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    Youth sports are best played by orphans
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    If you've gone 1,000+ games without seeing it, I'd say you are due to see it every day for a week.
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    Maybe I'm due to see this for the 2nd time in my career tomorrow.
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    Did the batter runner safely reach first base? The answer is no. The run can never score if the BR doesn't safely reach 1st base and is the 3rd out.
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    Batter interference with catcher's throw. Usually the tough call is on the bases and the third out. If so, I just turn and walk out to the middle of right field and make him come to me.
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    Could be that @wolfe_man got a hole of it.
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    Touching me touching you? ew I thought maybe you were going with a medley of Sweet Caroline, Cherry Cherry, and Red Red Wine. Sweet Cherry Wine is Tommy James, not Neil Diamond.
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    I'd save up another game fee, and go with the best protection you can get. Long after the money is spent, you never regret buying the best.
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    question... why are you worried about the score?
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    Ok I'm going to play devil's advocate here and it might get me flamed. So he is being told by someone, that someone told them that these two coaches said that they might hit her with a pitch to get her to quit the league? The accusation is coming from the father, who wasn't there and apparently has previous issues with one of the accused? The laughable part to me is that he "didn't go to the police".
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    @Thunderheads Lock it up please. Sold last night.
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    Last year, we played against a team with a girl. One of our younger guys said he couldn't believe they had girl on their team. One of our older kids said that he wished that she wasn't playing. I decided I needed to interject there and asked him why. And in a "I can't believe you don't know this" tone, he replied, "She's one of the best shortstops in the district." I smiled and told him that playing against really good players was a great way to improve our own abilities. No need to take it any further. She was really good and a favorite of all the moms. In this case, the dad should have contacted the coaches and said, "If you keep this crap up, I will have my wife talk to your wives."
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    Had the following happen twice in two different games on the same day. R1 and R3, one out. Batter hits a ball to center fielder who catches it easily and throws to home trying to catch R3 who has legally tagged up. R1 just puts his head down and runs, not realizing the ball was caught until after second base. Both games the R1 just passes 2nd on the way back. Both games the defense cuts the throw from center fielder and do not throw the ball to first base until R3 has crossed the plate. Both 2-1 ball games. One coach listened to me about it being an appeal and not a force play so the third out at first doesn't matter. Time play. The other coach lodged a protest. Ok. He told another umpire that he called our instructional chairman and was told we got the call right. Wouldn't dare say it to me.
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    BT, I have the game on right now. Looks to me like a regular cap for Hunter. On a side note, I don't know if anyone has commented on this here before or not, but Hunter's blacked out "W" on his CP is covered over with his dad's "HW" memorial patch. Pretty cool.
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    Only a guess, but guessing they didn't have any MLB decals of the right size handy so they cut one off a soft hat and attached it.
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    Let’s see: Nike, Rawlings, Markwort, Richardson, Oakley, Honig’s, Riddell, Majestic, Boston Leather, Smitty, Under Armour, Champion, Force3, Puma, Reebok, Zebra, Champro, UmpLife, and Wrigley’s. 19 brands. Wow.
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    Had a game on the bases, and between innings they played tunes. Some were the modern ones the kids like and some were oldies. They played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Cherry Wine" and after the throw down and I'm in A. The 1st base coach smiled and said, "Was that you singing Bob? " and I answered..."OF COURSE, that song is a classic"
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    Now, he's not even using American-made gear! (Let me on in this too.)
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    This is an OOO. [Overly optimistic option]
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    I've had to take a few days to kind of figure out what I think of this. Not sure what coverage you have seen on this south of the border - Friday night a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team was t-boned by a semi. There were 29 on the bus, and 15 were killed, most instantly. This hits close to home for a few reasons. I know no less than four people from Humboldt, a town of under 6000 people. And the team I coached has traveled the highways of northern Saskatchewan by bus. My daughter has ridden the team bus for volleyball and softball. Many of the girls I coached are now on NCAA teams riding the bus to games and tournaments. But what really brings it home for me is my youth club baseball experience - in riding the bus to games and tournaments through Ontario and New York. Those are some of my fondest memories, travelling together, as a team. Bonding. Playing games - mostly cards. Talking. Laughing. And then it's all gone in a blink of an eye. Though the hockey experience is typically Canadian and this is where many Canadians relate to this tragedy - I'm one of the approximately six Canadians who never played organized hockey. To me the experience is that of the high level athlete or performer...the team, the group...and part of what many young people do in North America to follow a dream...or just to get to the next level of competition. I'm sure most of you ump several games a year where the teams arrived by bus. It's a rite of passage for many. I think of all them now, and hope they all continue to follow their dreams. This isn't a message to the dangers involved. It's a message that life is fleeting, and continue to do what you love, cherish the team experience, and bond in ways people who've never played a team sport can never understand. It's worth it.
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    When I set up my lineup cards for mound visits I put HC for each team on there. I mainly use it as a memory device of writing it down to remember.
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    Please only use their 1st names ( unless you forget) always use it. It is a sign of respect. In D1 and Pro ball we do this.
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    It doesn't provide any protection against a bat, and too many kids may turn their heads and negate any frontal protection a mask would offer. And the idea that a helmet would transmit more force than an unprotected side is simply bizarre. Adults can do as they wish, but for HS kids - and the rules aren't just meant for varsity - and this litiguous society we're in, this seems like a perfectly reasonable position for NFHS to take.