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    This is how I handle "sportsmanship" at the plate meeting. "Gentlemen, I'm required to mention sportsmanship at the plate meeting. I've just done it. Coach take us around (with the ground rules)."
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    And I went through the trouble of re-recording this using my cell phone where we could get audio in both channels and I forget to put the name in.
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    Ultimately, I'm fine with it being either Wilson or Nike as I like it, but in my quest to understand I am exploring all the possibilities. I not only want to understand what it is now, but if I see another one come up for sale then I want to know if I should be paying Wilson or Nike prices! In my humble opinion, my mask is clearly different from the Wilson DynaLite catcher models A3007, A3008 and A3010. I have stripped vinyl off about 6-7 of the Wilson's because I think they are very close to the Nike's and I can normally pick them up on eBay for under $40 shipped. Once you remove the vinyl these masks really lighten up - you would be amazed at how much of a difference it makes! These old Wilson DynaLite catcher models A3007 and A3008 are very solid masks that offer a good view for a great price. I'd encourage you to pick one up to play with over the winter months if you see one. However, with all of this discussion and experience, I still believe the mask in my OP is a Nike Steel. It has different dimensions and looks and feels different than the Wilson's that I own and have held, so I'm going to call it my Nike. Thanks to all of you whom have weighed in and offered feedback/ideas.