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    As a cool kid once said, GET SOME!! Emergency medical services and sociology double with video production certification. Looking beyond that, Eastern Washington for film MA.
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    Yeah I worked a lot of Freeman last year. It paid off this year though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just want to put out a huge thank you to all of you for your support. January 1st marked out 10 year anniversary. Umpire-Empire wouldn't have made it without your support. So I want to thank all of you whether you were here for day 1 with me or just joined today.
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    Good Call Blue Intro View the full article
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    I used to visit the other sites, but they were so incredibly negative. Participants showed absolutely no respect to one another. That is what (IMHO) set U-E apart. Respect and a GROUP effort to help everyone improve. For that, I thank you ALL.
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    I'm good to go now.
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    here you go: play.mp4
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    Good to know it seems all of them are that way. I will fix tonight.
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    If you had posted this anywhere else, people would think you're a weirdo. But here, we're all nodding in agreement.
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    First, I would really like to know where this ball was hit (where the throw was coming from). I don't think (but I'm not positive) that he got in to a proper 90-degree angle. I believe (without seeing the video) that if it was hit to F4 he went too far into fair territory, and if it was hit to F5 or F6, he didn't go far enough. But, again, I'm speculating. With that said... ...I agree 100% with your post. In a two-man, you have to come in toward the infield grass when the overthrow occurs because you may have to take the B/R into second base. The only time the BU (in a 2-man) doesn't have the B/R into second on an overthrow (with no runners on base) is when he has "pressure" and has to take the play at first in foul territory. There was no "pressure" on this play, so the plate umpire takes the overthrow and the base umpire has the B/R into second base. Hence, my first paragraph in this post...I don't think he did himself any favors with where he came set to see the play at first base. MiLB is teaching (1) get the proper 90-degree angle OR go a step BEYOND the 90-degree angle to come set for the play at first and then (2) when you read a bad throw with a possible swipe tag/pulled foot, to adjust your position (to see the swipe tag/pull foot) by moving toward the home plate side of first base. All of this puts the base umpire in better position to get on the track and take the B/R to second base. Obviously, this base umpire pitched a tent and did not adjust to the play as the play was developing. In a 3 or 4 man crew...if he had just take about six steps into foul territory (so that he was about 3-4 feet beyond the foul line into foul territory) he would have been set up perfectly in the wedge. With no responsibilities at second base, this is the way to go, IMHO. I mean, I'm getting goose bumps watching this video because I know how awesome he would have looked had he just moved to this spot...It would have been a beautiful wedge call on the bases.
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    It seems U1's call here is "safe, runner made a move towards 2nd but got back safely". If he was tagged or not is irrelevant for our discussion. To Maven's point, the takeaway from this should be U1 should have moved to get a better angle on the tag. So my question for discussion is, which way would have been best for U1 to move? Should he have moved to his right and towards the infield grass between 1B and 2B to get an angle on the tag, or would a few steps in and to his left, towards the coach's box in foul territory be a better spot? Would it matter if we were in a 2 or 3 man crew? (Move to the right and towards the infield grass line and not towards foul ground in a 2 man system even if the foul side provides a better view at the wedge, in case F3 doesn't make the catch and BR starts to 2B) For what it's worth, in the OP, U1 seems to be moving to "A" after his call so I'm thinking he's in a 3 or 4 man crew and I would suggest a few steps foul towards the coach's box would provide the best view of the tag on the returning BR. In a 2 man, I think the safer move would be to his right and towards the infield. Still providing a better angle on the tag than not moving at all. In the OP, U1 is straight lined because he didn't move either way.
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    Don't forget to roll your windows up.....................
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    I feel that 2 ball bags just give a more "balanced" appearance. Plus you can carry extra goodies in there. I had a buddy that used to carry hard candy, one would carry gum, and shoot, one even offered me some beef jerky between innings one day. I for one, carry a dry wash cloth. Being as that I sweat worse than a whore in church when it's hot & humid, it get's to where I can't spin the dials on my indicator. Well, reach down in the bag, dry my hand off, CLICK, and nobody knows the difference.
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    Congratuations ... study hard...Enjoy !!!
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    Thanks. Counting you I have the "Dirty Thirty-Two!" Excellent! Thanks for having a vision, for following through with it and giving us a place to share and learn.
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    R1 and F3 each chug a beer. If R1 finishes first he is safe; if F3 finishes first R1 is out. Note that some leagues have a designated chugger -- either for all, or for a specified number of other players.
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    My 2017 numbers are a little understated. It's probably more like 120 games, but I worked a bunch of "free man" games this fall that I didn't record. "Free man" as in, jumping on someone else's solo or 2 man game to work 3 man for little or no money. I probably worked about 40 3 man games in 2017 to gain experience to make a push to get invited to work D2 baseball. Hoping it makes a difference in the next year or two.
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    ...and a big thanks to the best umpire development group I've been a part of: Umpire-Empire itself. Honestly, I can't imagine how far UE has helped me become as an umpire. Couldn't have done it without all of you! But @Umpire in Chief in particular, thanks for coordinating this effort.
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    Still have Adidas marked off my list after the Levar Ball - Adidas Hoops fiasco in Vegas.
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    Welcome @Thomas Mullaney! Because you want to advance, the best advice I can give you is resist the urge to work, work, work apart from observing and learning. Especially for a young guy, you'll learn quickly that you can earn cash in decent amounts by working like crazy. But working games at a crazy pace, WITHOUT learning will quickly help you develop really bad habits that'll be hard to break, and ultimately cost you time in reaching your goal. While you can't make money going to college or pro-games and watching GOOD umpires, and asking them questions, you CAN learn what you need to apply when you DO work games, and then develop good habits. Working games is certainly necessary, but working them wrong, especially with many partners who'll give you bad advice, will slow you down. Learn the RIGHT way first, then practice it. And be very careful who you listen to. Have fun Pal.
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    Welcome - I too started "late" when around 47 - going on 6 years now. I tell the new guys the first years check (at least) goes into your gear, at least up in the PNW. Hook up with one of the local associations: PBUA - Portland Baseball Umpires WCUA - Washington County Umpires Assoc EBUA - Evergreen Baseball Umpires Assoc (in Vancouver, WA that I work with) One or more also puts ads on Craigslist around Jan/Feb each year - just search umpire There is also a Wendelstedt Umpire Clinic coming to Hillsboro in Feb 2017. Might be a good start for $150 before you pick up too many bad habits. http://www.umpireschool.com/northwest-classic