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    I love the plain black Majestics. Extremely comfortable shirts. Can't stand umpires who won't get rid of their old shirts. It's not other people's fault you can't move into the modern world. Had a partner who hated pleated umpire pants. Also refused to admit he had put on some weight over the years and his shirts were so tight you didn't want to be close to him when a button came off his shirt for fear you'd lose an eye. I'm 59 and refuse to live in the 1970's. Change with the times or get left behind.
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    Guys, a stop watch is one of the items I recommend getting 2 of because they tend to frequently go missing. Whether its your kids (My son likes to hide from the dogs, call them and time how long it takes for them to find him) or a partner who "borrows" yours because they've lost theirs; never to be seen again.
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    LL needs to play real baseball