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    Uhmmm... what? If I remember right, the Spartans of the movie 300 were "armored" like this: Yeah, those are some impressive... CPs. The point is, that the Schutt XV, the Champro Pro Plus, the Champion P2xx, the Force3 UnEqual, and even the +POS Cobra can all be considered "low profile" because they are using advanced, modern foams and are drastically reducing weight and bulk. The System 7 could be considered in this discussion as well, because every segmented plate is pre-contoured and engineered to fit in a conformed manner. I am probably the standard bearer for the Schutt XV, and its biggest cheerleader. I use no other CP (besides trying a few others and servicing / repairing just about every CP ever made), and you'll find me work plate games for MiLB Spring Training, college -level, Independent league, High School varsity (and upper echelon programs, at that), 18U Academy / Travel ball, and Adult -league (MSBL, NABA, et. al.). I've faced off against 95+ mph. What CP I'm wearing is the least of my concerns. I say this kindly, but bluntly – you know nothing by which to judge this, or any CP, against and claim it's not suitable for "college n up". Yeah, the old default harness was garbage, but anyone who claims that the XV is incapable of treading into the same environments that the "trusted" WestVests go has been duped by the marketing machine, and subscribed to a pack of lies. It is more than capable at all levels of baseball. The only reasons why people perceive it not to be is because it's half the bulk of WestVests, and it doesn't carry a big gold W.
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    I wear 18.5’s. They eventually loosen up and don’t stick out/up as much. Takes a few wearings. If they don’t loosen up you’ll get used to them. Put your thumbs under the part that sticks out for a little protection.
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    The FM25 is a bit short at the bottom because it’s intended for catchers, most who won’t even mount a dangling throat guard, and who also routinely drop their chin on a pitch. It’s a good mask, but it’s not an umpire’s mask. But you’re playing with house money because you got it on trade. So, what I would do is get a primary mask, outfitted the best to what you can with your budget. Once you have it, then send off the FM25. Due to his workload, Tony cannot guarantee the return date, and you do not want to miss opportunities because you don’t have a mask. Carrying four is (admittedly) excessive – but umpires should carry two masks. Oh, and some of us are brand-nuts, but brand of ball bag is pretty meaningless. Just don’t wear two different colors of ball bag.
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    That's exactly the reason for case plays -- because the rules don't always say exactly what they mean or mean exactly what they say. It's part of the whole "art" of umpiring.
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    I own the original as well w/ @MadMax mods. I followed his instruction & my current one has a System 7 harness. Like Max I also will not hesitate to wear it at any level & it has proven itself to me in some straight on hard shot scenarios. I have a Razzer harness just waitin to be used. I plan to buy a new model & pass this one on to a young buck 18yr old who has joined our local HS association. Look forward to your pics @The1yankee
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    I had the chin guard taken off of one of my diamond masks and couldn't be happier. Poor mans mizuno I guess.
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    Glad I stayed out of that thread. Sheesh.
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    I’m sure you can return or find a buyer if they don’t fit. On a side note, I’m in OH and love Purchase Officials! I always get gear within 2 days. Returns are free too. I’ve even discovered I work at same place as the owners father in Columbus.
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    I wear mine tight. Mine stick up at the top and I tuck my hands behind them.
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    I do the same thing and I like being able to do it.
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    Mine stick up a bit when in my stance. I actually tuck my thumbs behind them with my fingers wrapped behind my knee.
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    Who's the professional writer, LC? I'm just an amateur.... Most who noticed that word likely thought it a typo. At least you could have provided a link....
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    Here I go ramping up the Googler again. I swear... you and your vocabulary.
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    There are 2 possible appeals: the retouch appeal, and the missed base appeal. The retouch appeal happens during a live ball. We have to rule on whether the runner was hindered in his attempt to return to 1B. If there was OBS, we keep the ball live till the end of playing action. If action stops when the defense completes the appeal at 1B, then we'll kill it and award 2B. If the runner wasn't hindered, then there was no OBS. In that case, I'd just rule on the retouch appeal. If they immediately appeal the missed base (live ball appeal), then we have to determine whether the OBS caused the missed base. If so, then we deny the appeal and make the award; if not, then we rule on the appeal. As I said, this is a complex play, with lots of rules brought to bear. Need a damn flowchart to follow all the options!