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    The 2018 Mid-American Umpire Clinic will be September 6-9 in Springfield, Missouri at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center and the all turf US Ballpark in Ozark, MO. Please see the attached clinic flyer for more details. Register online at www.midamericanumpireclinic.com/home.html 2018 Clinic Flyer.pdf
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    I figured. I was just messing with you buddy!
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    It doesn't matter where / how it's listed -- just clarify it at the plate meeting. For example, with Smith being the DH and Jackson being the position player Smith / Jackson Jackson / Smith 3. Smith 10. Jackson Smith (P/DH) -- in rules codes where that's allowed
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    I've had both experiences.
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    I’m not sure on pads, but a body/auto detailing shop in my city can do the hydrographic printing thing on a mask. Just remove the pads they said. Should be an easy google where you’re from. They quoted me $75 for stock flag pattern, $20-60 additional for custom pattern. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, F2 is always a fielder: that's what the F stands for. The fielder's status doesn't change after D3K, only the batter's status changes (now a BR). Also, umpire INT is always with a fielder: INT is hindrance of the defense. Moreover, look at the definition of umpire INT. The relevant part of FED's says: "inadvertently moves so as to hinder a catcher's attempt to throw..." It's not restricted to a batted ball, nor is the status of the batter/batter-runner relevant. Finally, what's the purpose of the umpire INT rule? The fact is that the PU has to be back behind F2, and sometimes, hopefully rarely and always inadvertently, we get in the way. When we do, we put the defense at an unfair advantage. We need to acknowledge that and deal with it as prescribed by rule, not ignore it. I will add that I'm assuming that the umpire hindered the throw, or attempted throw, and not F2's attempt to retrieve the pitch in the dirt. The latter, as a glance at the definition should make clear, is not umpire INT. We ignore such contact: if F2 falls down trying to get the ball because he bumps the umpire, that's nothing. That interp sounds as if it is from an umpire who doesn't want to get yelled at for the INT, and is rationalizing an incorrect no-call.
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    On the FM25, it's what it came with. Which is quite the value, if you think about it... On the Nike Icon Steel, I have since designated that mask to be my "Catcher Training Only" mask, as it would crush me if it ever got bent again. In this, I only use it for catching pitching lane sessions with/for new umpires or for teaching new, progressing catchers. And yes, to set a good example, I wear a reverse-batting-helmet.
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    Yes - I just tell them to square up. No issues doing it this way.
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    Here's that same Diamond DFM-iX3-Pro, now refitted with a black harness and tan leather +POS pads: Now, if there's anything I'll say ahead of time, I'm a wee bit concerned on the pads. The leather is super soft, but the pads are not very dense and crush more than I'm liking. We'll have to see how the umpire-colleague thinks of them. But damn if it don't look good. Total cost? About $50.
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    Wear a football ribs protector backwards. It'll add about 6-7" of similar padding as your CP to your ribs and stomach. It's built to take a shot and can easily be attached to your CP. Total cost on eBay for mine was like $30. Mine is black padding with grey plastic and black letter Schutt. I wore it one time with my 10.75" Platinum as I felt it was too short. But then, I sold the Platinum and got a longer CP. If you're interested, I can sell cheap.
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    From a start of ~350lbs... I'm now down to 276.. I'm now hoping to be about 250, or less before I get to @MidAmUmp's camp in September. That would make it the 1 year mark.

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