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    Ha! Call it that if you wish. I'm a size Ledium!
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    Took a hard shot to my right shin guard yesterday - didn't feel a thing.
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    I know I’m kind of dreaming here, but I’m finally going to see my role model/idol Jim Wolf tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knew someone in his crew so that, if possible, I could meet them. Jim was the one who inspired me to get into umpiring in the first place (his brother played and he didn’t; mine played and I realized I wasn’t good enough to keep playing) and I’d like to thank him in person. Thanks again!
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    I think Stu was more taking a shot at his hated Cubbies and Dervish as a pitcher. Rather if he balked or not.
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    Wouldn't @lawump's communication with FED confirm this except for Pennsylvania?
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    I think the deception was in his right shoulder.
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    Because kids space out all the time, and you know that. I've seen it twice just this week in varsity games, a runner freezes watching the ball while his 3B coach is losing it from yelling so much "THERE'S TWO OUTS, RUN!!!!". Neither time did the B/R get close to passing since both runners were on 2nd to start, but it's hardly out of the realm of possibility for this scenario to occur.
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    Why would R1 freeze with two outs? And if he thought the ball was caught that would be three outs and there would be no retreat.
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    I would disagree with that rules difference as of 2018. The basis for ruling so, as Gil's case notes, is that (formerly) awarded bases "trumped" time plays. When FED deleted that case play for 2018, they eliminated the basis for such rulings. Accordingly, I would infer (which is sometimes the best we can do) that FED wants alignment with other codes in this time play as in others. This post is regrettably vague, as I have no books or other stuff with me at the moment. Others are free to fill in the details (the deleted case about awarded bases and time plays, for example).
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    And, no -- it's not OBS (as I once had a coach try to tell me)
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    I will never understand why some feel it necessary to tempt fate.
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    BR is out for passing and it’s s time play so no runs score in your scenario.
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    No, it's not the same. Because the BR may overrun 1B by rule, that does not count as an advance. If that's all he does, his position does not constitute being beyond 1B, so he cannot have passed R1 (even if R1 is touching 1B, which he usually is not). I was wondering whether anyone would ask that question. Well done.
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    atttaboy @HuskerUmp22 Congrats!! btw, Garret got offered a job with the North Woods League.
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    I try to operate on the premise that the most important pitch I will call is the next one.