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    I stopped reading the comments on the other thread when someone said, it's a delayed dead ball because "There is no type A INTERFERENCE in FED, only type B."
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    I don't see any of that in the OP. Indeed, the order of presentation suggests the opposite, that the BR hindered F2's attempt to retrieve the misplayed pitch, but once F2 got it, he was able to make a (unhindered) throw to F5 and retire R2 stealing (late, apparently). Moreover, we always need to remember that RLI involves (mainly) hindrance with the fielder taking the throw, which is not part of this play (I know grayhawk will be along to remind us that FED-RLI includes hindrance of the fielder fielding the ball; that is unlikely to involve F2, unless he gets up to the running lane, 45 feet away from HP, as fast as the BR). FWIW, I agree with your interpretation of 8-4-1a.
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    Why is it that not everyone in our lives shares our 'unique' passion for umpiring? What is wrong with those people! Ohh - Congrats!
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    AWESOME!! Congratulations. Glad to see your hard work paying off.
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    I was asking the OP about a brief, another page in the CCA that both involved in the OP could benefit from reading, somewhere around p40 edited to add: I don’t think you should ever split those tags or retouches between BU and PU. PU might be calling a play at 3B when R1 decides to retouch or come close to retouching and advances to 2B on an overthrow or whatever. BU is primary on R1 and R2. As sarge used to say, lineup R2 and glance at R1 after.
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    There has been some debate in the umpire community regarding hockey style helmets and conventional masks. the debate being about which transmits more concussive force. I think, with the catcher being more at risk to follow-thru impact on the side or back of his head, that HSM would be better. Thus FED should mandate the Force 3 NOCSAE HSM. Full head protection with concussion attenuation
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    Just in case some of you haven’t heard (read) this advice on ejections I’ll try to succinctly state how I was taught way back when. First, some great advice on here about pre-gaming with your partner. I’m a fan of even discussing it “in-game” if it’s important. Briefly of course. Now, the 3 P’s of Ejections. Personal- “You suck!” Gotta go. Profane- “That call effin sucked!” Again, gotta go. Prolonged- “Coach we’re done, let’s play ball now. No, we’re not, I’m not done. You haven’t explained your call well enough yet.” Aaaaaand, He’s done. Buh-bye! Gotta go. Works pretty well. May not cover every situation. I don’t get to work at one very choice venue anymore because I dumped a coach who ran at me from 3B dugout, without calling time, after I’d put my hand up and warned him to stop and not continue further on a whacker play at first. I’m content with that call and that EJ but the tournament director wasn’t. So, I don’t work showcase tournaments at that all turf Division I venue anymore. Oh well. That’s why some umpires don’t eject- they are afraid of the repercussions. I’d rather be able to live with myself. My .02...Your mileage may vary.
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    You probably are overthinking........ sometimes the answer is the terribly obvious one.
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    It's judgment, and so it's hard to describe a play that makes it clear. But, if it's a separate move (that is, the fielder *has shown* you the ball and is not just lifting the glove *to show* you the ball, and is trying to pivot) then get the out.
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    Out. The pivot to throw the ball is a separate act not related to the tag.
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    Just an update. Huskerump22 is at PBUC for evaluation. Garrett was invited to the OUTS clinic and will be working the North Woods league this year and is at the top of the reserve list........and returning to HWUmpireschool again next year.
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    it changed last year. If you catch and step. slide, fall, run, walk, two step or seawalk into any dead ball area. it is a 1 base award.