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    So you do rec ball, too, huh? Or are we still talking about shirts?
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    I ain't gettin any of those odd colors. light blue, black, navy are plenty. I'd rather spend the extra money drinking.
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    First games of my season are tomorrow! D3 DH on turf, gonna be cool, wet, and slick! But it's baseball season fellas! Who cares about the weather! Can't wait!
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    OH, right, F3-brand CP's. I don't know anything about that. I thought the OP had something to do with protectors used by the first baseman (or, if that was a typo, the catcher, F2). Sorry, as this thread wasn't in the Equipment forum, I misunderstood. Carry on!
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    Despite the over endorsement from supporters of the F3, I have not seen or heard of anything that convincing, that would lead me to giving up the protection of my Platinum
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    Yea....if you trot out two pink camo shirts? Keep it, I'm not wearing it.
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    One of my favorite thing is that you can take the inside out and wash it. Big plus when working the 90+ degree summer games.
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    Yep, I’ve got the 17.5 inch black Wilson Gold SG with triple knees and lower leg side wings. They are heavy, the knee covers shift and although they are very protective they don’t hold a candle to my F3 18.5 inch SG. No comparison. F3 hands down. Side plastic pressure-release clips instead of the metal hooks that rust on the Wilson. Lighter, more padded. Removable inner padding that Velcro’s to the main SG. Very good ankle protection. Work well with low cut plate shoes. Can’t go wrong with F3.
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    I gotta share… A million years ago, I worked a 15 yr. old tournament in MA which involved a team from Nova Scotia. If you don’t know, NS is a farm (potato) community with some of the biggest kids I’ve seen. I’ve gotta tell you, they were the most polite and easy-going group of people I’ve had the privilege of working with. For example; the infields we were working were working were 3” of stone-dust. Although they drained like nobody’s business, in August, it was like working on the moon. Anyway, I had a NS runner stealing second. The throw got there WAY ahead of the (sliding) runner, and (like the requisite rookie), I assumed the tag in the cloud of dust and called him out. The runner got up, dusted himself off and trotted off the field….. ….and then I saw the ball in center field….. After I fixed it, I cornered the runner, I asked; “Did you see that the ball went through?” His answer, “Yeah”. I then asked, “Why didn’t you say something”. His response, “You called me out, Mr. Ump, so I was out”… …never saw that team again, but, after 30 years, I still remember them….
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    Don't know what to tell you Scrounge, i bought mine this spring and it sits up nice and high. Covers my collarbone nicely, with no gaps on the shoulders. Once I put it on for a game I don't have to touch it. I do have the strap pulled pretty tight and I'm 5'11" at 220lb if that make a difference.