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    Also add in the Schutt (despite the almost unusable yoke harness) as a CP that a taller umpire can use. I don' recall the exact measurements. Nor am I able to look at mine as it is currently in storage for the long winter. It also comes with a Velcro on extension for added length.
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    Interesting idea. Wore one of those in high school for football. Is this something you wear or plan to? I'd be curious how it works out and to potentially pass the feedback along to Champro to modify to optimize for umpires.
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    Okay, you may think this is funny but here goes... Wear a football rib protector backwards - instead of protecting ribs and spine, spin it around and cover the belly and ribs. Hard shell protection/extension for about $20 -25 on eBay. Added bonus you can buy gray or black to match your CP. You can attach to your CP or buy industrial strength Velcro strips and make It detachable.
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    https://www.samuraigears.com/ you have to create an account
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    Good to know. I was going to pull the trigger on those to go with my patent-leather Mizuno base shoes. From the pic, they look like they're mids--is that the case?