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    I always thought the F3 shin guards couldn’t be as good as the hype. Then I bought a pair for this season, and I was right, they AREN’T as good. They’re better. WAY more comfortable and much cooler than my Wilson platinums. I’m a convert now. I’m a “hands on knees” guy, and they are great for tucking your hands behind them.
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    You can fix it with this: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Shin-Guards/F3-LG_Force3-Ultimate-Umpire-Shin-Guards
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    Yeah that’s an easy one. Pick up some F3’s.
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    I'm with Richvee, but, parenthetically, I don't see how you could have called the runner out if you did not see a tag.
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    Nice! Even if the lawyer did draw it up, the kid still had to read it to sign it, and hopefully becomes a better player and person from it
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    The poly spandex actually have some stretch to the waist band.
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    11u, Fed Rules with mods, bottom of the 1st, I''m PU. Batter sharply fouls pitch off the catchers glove for a foul ball, which I call immediately. Offensive HC wants Catcher Interference. He comes down and asks, I say I don't have it, he goes on for me to ask my partner (who was in A), I say (in not my strongest moment) "no, what will he have 70 feet away that I don't have." Coach keeps going on so I give him the stop sign and tell him that's enough while starting to move towards the first base line (away from the third base coach box where he started). He starts to wind up again for another round, and I start to mentally prepare myself to issue the written warning to put him in the dugout the rest of the game, however, what seems to be all of his parents and assistants, in unison, (as if this is rehearsed for this situation) say his first name and some of his assistants plead for him to walk away. And he listens to them and returns to his box. Game ends without further incident. Just never had that happen after all these years.
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    HS Varsity game. Im PU. Bot 6. Player takes a called K3 over the outside corner. Draws a line in the dirt and gets run. After the game I see a woman in a sweatshirt of that team coming over to my car. I was starting to think that id have to make a quick exit and get changed at wawa but to my surprise she said she was the players mother and asked for my email address to have him apologize for me. That night this popped into my inbox. (personal information redacted) Dear Mr. BRUMP, I apologize for losing control of my emotions during the second game today. My behavior was inappropriate. I understand that I need to handle my emotions, especially in high-intensity situations, better in the future. I meant no disrespect to you or to the game. I acknowledge that drawing a line where I thought the pitch should be called was wrong as it showed you up. My actions do not align with my values, and I regret disappointing my parents, and letting down my team. I will treat this experience as a valuable lesson going forward in this season, throughout my college career, and beyond. Sincerely, First Name Last Name Somewhere in NJ High School ‘18
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    *6.2.4 SITUATION A: With R3 on third and R1 on first, F1 stretches and comes set. He then swings his entire nonpivot foot behind the back edge of the pitcher's plate, steps toward second and (a) throws the ball to second in an attempt to retire R1, who is advancing there or (b) feints throw to second to drive R1 back to first, who has neither attempted nor feinted an advance to second. RULING: In (a), this is legal. In (b), it is a balk. The step is not in and of itself a disengage. He has to STEP with the free foot, then the pivot foot must come off the rubber to disengage. EWhat this case play talks about is F1 stepping to 3B with an R3, never lifting the pivot foot, then throwing to 1B.
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    I can better understand your confusion now. I fear you've been taught incorrectly.
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    I find that difficult to believe for HS, and impossible for NCAA. This is pretty basic stuff. The play you cite has runners on 1st and 3rd. That's the customary (legal) third to first move. "6.1.5 SITUATION: With R1 on third base and R2 on first base, F1 steps and feints to third and then steps and throws to first attempting to pick off R2...."
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    He can only step to 3B if there's an R3, or an R2 attempting to advance. IF there's an R3, he can step there and not throw. When he steps there, his pivot foot must disengage in order for him to wheel and throw to 2B or 1B. There is a case play that has F1 stepping to 3B, not disengaging and stepping to 1B...That's a balk, though I.m not sure how someone can accomplish this move without lifting the pivot foot.
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    These should be the only options you are looking at. You can also contact @Razzer (the creator of these wonderful lineup folders). For a nominal fee, you can have him ship you one that is personalized. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/Exclusives/ULF-PRO_Pro-Grade-Magnetic-Book-Style-6-Umpire-Lineup-Card-Holder-Game-Card-Referee-Wallet https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/Exclusives/ULF-T5_Pro-Grade-Magnetic-Book-Style-5-Umpire-Lineup-Card-Holder-Game-Card-Referee-Wallet
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    Go get some bulk Velcro from a hardware store and place the patches on the parts you want to cover up then trim around it.
