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    But I won this last year. Not enough people in my real life give a damn, but I needed to brag COBA is the Central Ontario Baseball Association and covers some of the most populated cities/regions in the country.
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    · From the FED definition (rule 2-22-1): When obstruction occurs, the ball becomes dead at the end of playing action… · Obstruction appears in the delayed dead ball table in rule 5 as item number 4 with no conditions or qualifiers · FED rule 5-1-2b—it is a delayed dead ball when a catcher or any fielder obstructs a batter or runner… · FED rule 5-1-3—The ball becomes dead when time is taken to make an award when a catcher or any fielder obstructs a runner… · See FED case book plays 8.3.2 A and D. Play D follows (I have italicized the relevant part): FED 8.3.2 SITUATION D: With one out, R2 and R1. B4 hits ground ball directly to F1 who throws to F5 for the force on R2 at third. F5 then throws to F3 in time to put out B4. F6 holds R2, preventing him from advancing to third. RULING: The umpire will call obstruction when it occurs, and then call time after runners have advanced as far as possible, which in this situation would probably be second for R1. R2 will then be awarded third. Because of the obstruction of F6, the out at first stands. B4’s out stands. B4 was not affected by the obstruction. B5 will come to bat with two outs and R2 is on third and R1 is on second base.
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    My guess would be this varies from state to state. Here, we need to take the NJSIAA re certification test and NFHS on line concussion training every year to be eligible to work varsity games, no matter what other levels you work.
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    You're welcome. IT's always a good day when we can learn something new.
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    The runner has 3 choices when he enters the dirt circle. 1. Slide legally 2. Give himself up 3. Avoid collision. if he slides legally every time, then it makes the plays start to get easier. Now i can watch the catcher to see if he is cheating.
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    I have given thought about some vids that highlight some of the differences between NFHS & OBR. I have so many ideas and just not enough time, damn this full time job stuff
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    if you need help let me know.. I got a 96% and then a 100%
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    @kylehutson please be nit-picky -- I kicked that one. As for hands being part of the bat, stay tuned I've got something in the works (I hope)
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    Don't make it harder than it is...see the red above