession?
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    I would say you should contact your assignor and give him a heads up. Better to hear it from you than the coach first. I’m not sure (and I’d be curious) why he came to you in the first place if he wasn’t going to change the call. I probably would have asked him that when you huddled. I don’t know your experience level vs. his, but I would have a real hard time breaking that huddle without changing the call. I would tell him, “Either we’re changing this call or you’re taking the heat for this.” Finally, if the call didn’t get changed, I wouldn’t have talked to the coach. I would have directed him to go talk to the calling umpire. By simply telling him: “Nope, don’t talk to me. Go talk to the calling umpire” you’ve told the coach that you don’t agree with your partner without completely throwing him under the bus. I’ll stand with my partner every time I can, but I’m not going down with a sinking ship either. I mean, if my buddy wants to fight the cops, I’m not spending the night in jail with him. He’s on his own.
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    He’s who I got my Douglas and matching shins from. And the reason why I ordered the cobra 3 weeks ago. You’ll appreciate this. I have decided that this Douglas is going to take some work, I need to add a strap to hold the 15” plate down. I can’t belive they’ve been able the have that hanging down there with no anchoring. And I’m going to scavenge my local re-sale shops for chest protectors I can tear apart and try to make one ultimate chest protector.
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    Yes, I wish they would use the shoulder gap coverage plates from the Gold. Flat plates, not humps, spread the energy out better.
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    Oh ok, I figured you didn’t include your face in the shot was because you didn’t want us to see the ball gag in your mouth.
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    Yes, I am aware of that. I am posting here to see what answers college umpires have, as if it happens in a college game I would like some reference/facts. If it is in wrong section apologies.
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    Yes, the cut of is 41 http://umpire-empire.com/topic/53285-little-league-catcher-to-pitcher-rules/
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    Wear a football ribs protector backwards. It'll add about 6-7" of similar padding as your CP to your ribs and stomach. It's built to take a shot and can easily be attached to your CP. Total cost on eBay for mine was like $30. Mine is black padding with grey plastic and black letter Schutt. I wore it one time with my 10.75" Platinum as I felt it was too short. But then, I sold the Platinum and got a longer CP. If you're interested, I can sell cheap.