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    I talked to Honig’s this week and they have them. Call them and they’ll send you the fitting instructions. $295 plus $12-15 for shipping.
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    I am glad this thread came up at this time, cuz i had a question similar to this a couple days ago about pants and force3s. JimKirk said it best, a lot of over thinking going on, put them on and work that just might be the local craft brews talking though
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    Most of the time, coach pitch is like stealing money. But when it gets bad, it gets really bad.
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    You wore all that crap and only started to sweat when it was 55. My oysters would love a 55 degree game. And I suppose I’ll think about havin a look at the force3s. I’m 6’3” should the 18.5s work??
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    I've worn my F3 shins under my base pants. The Poly spandex are NOT flex waist. If you need to layer, size up. I like my plate pants a size larger than base. But, tonight, I went: Starter compression boxer briefs Diamond MMA jockstrap Dickies base layer Starter athletic shorts Poly Spandex On top: Starter Dri-Star short sleeve shirt Honigs 3x (bullshirt!) convertible jacket Hanes long sleeve cotton shirt Smitty 3x long sleeve shirt Honigs ligher weight jacket and tucked in comfortably. Then, the rain shifted, the temp went from 45 to 55 and I sweated my oysters off. On the upside, pitcher threw a perfect game!
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    Also if your shirts are sizes Smedium.
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    9 14u games last weekend with a veteran umpire who needed to retire 20 years ago. The only shirt he brought on Saturday was a strange neon-blue golf shirt with an IZOD logo...none of the 16 shirts I had could come close to matching. He claimed it was the "new MLB powder":...bullcrap, I found it last night on Kohl's website on sale for $14.99. Slacks were wrinkled, filthy and fly wouldn't close. Holes in his shoes and an old faded beanie cap with the logo of some obscure minor league. Worked the plate mostly behind an old-school pillow...sometimes standing, but usually from a knee...NO slot, directly behind catcher. Zone was strikingly different when he was standing vs when on a knee. Players, coaches, fans all grumbling about zone all weekend, of course he never heard it, because he doesn't wear his hearing aid on the field. Never moved more than a step from home plate, even in obvious rotation situations. Never, even once did he point or announce a ball back in play after dead-ball. He misapplied an obstruction award, gave team a run they didn't deserve. After game he admitted that his award was wrong, but he wanted to get that team an extra run to get closer to mercy rule. He was actually proud of himself for this..."that's good game management" he said. Kept referring to FED rules, despite pre-game and regular reminders that we were playing under OBR. Verbally announced FAIR balls, called balls FOUL before they were touched or past base (only got burned on this once). Regularly made calls that were not his...I'm in C, shallow liner to F8 who makes a nice, fully extended diving play...I'm waiting to be sure he's held it, then I hear from the plate "that's a nice catch, batter's OUT". When on the bases, he walks from position to position, even while play is ongoing...walks, huh, shuffles is more like it. Reminds me of the old man Tim Conway used to play on the skits with Carol Burnette. Never looked at 1st as batter-runner passed, walking behind batter runner going 1st to 2nd. Looked like a spectator watching fly balls to LF and CF from A position...and several times got burned with these balls were not caught. Once, the only base runner was trapped in a sloppy pickle between 3rd and home, I'm running back and forth in the gear, while he's standing over in B with his arms folded. Once I looked at him between pitches (he was in A, kind of)...he was 20 feet in the outfield grass, and a good 12-15 feet in foul ground...I'm thinking wtf is he doing way over there...then I get it...at that point in the day, there was a shadow there from the light standards. After final game, I'm sitting at the tournament directors table, out of uniform, chatting with his wife, while TD is out on another field presenting trophies. A couple from the team that just lost our championship game is ripping on TD's wife about how horrible "that one ump was"..."lazy, inconsistent zone, embarrassment, etc". Then a fan from the winning team came over, and told her that he was in "total agreement with everything the other couple was saying". He said "the other umpire (me) must have wished he could go hide under a rock." He then recognized me, and said "you certainly must have felt ashamed to be on the same field with that clown." My response "No comment."
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    You spend mucho to protect yourself from taking a shot to all parts of your body, most of which result in non-fatal outcomes. Why would anyone not spend ~$10 to protect themselves from a shot to the front of the neck (blunt neck trauma) which can be fatal? For me, it's no brainer. https://www.utmb.edu/otoref/Grnds/blunt-neck-inj-2010-12-17/blunt-neck-inj-pic--2010-12.pdf